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"Dreams and Visions
of Jesus Page 49"
By visitors to the Trusting in Jesus website.

Austin Canada

When I was around 8, I had a dream of Jesus. He was on a BEAUTIFUL beach near the water, and I was on the other side of the beach.

I ran toward him, but it was as if my feet were stuck in place, and I couldn't get close. 

I have never been able to forget that dream, and I woke up that morning with unbelievable peace in my soul. 

I am not a superstitious person, but I think God gave that dream to me as a warning to keep running toward him and not give up. I don't know.

Errol: Australia

I dreamed that I was Helping someone cut a tree down to size. When I finished, I was walking to join a queue when Jesus stood beside me. I didn't see his face, but he was dressed in a full Dazzling white Robe, and I could hear the people say, look, as to look at him. When my turn came to order, the man asked, is he with you...and I said yes.

And then he asked me what he would like. I pointed out some things in a box ....and then I woke up...

My second dream:

I was on elevated ground, perhaps in a Park, but higher than the people below me. And I saw, in a Shape of clouds, St Joseph holding baby Jesus..it was so near I could almost touch him.

I turned to the people behind me and, pointing to Joseph, said Look, and the people started to see.

Jennifer: United Kingdom

In my dream, I was in a contained area, and the colors I could see were black and red; in front of me was the cross, but all I could see was Jesus' feet; it was as if it was lying flat, and as I went to reach out and touch the feet, it moved. 

Then within an instant, Jesus appeared before me on my left side, knelt, and smiled at me; he was dressed in white with gold tassels and glowing. His hair was long past his shoulders, combed back and smooth, and he had no beard.

Then he put his arm around my shoulders, and I felt the most intense feeling of radiating love burning through my whole spirit, empowering like no love I've felt before. Then he spoke, but I couldn't hear his words.

At that point, I awoke, and as I opened my eyes, I could still feel the intense love in my very core spreading across me. I was moved to tears.

Jesdika: United States

I had a dream that I was driving, and suddenly there was a sign of a trumpet, and I knew in the dream that Jesus was coming soon.

Joyal: India

I had a dream last night. In that dream, I saw that I was standing on a mountain with someone, and all of a sudden, I heard a sound from above, and I looked at the sky; at that time, a giant cross started to come closer to us, and everything behind it was so white that all I could see was the cross coming towards us. Then the World suddenly ended, and after that, I was in some huge mansion where I saw few people. They were from the olden days, and there was Jesus amongst them. I had never had this kind of dream, and it was the first time I saw it.

Kratika: India

I saw a big wave ocean in a dream and a big cross coming from the sea upwards, and I held it. Then I saw Jesus in a white dress and sparkling clothes with a sad face and bent body. Then a sword came from his back and cut his hand. He was bleeding.

I am so terrified.

Meredith: United States

I had a dream I was in a temple, or at least it felt as though it was a temple or church. There were only a couple of people. 

I knew what we were waiting for, and we watched out the windows, and I saw his feet and robe; he rounded the corner and entered the building. I didn't know what to do, stand, bow, or go to my knees. Instantly he came before me, and I fell to my knees. 

He spoke, though I don't remember, and it didn't matter, but I felt such overwhelming love; I had never felt this before. 

Whatever his message was, I think it was to show me he loved me. This dream happened after I had one the week before, Gabriel speaking to me. I couldn't see him, but he told me his name; he showed me the Book of Life and took me on a journey. 

I felt he was showing me the end times and fires all around. I was waiting to be lifted up as I watched others from below in the pits rise above me toward heaven. I wasn't scared but curious, and I felt safe. 

I have not had another dream in 2 years. However, when I speak of Jesus or hear others talk of him, I am very emotional and frequently get goosebumps. I don't know what this means. I've told people, although I don't feel they believe me.

Joshua: United States

This dream occurred on Saturday, March 27, 2021. 

I saw what looked like a young man, almost beaten to death, carrying a large cross. 

People were tormenting this man like he meant nothing to them. They started piercing his hands, then his feet, and then I felt that pain for some reason that I couldn't explain. 

I then cried out for help for someone to help this poor defenseless man, but nobody would come. With tears in my eyes, I looked at the man and said I'm sorry.. the man then looked at me as calmly as he was and said Joshua, do not be sad.. for they know not what they do.. they see the ways of evil and not the ways of my Father which is love.

I looked at him, puzzled at first, and said, who are you, and how do you know my name? He said, Joshua, I know everything about you. I was there before you were born; I saw your mother give birth to you and how happy everyone was when you came into this world.

