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"Dreams and Visions
of Jesus Page 48"
By visitors to the Trusting in Jesus website.

Jeanett: United States

I dreamed about Jesus lying on the ground. He was wearing a white robe. He had his eyes closed. I could see his face and body. I don't know if he was sleeping or just lying there. I woke up a little confused and happy that I saw him. But at the same time, sad. I had never dreamt of Jesus. 

This was on November 3, Election Day. I was wondering what this dream meant.

Saddy: United States

I have told only my husband about this one dream that I had about two years ago; it was me in like I described Mexico because that's the only place personally that I have been to with dirt rock roads....as I'm doing something, I can't Remember. I see everyone running... I'm on a hill and then too, so I run as fast as I can. I get there, and as soon as I get there, I see Jesus as a celebrity; that's how people treated him. I thought to myself, what is going on? I started to cry like I never have before; I was excited but so sad at the same time like I knew who he was; I did, but not in my dream; it was super weird. 

He showed me his hand, and there was a hole in it. I cried and cried to him and begged; it was like no one else was there; after that, it was a poof, and I don't remember anything else. I have only seen one woman speak of almost the same thang as I've been two years. I still think about that dream. It was a difficult dream, and I'm still figuring it out.....

Linné: South Africa

So I had a dream: I was floating in a kind of twirling ground tunnel. The open spaces through the ground were space or darkness (I can't remember precisely).

I was frightened at the darkness/space and looked away, and I started going faster through the tunnel, and it felt like I was falling, but at the same time, I knew I was floating and safe. 

Eventually, I saw this bright light at the end of the tunnel, and as I got closer... I started to see these huge white clouds, and they were shining really bright.

Then I saw Jesus(wearing this white clothing and a light brown scarf, and He had dark brown hair) standing on them, looking at me, reaching out His hand. At the same time, while floating, I reached out to his hand...

I never knew if I touched His hand because I woke. But I remember that I did not even think of the darkness/ space and the twirling ground tunnel as I looked at Him. I just saw Jesus.☺️

Candy: United States

Today, at about 7 pm, I saw a being in a white robe and blue sash at the corner of my right eye. When I turned to see it further, I saw a glowing face looking at me for a split second and quickly went into my bathroom. 

I called out, "Is anyone there?" No one answered, so I looked in the bathroom to see if anyone was there, and there was no one. I live alone, so I know it was an angel or Jesus himself.

Patricia: United States

I was in high school and had a vision of getting to heaven. It was shortly after I was saved. I remember it to this day, and I'm almost 28. 

I remember closing my eyes so tight because of the bright light I saw (I'm sure I closed my eyes hard in my sleep even), and suddenly, I awoke in heaven. I was standing there, and everything was completely white. 

I peered around a corner and saw all these little children surrounding Jesus. One was sitting on his lap. He started to look up at me, and I woke up. The Bible has a story about looking upon His face and the hair turning completely white... I'll be there one day soon.

Erica: United States

I had a dream that I was in the clouds, and Jesus was sitting on a couch made of clouds in his white robe, sandals, and long beautiful hair. 

I sat beside him, mesmerized as He sang a song I didn't understand, and in a language I didn't understand; it sounded like Spanish.

I woke up with the song in my head still. It said salita, but I need to remember the other words.

I tried unsuccessfully to search for the word's meaning, but I still don't know.

David: Kenya

On 3.23.2018, Saturday, around 3 am, I dreamed or had a vision and saw Jesus in the sky. 

The clouds opened up and moved to the left and right-hand sides. Jesus appeared in the middle of the clouds. 

The figure of Jesus was half from the chest to the head (passport photo size). He was a white man with long hair with a beard; he wore white clothes. Around Him was a bright light. 

He looked down at us, me and 3 or 4 white men (I did not see their faces; they had their backs on me). Jesus released some days to us. I said, "Thank you, Jesus," and He smiled at us. All of a sudden, the clouds came together until Jesus was covered.

I woke up and told my wife what had happened & she was surprised. I rang pastor Chemaswet, Pastor Boni & Bishop James Bett from our area and told them about the incident. Each one of them gave me his interpretation. 

I google searched on the internet, "If someone sees Jesus in a dream or a vision, what does it mean"? I got several pieces of information.

