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"Dreams and Visions of 
Jesus Page 37"

Anne: United Kingdom

I was just lying in bed last night. Chatting with Jesus. I said to Him; I'm going to be quiet now and rest in your company.

Next minute it seemed like Jesus was walking at the end of the bed. As he passed, he pressed my big toe gently and said, " I am here."

It makes me smile and feel reassured. And what a loving but simple act it was to show me.

I had just said to him I wanted to see Him and know Him more. But was a little hesitant, seeing Him in all of his glory. But of course, I would love to see him. 

So Jesus decided on this casual way with me.

Robert: Philippines

I dream about Jesus two times.

 The first time it was very dark and raining, then Jesus appeared above me, I fell down crying and asking to forgive my sins.

The second time was a few years after the first dream. I saw Jesus calling me and wanted to show me his kingdom; at that moment, I felt happiness in my heart that I never experienced since birth

Keva: United States

My first vision of Jesus/ Yahshua was in 1996. This particular night I had fallen asleep on my sofa.  When I woke up, I felt a presence in the room,  and automatic sat up. 

Standing in front of me was Jesus dressed in a robe of light. Although it was light, I could tell it was a robe because I saw a sash going across it diagonally. His head was covered with light as well, but I was not able to see his face. This light was not like any light here on earth. It was very bright but not in a blinding way. 

I sat there as He spoke,  literally speechless. When He was done talking, all I said was, "Yes." I then laid back down and went back to sleep as if this was the norm. 

Jesus is 100% real, and in His presence, you will feel warmth and love within every part of your body that our natural flesh can not contain

Kim: United States

I was as a student sitting in a desk. Jesus was next to me. He appeared as a detailed drawing of a nut, but the nut was real. He told me I didn't need to know everything that happened to Him...that's the bit I remember. But I wasn't scared or worried.

Michelle: Philippines

I dream a woman is crucified by some people; she is white and has curly hair and an open wound on the left side of the chest (near the armpit ). 

Some men said,  go home and get inside the house, but when I was about to step on the stairs, I saw a woman already crucified sitting below the cross. 

Before I opened the door, Jesus flew by being chased by the woman Shadow (too a dark Place with Lightning); then, I saw Jesus in the clouds Facing Us, Crying.

 I prayed to Our Father before I entered; once Inside, I saw someone asleep in the corner. I went into the room; there was only a curtain, so I put a Huge Square Pillow in the window, and a Large handkerchief on the floor and turned off the light.

 I turned toward the light outside in my window, and could still See God crying.  

Before I laid down, I Saw an Old album; then I kept thinking Happy thoughts, Happy Thoughts, I went to sleep and then woke up...

Johnny: United States

I'm not a very religious person at all; I've never even been to church once! But the other night, Jesus Christ himself came to me in a dream, we met face to face, sat across from each other & talked.

We talked for a while & I don't remember everything we said to each other but remember He did tell me something like, "all my dreams can come true, (I'm a musician trying to write songs and create music, and I wanna actually be successful at it ); it's all mapped out in the stars, I just have to keep trying and never give up"

I woke up with tears in my eyes. What does this mean??? I'm completely blown away & find myself wanting to learn everything I can about Jesus now and am motivated more than ever with my music, but is this a common thing? Do many people dream of Jesus? Especially non-religious people?

Korina: United States

I Have Many Dreams With Jesus That He Came Back I Dreamed About Him Various Times, I Seen Him Physically His Face, His Hair, His Skin Color, He Has A White Robe On.

Kathleen: United States

I had two dreams. Both the most real and vivid I’ve ever had.

The first was in 2018. 
I was in the back yard of a random house; I don’t remember who was all there but someone from my old church. All of a sudden, red lights were in the sky making patterns, then all colors were dancing around, and we were all clapping; I could feel so much joy towards these lights. 

Then huge space ships came out of the sky shooting and I ran in the house. They were shooting through the walls I could feel getting shot in my arm. Then I walk outside, and it turns dark, and the street lights shut off. I then had an intense feeling of dread then woke up.

2nd dream was September 2019: 
I was in a little office building looking out the window the clouds turned grey and were moving really fast. I look to my right and see bright white clouds open up and Jesus on a horse, and angels beside him. 
I guess coming out of the clouds, my friend and I both dropped to the floor and reached towards him repenting. When I ran outside, they all turned around, and I yelled, wait, come back.

Donta: United States

I can honestly say to you, JESUS is very much alive/ I know this because I dreamed my brother told me Jesus wanted me, and I looked over and saw a man in a white garment.

So I approach him, and I told him he has to forgive my brother because he thinks you are Jesus. He looked me straight in my eyes and said, but I am He! I replied, your not Jesus, He said, but I am, and I knew it was real.

Jesus asked, do you want to be saved? I said yes, so he approached me and placed his hands on my shoulders and shook me three times! When He stepped back from me, a snake came from between my feet. I told Jesus that my mother had recently passed and he said, no, she's very much alive; And then they left. I give God all the glory, amen!!!!!!! Thank you, Jesus.