He also said, Joshua, I have seen how sad you have been when the people closest to you have passed away.. do not be sad, for I am always with you, as are they, for my father is of love, and His love is everlasting.

When I finally woke up this morning, I was crying.. even had a place on my arm that looked like a bruise, the same arm and spot from my dream. After thinking about that dream, I know what it means. But there are some things that I'm still confused about. Why was I feeling his pain? And why is there a physical bruise on my arm, the same arm that he was hit on?

I know I didn't hit my arm on anything in my sleep because nothing around me would cause a slight bruise.

Perla: Lebanon

I dreamed that I and my friend were in a house with a window behind her. Suddenly, I saw clouds of beautiful shapes; I went to the window and looked up high into the sky. I saw something behind a cloud, I thought it was an angel, but it was a man with long hair, wearing a robe, and walking behind the clouds. I knew it was Jesus, so I ran to my room and cried. I didn't see his face; I only saw his silhouette.

Name: United States

I was lying on my couch in the afternoon and fell asleep. Immediately I saw a white robe forming with some brown hands, then the hands came together, and I woke up. The dream felt warm and soothing, and I felt a sense of calmness. I believe that it was Christ Yeshua revealing his holy presence to me. Halleluyah

Kibrom: Ethiopia

On the night of April 16, near 3:00 am, I woke up and talked to Jesus, the most high God. On the night of April 15, I was crying and praying till 11:00 pm and fell asleep. I woke up at 3:00 am and saw someone sitting on the floor in my bedroom. 

He looked like a humble and ordinary man with a smile. He asked me why I always say "it will never happen" about everything.? He added and warned me not to say that anymore, promised me he would do everything for me, and asked for my patience. I said, okay, everything will happen, and he smiled and glanced to the window side, and I did the same.

Amazingly, the white robe of Jesus was moving from left to Right. There was a beautiful light in my room, and this robe was moving, though I didn't see the face, hands, or legs of Jesus.  

I was so happy to see this miracle He promised me and lay his hands on my head, and I awakened upon my bed.

Keltye: Canada

I have had three dreams over the course of 18 years. In the late summer of 2002, at around 5 am, Jesus appeared to me in an old-style stone church. He was wearing a white robe and sandals and was enveloped in light. I could not see his face. I felt an incredible pure love surround me. I was going to ask, "Are you Jesus?" Before I finished my question, he answered, "Yes" He spoke in thought.

   I was going through a difficult time, and the dream was very comforting. I spoke these words in my sleep. "God is love. He is patient and kind. Jesus loves children. He really loves children.

  In 2012 the face of Jesus appeared to me through the images of a church's stained glass windows. My dream was in color. I never dreamed of color; He was beautiful, youthful, and with shoulder-length hair.

  In 2020 Jesus again appeared to me. He was enveloped in white light and was preparing a feast at a long table.

Michelle: Australia

I had a dream, and I saw Jesus. He appeared in a swirling silver cloud. I looked at him, and I could see me in him, and I knew that he was in me. I wanted to stay with him, but he showed me why I was to stay here. The last thing he said to me was, I'm coming back for you soon!!! I then woke up on the lounge, having entirely fallen to the side. I was just with Jesus!!!! Amazing !!!

Anxh: India

I dreamed of Jesus in the night at 4. pm. I saw him on the cross, and after that dream, I also saw a big blue, glowing eye.

Mary: Philippines

Last night... I had a dream about Jesus Christ....while I was on the seashore...and watching the sunsets...Bcoz it's sundown...

Then I saw Jesus ...put his arms...around my shoulder...then we both watched the sunset until the moonsets...in the night...on the seashore...then he hugged me tight... Around 5 am to 7 am...

Then my first ever dream about Jesus Christ was in October 2016:

Around 2 am...I Saw Jesus Christ ...face to face...I see his face clearly... He's smiling at me and is so adorable... He has brown hair, a beard... and a handsome face... Then he's covering my face. Then he told me... Look, I am coming soon...then I woke up...

And then this one...I forgot what month and date:

I saw Jesus Christ's second return...in a cloud of heaven...He was riding on a white horse, wearing a red robe... With billions of angels... Then the angel...blew the trumpet...and said, The Lord is coming.

Then I dreamed also about the rapture: 

One by one, people disappeared... That will indeed happen if the Lord is coming again...

Then I dreamed about his crucifixion:

Actually, guys, He's in so much pain while the Roman soldiers drive the nails in his wrist and feet that tears filled my eyes. Then the cross is raised, and Jesus is hanging on the cross... Bleeding and suffering.