I usually pray from 2 am - 3 am when I am awake. I typically tell Jesus so many things. 

Can someone give me a further interpretation of the dream/ vision?

Lisa: United States

I had a dream at around 4:00 am on 10/19/2020. In the dream, I was in bed, lying on my back face up. When I looked, Jesus was walking from the left side of the bottom of my bed to the right side.

He wore a white robe with gold inlays, a pattern. When I saw Him, He raised His arm to cover His face with the sleeve of His robe. I hear myself saying loudly, Jesus, I love you so much, but take this away from me now!

I was speaking of an issue I have been believing God will heal me for some time now. He immediately grabbed my right foot, cupping it with his hands; when He did, it felt as if electricity and fire went all over my body!!! I knew that he came personally to heal me from this issue.

 I still felt this sensation somewhat when I woke up; the clock said 4:17. I cried because I knew that Jesus, the Master, had visited me personally to provide my healing, and for that, I am without words... All I can say is Thank you, LORD!!! To God, be the glory! HE TOUCHED ME!

Kathy: United States

I had a dream last night that a few other friends and I were driving on a road when the road disappeared beneath us, and we were in the sky. All around us changed, and I realized we were at the end of our time on Earth.

We were taken to a large place with many people and were directed where to go, but we were kept together in many small groups. We were taken in an elevator to another place where we were scanned for medical problems, then sent to another area where we were cured of any sickness.

It involved no touch or surgery...I had a dental issue fixed just by sitting in a chair and opening my mouth. It was painless. After that, we were reunited with our companions and taken to a room where we were given robes chosen for us in color and design.

They were not custom but chosen thoughtfully, and different robes had different meanings. After reading this, we were individually escorted to the dim anteroom of another large room with light.

It was possible to see the light, but you could not see past the corner into the room. It was there that I was told I was ready to meet Jesus. I felt excited and thrilled. No fear, just awe.

Tanya: United States

This dream occurred on 10/16/20. 

I was with family outside of a home I did not recognize. The clouds move in, and the sky is grey. Then the sound of loud, sharp, clapping thunder fills the sky. We started inside, expecting a downpour, but Jesus appeared and began to descend before we did. 

He appears as a brown-skinned man with a small afro in a long white robe. I run as fast as I can to where he lands, and when I get close to him, he is sitting with legs crossed, enclosed in a circle of children. 

I get as close as I can outside the circle of children, and I'm about 8 feet from him. I sit in tears (from joy and shame) and in awe as he speaks (inaudibly) to the children as a group and individually, hoping that he will acknowledge the undeserving me. 

I felt some guilt about wanting his attention while he was talking with the children, so I hurried back a little. My youngest daughter finds me and sits on my lap to listen to Jesus, but instead of being her current age of 17, she looks to be around 7 or 8. 

After talking with the children, he walks through the crowd to speak to others. We catch up to him, and he tells me he'll return on Thursday. 

It felt like it was Tuesday in my dream, so that would be two days away. However, the dream occurred on a Friday morning. I didn't know if he meant he was returning to talk to the crowds or start the rapture. 

He then heads out to speak to a large group of men eagerly awaiting him. I thought he had come down to make the rounds and give people another chance to follow him.


I was asleep in bed. Jesus appeared outside the bedroom window in the woods behind the house, sitting with legs crossed, floating in the air. 

He looked like the white, blonde, long-haired Jesus that is generally used to depict him. He looked at me with his hands outstretched for an undeterminable amount of time.

Jaffa: South Africa

I dreamt about Jesus Christ in the heavens with his angels and sword upside down to show he will not slay us yet but give us hope that we can repent. 

I'm not a hard-core Christian ..it was the most fantastic thing I've seen in my dreams ever. It was shiny like diamonds of all Colors...like diamonds, he looked down, and all his angels were behind him. The heavens were amazing, and he went back.

Muslims were at the tree right outside the very same house I live in; also, as to the dream hiding by the tree...hahahahaha, you got fooled, that is not Jesus. I said God, you will answer...and he went back into the heavens.

Hennae: India

It is a dream from September 2020. It was a cloudy day, and suddenly, light flashes filled the sky evenly. Then with the lights coming from the flashes, Jesus and many Angels descended from the sky. I looked at it with awe.

Jacqueline: United States


On May 5, 2020, I had the greatest experience of a lifetime. I am a true believer in Jesus Christ and a follower of him. 