Priscilla: South Africa

I dreamt of Jesus coming from the west in the sky, and as he was coming down, everyone got out of their houses to see him, and they stood on the streets looking up. He was as big as the sun, but much closer, my heart was full of love, and I worshipped and praised him, and he looked at me with love. I looked around to see other people looking down; my neighbors were not looking at Jesus as if they were ashamed. I couldn't understand why they were not happy and embracing him.

Tracy: United States

Hello, I would like to describe my dream with Jesus. 

In the dream, Jesus was walking between me and someone else. We were walking down a road like red dirt. The houses were the color of Terra cotta; they were designed like kinda in hills. I have never experienced the love I felt in the dream. Like unconditional 100 times over.

Michelle: United States

I had a dream of Jesus in a gray robe. What does that mean?

Gugu: South Africa

I had a dream last night; we were at church, well, there were two different churches, and the one we were at was so full but empty in spirit.

Then I was looking for a toilet which was at the other church, and when I got to that church, I realized it was so empty.

But I felt Jesus was there even screamed it out. This man with big eyes curly hair dark came to me and held my hand.

We were now at a place like an open area that had white palisades, and he was talking to me there with these other women.

Then I realized that I was closed up in those palisades and had no way out. He said, I will make a way, and I was out even when those barriers were still closed.

His name was Jesus. God, I am so excited this morning the worry in my heart will soon fade away.

Jesus is real; I saw him.

Naresh: United Kingdom

I was in Rome for a holiday and visited St. Peter's church, attended Mass, and stayed at a Hotel. 

Jesus came in my dream, and I could see Him clearly from face to waist blue-red-white clothe very shinny picture. He spoke to me in the Tamil language and told me to take care of my parents; He came twice in the dream on the same night. 

After this incident, my life became beautiful, and all sorrow went away, and he protects me where ever I travel. 

Jesus' beauty can't be expressed in words, but you have to feel it, truth cannot be explained but has to be experienced.

Vikki: United Kingdom

Jesus stood before me and came towards me and placed a crown *inside my head.

Emma: United Kingdom 

A few weeks ago I had a vision of Jesus in his white robe standing on a hill, I'm not sure why I saw what I saw, but I've just got out of an abusive relationship was he giving me the strength I needed, definitely!

Debra: United States

My dream, I was in a cloud, and Jesus approaches me and tells me with excitement in his voice, " God wants you to return to heaven right away." Jesus looks and talks like he was happy that God told him that.

The glow on his face was so powerful I can't even describe the feeling that came on me. Jesus was all in white, the whitest white I have never seen.

Piya: India

Jesus came in my dream two times on the same dream; he was hugging me, and he said he loves me, and that he will surely give me everything that he'd promise me, and he was crying while hugging me.

Angelie: Philippines

I saw Jesus in my dream wearing white clothes fighting with a black human while I'm watching them and Jesus won that fight

Kingstone: Zimbabwe

I had a dream when I was sitting with my friends. We were at school, and then I saw I Jesus coming. He was dressed in white, and I could feel his love for humanity. He told me that he was coming soon n we must all be prepared.

Ricardo: United States

Seeing Jesus in my dream.

I remember this dream. My trip was beautiful due to knowing that higher power (God) (Jesus) is always around because they are giant, so so so giant compared to us humans, and more than just SOMEONE OUT THERE looking down at us. 

SO IN MY DREAM I was hanging out with a couple of my good friends, and we were on top of a rocky mountain, kinda on the edge of it looking at the beautiful SUNRISE, and  I started to see A FEMALE with the clouds formations and the sun rising. 

I remember pointing to it so my friends could witness her as well; it felt so scary, but I remember telling her, “Hello! I love you and thank you for looking over us, please tell God/Jesus I love them too and thanks for everything,” and boom she started fading away as clouds do.

All of sudden JESUS began forming in the clouds and the sunrise, AND I FELT SO SCARED BECAUSE IT WAS JESUS AND IT FELT SO REAL. It was scary, because I know I haven’t been what I should be doing; but he showed up in my dreams, and I WOKE UP BECAUSE I WAS SCARED. I woke up, and it was scary like when someone is watching you in the dark, and you know it’s a ghost or spirit.

I HAVE BEEN UNEMPLOYED for a while and super stressed because of that. TWO DAYS AFTER MY DREAM OF SEEING JESUS I started getting calls from jobs, and my best friend came up with good news looking for a roommate. (I'VE BEEN NEEDING A PERSONAL PLACE I CAN DO WHAT I LOVE AND THAT IS MUSIC) 

I’ve always believed in HIGHER POWER and God and Jesus, but after that dream, Whoooo God! I love you more and thank you for everything. I promise I will keep trying my hardest to do my best in whatever you put me thru God. I love you all. Peace love and positivity

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