Then he looked at me... And I woke up...

Jon: Philippines

I dreamt of Jesus wearing a white robe with a blue towel inside a bright cathedral.

His skin is not white but tan like middle eastern. He has big eyes. Sharp nose. thick eyebrows, with a mustache and beard. His hair is shoulder-length and is split in the center with slight curls to the end.

He held my hand to touch his heart. Then I woke up.

Tom United Kingdom

Four years ago, I was going through a very rough time. I suffered from a long-term illness for nine years, and I had just had spinal surgery, which did not fix everything I thought it would.

I felt alone, angry, and hopeless. Then one night of the same year, I had the most vivid image of Jesus I had ever seen.

In my dream, Jesus stood before me with his arms open, looking at me very sad. I could feel and sense his sadness for me. He didn't say anything, but I could sense he was sorry I had not come to him in my suffering.

At this point in my life, I was not religious and didn't subscribe to any beliefs. But after this experience, I tried to learn about Christianity and started to pray frequently.

I now have a relationship with God, and I would say this is all thanks to Jesus for reaching out to me.

Vonne: United States

I had a dream of looking up at the sky, and it looked like a castle at first but then turned into human-shaped people. It started to get clearer, and once it got clear, it was Jesus in the middle with 12 men behind him.

Everyone had robes on; they were all looking at me, and once I could see Jesus, my body started feeling like it was trying to come out as if it was trying to leave, and then my ears became very clogged. 

I got scared and made myself wake up, but I woke up with clogged ears. I still don't understand that dream.

Irene: United States

I dreamed I was outside and saw hundreds of people standing around looking at the sky. I moved into a better viewpoint and saw colorful bright, glorious clouds with Beautiful intense rainbows all around. And Jesus was amid the Rainbows walking towards us. Everyone was happy.

Alicia: United Kingdom


My friend's dream:

My friend relayed her dream of a man in a white robe up in the sky. It's bright in there with burning fire on his head, and he seemed to be coming from heaven.

My vision:

In my vision, I was in our Prayer meeting for our upcoming church anniversary, a star was shining brightly, and then I saw something being thrown out from the star, so I came closer to see.

I got one and said, oh, it's a grain! I WAS ECSTATIC AND JOYFUL when I looked up and saw a man in a robe or tunic. 

But as I looked up to see his face, my vision disappeared.

Clare: Philippines

I have dreamed about this since I was in my elementary days. My dream was about I was facing Jesus, and he was talking to me, and the background was fire all around the place. As I woke up, tears ran down my eyes.

Ben United Kingdom

I had a rather strange dream that I was viewing in the time zone of when Jesus was about, and I could see him in a blue tunic. I couldn't see his face, but he was sobbing. 

Suddenly, I dreamed I was in his body, looking out of his eyes. I could even feel the hair on my face, and when the crown of thorns was placed on his head, I could see him/myself being bolted onto the cross by soldiers. 

Then the cross was raised; the sun was a brilliant purple color, shining right through me as if my soul was out when it happened. 

I then woke up and had a friend request on a social media site from someone I did not know; I didn't accept it but checked who it was. The person who requested had a background picture of Jesus and Mary. 

It freaked me out as the dream felt so real, and the request was a confirmation in my mind, but I have no idea of the meaning; if anyone has any insight, feel free to respond, haha! Stay safe and well; thanks, Ben x.

Rosalia: United States

About a year and a half ago, around 3:00-4:00 pm, I laid down to take a nap and dreamed that I was in front of what appeared to be heaven. 

From afar, clouds in the shape of a castle looked like a beautiful bright orange sunset color, and it felt nothing like Earth. It was a place I had never seen, but I knew It was heaven and far away from Earth. 

I saw myself sitting with Jesus on a stone or bench outside heaven. I was sitting on the Right side of Jesus, and I knew it was him because he knew everything about me, and it felt like he knew everything and was the beginning of everything.

 His love for me felt like nothing I have ever felt before. All I kept thinking was that he was in love. A love I can't describe, but I can feel his pure love. I felt like I was speaking to him in my mind, and he knew everything about me. 

He was consoling me, and I was crying to him. He put his hand on my back. I was trying to look up to see his face while putting my hand to cover my eyes, for he is all light. All I could see was a very bright light crown; He had long hair and wore a white robe. The bright light lowered my head, and I could not see his face. 

What felt like less than a minute also felt like a long time with how we communicated without saying anything. I shared my whole life with him through thoughts. He knew everything about me and my worries, and it felt as if he wanted me to tell him what would make me happy. 