I woke up at 3:00 am, went to use the bathroom, and went back to bed. As I curled on my side, I clearly heard a voice say, "Lie on your back," I did as I heard and immediately fell asleep. 

I visited a place in Jamaica called Hampton Court in St. Thomas. My daughter, who is eleven years old, visited a gentleman's house, so I went to get her. When I stepped into the house, I immediately started cleaning the floor.

 When I was finished cleaning, I left with my daughter. Walking towards a parked car, I looked back and saw my daughter, "Azoya," hands filled with dried water and coconut.

I scolded her, telling her she should never take anything when she goes to anyone's house. 

I took her back to the house and explained what my daughter had done to the gentleman. He was upset and asked if she had the sickness also (coronavirus); I told him no, she only had Down Syndrome. 

While looking up at the gentleman, I observed something blue moving in the sky as I was standing on his property's lower level. I was unsure what it was, but It was a round object that kept moving to my right. 

I kept my eyes on the object, and when it was in line with my side, I looked up, and there I saw Jesus standing above me, looking down at me. 

Above Jesus was a ring of Angels surrounding him. They were all equally apart and had a light in their hands. Jesus was in the center, just looking down at me. He was wearing milk-white garments with gold background. He had an image that was a portrait of him. 

I knew this was Jesus. I held my right hand up to him and shouted, "Jesus, Touch Me." A bright light lit up on his feet, and they all started ascending to heaven. Then I couldn't see them anymore, but immediately, I knew what had happened. I tried to talk, but my mouth couldn't open, and tears kept running from my eyes. 

 I am 51 years old, and this is my first encounter seeing Jesus. My life is different. Not a day goes by that this dream is not with me. I love Jesus very much.

Gloria: United States

I had this dream about ten years ago, and to this day, it still boggles my mind. I was saving Jesus from harm in my dream. 

Allow me to explain: 

In my dream, two men were attempting to hurt Jesus physically. As I watched this in the dream, my heart began to ache, and I was hurt that these men wanted to do that. I yelled out and begged them to hurt me or torment me instead. 

They then took their attention from Him and looked at me, and I suffered on his behalf because I did not want these men to hurt him. I did all I could to ensure Jesus was safe because I loved him so much.

Scott: United States

I have had many, many Jesus dreams in my life.

Last week I dreamt that I was with Jesus, and he was dancing around me in circles, laughing like crazy.

"Why are you always laughing?" I ask him.

"Why aren't you always laughing?" he replies, which makes him laugh even harder.

Jessica: United States

I recently had a dream where I was scared because there had been a loud explosion outside, and a bright light filled the sky. I immediately felt a sense of panic and knew Jesus was coming. I felt unworthy and not ready to go. It was like I was running away from the explosion since I knew I had sinned, and I remember praying for forgiveness and wanting nothing more than to be ready for Jesus.

Natalia: United States

I was in my grandma's house; it was late noon; I opened the curtain and saw Jesus walking on the clouds; he was coming with another person, and they both looked so bright. In my mind, I said, "Jesus is coming for his church," and then I went to sleep.  

I started to feel him lift me in my dream, but I was with my eyes closed because you aren't supposed to open your eyes during the elevation to heaven. 

When I got to heaven & it only took a few seconds, I saw clouds and a beautiful smell that I cannot describe, and I saw Jesus again.

 Then I went back to my grandma's house and looked for the window again, and I saw the souls going to the sky. I saw my soul going to the sky too, then I saw my mom & my baby, & I told my baby to come to me, & she did, but my mom left. 

Then we went to this big wood platoon like a bus, but with just a little space for me & my baby & many people were dancing & laughing. I was worried about my baby's bottle & diapers but was trusting that God would provide for us, and he did; we had food in there and everything we needed. 

We went to the mountains on a small road, and when we were almost at the top of the mountain, there was a rainbow; we were where the rainbow began and could see all the colors. But when we entered the rainbow, it was like another dimension, and you could see the invisible wall; we were there & God had everything ready for us; he was going to get this place safe & prepared for us until everything passed. 

There were puzzles and things for entertainment but not technology. I remember having my phone in my pocket, but in my mind, I said God doesn't have technology; maybe he would be disappointed if I looked at it, so I didn't.