I felt like he wanted to see me happy because he genuinely cared. Suddenly I saw myself leaving but left my spirit with him as I was flying away, going backward to a dark tunnel and waking up. 

I felt a sense of peace, and I was not afraid. A few months later, good things happened in my life. It's as if my prayers were answered. Until this day, I can't forget that dream and that feeling I wish I'd see him again. 

I remember that dream when I pray and know he is always there to listen.

Bradley: South Africa

On 07/01/2020, I had a weird dream about Jesus Christ.

First, I saw a huge cross falling from the sky, like the one that Jesus was crucified on; through the clouds, it came falling into a field; it stuck into the ground, standing upright. 

As I approached, a man in a white robe with long hair and beard and a beaded crucifix chain hanging around his neck walked towards me...I was so confused, and I wanted to wake up because I thought he was coming to fetch me, and I immediately felt if my daughter was still sleeping next to me to see if I was still alive.

This dream made me search and speak to people because a pastor told my mom that many people dream more frequently about Jesus coming again.

Consuelo: United States

It was quick; I could suddenly see Jesus coming from the clouds. I could see him and felt this overwhelming peacefulness come over me! The feeling was so incredible! 

Suddenly, I am in the place where I grew up as a child, in a house/room that I feared and was scared of; it got dark and became crowded with angry people! Yelling! I had a feeling of dread! And I woke up.

Madeline: United Kingdom

I dreamt of being saved. I woke up crying so much. I felt Jesus was waking me up. It felt like he was with me in the room, though I could not see him; This happened about an hour ago.

Diana: United States

 Okay, It Was Early Morning. On December 26, 2020, I Had The Dream. I Can't Remember How It Started, But I Know For A Fact That A Bible Verse Was Being Read. You Know, The One About Him Returning... I Can't Quote It, But I Know It Had Something To Do With Him. Okay. 

So After That Was Read out loud, The Sky And Everything Was Gold And Pretty, And Everyone Around Me Were Coming Out Their Houses And Looking Out The Window.

When I Look Up, I See Jesus With His Arms Out, Slowly Floating Back Down. It Didn't Scare Me At First, But When He Looked At Me, I Kinda Backed Up And Looked From Afar. I Hope This Helps Anyone

Torri: United States

For the first time in a long time, I had a dream about Jesus last night. I was looking up stuff in Revelation and just thinking about death or the end times we are in now.

I am not going to lie; it made me feel a little fearful, so I was praying before I went to sleep. I have just been looking up prayers on spiritual warfare; I don't know how I remembered.

In my dream, Jesus was talking to me, and it sounded like he was talking underwater. When I tried to look at his face, I couldn't see him because he had a piercing light on the crown of his head. 

Then I heard this whisper say, Colossians 1:18. I just looked it up, and it's talking about the supremacy of God through Jesus and how we will be reconciled in death because of his sacrifice. 

Then I got the daily devotion that says we basically should not fear. "For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline." 2 Timothy 1:7.

PEACE25: Country

I had what I thought was a dream; it could have been a thought. As I drifted off to sleep, an image appeared on top of a rusted but dusty building. It seemed I had fallen on the roof.

As you looked out to the view, it was all just dirt. It was a little windy. I saw a man in a robe with long hair appear. I knew it was Jesus. He said, 'I will take care of it.'

I don't know what that's supposed to symbolize, but I will pray for clarification.

Ananya: India

I dreamed of seeing Jesus standing in a building and in my home. I saw him through the door. 

As soon as I saw him, I prayed for our Father in Heaven prayer; my mother and sister were right next to me. When I finished the prayer and opened my eyes, he turned in my direction, smiled, and disappeared into white light. I felt very positive, but my mother said that it might be some evil spirit in the form of Jesus.

Cynthia: United States

Good evening. I have had this on my mind for a while and don't understand. I had a dream, but it was so real.

While Jesus Christ stood before me, he talked to me and said I would be with him soon. I believe it was real because while Jesus Christ stood before me, I could see my room lying on my bed and my husband sleeping beside me.

I still don't understand what Jesus Christ meant about me being with him soon and if it was perhaps not a dream.

Thank you, and God Bless you.

Scott: United States

I am a recent widower, trying to find my new path after 45 years of marriage.

Last month I dreamt that I was with Jesus, and he was putting on his carpenter's belt, evidently getting ready to do some carpentry work.

I notice that there are no tools in His belt, and I wonder what He is doing. He begins acting like He is sawing and nailing wood, but He doesn't have any wood or nails.

"What are you doing?" I ask Him.

"I am going to help you build your new life," He answers me, smiling as if it should be evident to me that that is what He is doing.

Darren: United States

I was walking around my school telling people about God and Christ, and people wouldn't believe me or even stay to listen; then, at one point, I was in the front area of the school by the office, and I fell in the gravel and was launched into the sky.

 I saw Jesus with his hand outstretched to me, surrounded by the most beautiful light on the clouds. I tried to grab his hand, but I couldn't reach it. Then, I was suddenly on the ground, trying to find my principal, but she had died from cancer. 

One of the students with me said, "She abandoned him." I started crying my eyes out, and then I woke up, crying my heart out for about 30 minutes to an hour.

Manuela: United States

I dreamed of everything flooding, water filling up fast; the only ones with me were my five-year-old daughter. 

I only remember her, but people everywhere screamed because the flood was filling. Everyone was going crazy; suddenly, Jesus came and took me by my right hand, and we were walking to a path.

He had all his people in front of him that were going with him and me. Jesus was holding my right hand until we got to the path halfway. He let go of my hand, like, Jesus, why did you let me go? He said it was because I didn't listen.

I woke up in tears, and it still affects me.

Rose: United States

My dream happened when I was just a little girl, around 5, 6, or 7.

I'm a grandmother now and have only told my dream to a selected few, but not because I was embarrassed to talk about it. 

Although I am older, I can still recall my dream.

I remember walking along, frightened and unsure about my surroundings; all I knew was that I was alone. Then from out of nowhere, this man approached me, and the minute he took my left hand, I knew it was my Lord Jesus, and my fear of being alone was gone.

As we walked hand in hand, he spoke to me; being little, I was curious about him. I wanted to know why he was here, and he said he had something to show me and not to be afraid.

I wish I could remember his words: I have tried over the years to remember but haven't been able to.

I still remember the images he showed me. I was like walking in the forest, the path was grassy and warm, just comfortable to walk on, but on either side of us, on the ground, there were many windows, each showing different things, some good, some bad, some scary.

He explained what each window represented, but I was too young and did not understand: all I knew was that I was with Jesus, and we were talking.

I can honestly say I remember his face; he looked like the pictures in the Bible but with a glow. I felt protected and Loved. I do not know how my dream ended; I only remember walking and talking with him.

It's as if the dream just faded. I have not had this dream anymore; I have prayed to have it again, just hadn't happened -- maybe there's a reason.

I thanked Jesus for letting me walk with him, and I still do. 

Thank you, Jesus!

Rach: United Kingdom

I had two occasions where I saw Jesus; the first night, I was having a bad anxiety attack, which I suffer from, and I remember going to bed and praying to God just to put me to sleep. Well, I went to sleep, but I was in and out of it, but I still remember seeing Jesus standing at the foot of the bed, not next to me, but down the bottom. 

Was it a hallucination or a dream, or if it was real? It was Jesus there with his hands behind his back, his head tilted downwards, and he was wearing his white gown and red robe.

The second time, I dreamt Jesus was in the sky on his throne. I remember looking up, seeing him saying to my family, there's Jesus, and trying to take a picture of him. 

I'm always on my phone, and he had two lion-like statues next to him.

I still remember now, and these happened ages ago.

Akisha: India

Jesus Christ of Nazareth; sound from the sky with thunder and lightning, and a white-dressed person was smiling at me.

Niyomwungere: Burundi

I saw Jesus in the cloud showing his head, and beside him was Satan. After some time, he came with Moses, Peter, and Abraham coming from heaven, facing me. I told Jesus to take me, and he said, "You still have work to do on Earth." He shook my hand and left, and I cried a lot. Thank you all!

David: Nigeria

Tonight I saw Jesus in my dream. He appeared in the sky, only his head was seen...He was crying, looking down at us, then slowly shaking his head...

In the dream, there were some people around me, then suddenly, after the people had stood there to wave to Jesus...some were crying, and I thought he had come for his beloved children.

I was also crying that I was not there because I was a sinner.... people kept asking for forgiveness, and he left and showed up again behind our backs.

I think he was smiling this time, and people later left, saying he was fake...He stood there looking at them...then he left again, and I woke up scared.

Patricia: United States

This has been since I was pregnant, but it never left my mind. I was at home and had put my babies to bed; then, I read a book. The lights were on, but suddenly the room went dark, and I saw the face of Jesus Christ in a bright light floating and disappearing through the ceiling; it was so peaceful. Then the room lights back up.

Cathy: United States

I dreamed Jesus was flying towards me really fast.

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