When I went to my baby's room, as God has for all babies, I saw a door partly open & broken, so I fixed it and closed it, but through the crystal door I fixed, I could see a volcano about to erupt. There were dark clouds, and I was worried about my mom & husband, but my mind said, "I shouldn't worry because if I keep stressing, God will think I don't wanna be here and that I wanna go back to the disaster, (because he was going to destroy the world). Then I woke up so agitated, with my heart racing so hard! 

I wish people could see that Jesus will come soon, and everyone needs to Repent and say by their mouth that he's the only SAVIOR.

Kevin: Country

I dreamed I saw Christ move through the clouds ⛅️. The thing is, it felt like the clouds ⛅️ were higher than typical clouds ⛅️. I don't know why I felt that. Clouds ⛅️ have always been clouds ⛅️ to me; I never considered their height. It just seemed that way.

Madonna: Egypt

It was like September 1, 2020. I have recently started reading the Bible.

There were three dreams.

First one:

I was on the balcony, and a great sound was there; many images appeared, and then it settled to Jesus. He had sky-blue eyes and gold hair wavy towards the end. I remember him talking to me about something in the Bible. If you did that from the Bible, that would happen. But I only remember a little.

Second dream:

I was sitting on my sofa, and suddenly a very hot sensation appeared and I felt it in my legs, and many Saints appeared to me ., images of them.

Third dream: 

I was in a room and a piece of paper with all the sins defined by places ... written in my hand. I looked, and mine was also noted, and Jesus was sad.

Then again, he entered that room, and I kneeled to him. He lifted his hands, and we prayed together. I was behind him.

And while we were praying, my thoughts went to what if he wasn't Jesus and only my imagination, just a dream; what if he wasn't our God :(

Then I took his hand to see the holes. He shook his hand away and suddenly gave me an artifact with a church name on it .. which has part of Calvary's stone and Thomas' remains.

I then guessed that it was to tell me He WAS JESUS.

Zoey: United States

I have a lot of dreams about Jesus coming back and dreams of that sort. But here is one of them.

I was sitting on a bench in a park I didn't recognize, and suddenly, It was quiet. The birds were silent, the cars weren't making a noise, and it looked like it would rain or storm heavily.

I looked into the sky and saw a weird bird; I had never seen one like that. And then I heard a screeching sound coming from the bird. There was only white in the sky, no other colors.

And then I walked around a concrete wall, and It took me to a crowd of people, so I joined them. I saw Jesus sitting on a concrete platform, and I wasn't scared one bit; I went to him, and he said, "You have been a very loyal servant. Come join me in the glory of eternity."

And then the dream ended. I am trying to remember what he looked like, though.

Valerie: United States

I was on a bridge, and Jesus was halfway; he gradually came closer, and while he was walking, he was talking to me, but his lips were not moving; it was like mind talk.

I remember thinking his complexion was darker than I imagined. When he finally got in front of me, I fell and began shaking like a fish out of water, and when I woke up, I was still shaking, but I Wasn't scared.

I was full of his presence, but I can't remember what he said when I woke up...

Stella: Italy

Holding the feet of Jesus and asking forgiveness.

Matthew: United States

In my dream, I'm standing in what appears to be an old church. My wife is asleep on a pew, and I'm playing my guitar for the people milling around talking to one another. 

A man stands at the front of the room and begins to speak, so I put my guitar down to hear what he has to say. 

Just then, the double doors to the building fly open wide, and a couple of people come running in excitedly, yelling loudly, "The Lord's returning, the Lord's returning," and running back out. 

Just then, a brilliant bright light showed in the room thru the windows and double doors that were incredibly bright. People in the church started running outside excitedly. 

My wife was still asleep, so I woke her up. "The Lord's returning," I said. She looks up at me and says, "What?". I run to the double doors, and the light is brilliant and all-encompassing. I stop before I go outside and lean against the wall, thinking how undeserving I am of His love, and I wake up. 

This happened a while ago, and it still seems just as real as it did the day after I had it. 

The Lord has really been working with me, and just like in the dream, I'm so undeserving of His love, and I love Him for loving me.

Jeff: United States

About a week after I accepted Jesus as Lord, I started having dreams. This was in the late 90s. 

I was standing in a neighbor's driveway by myself. My family and neighbors were all on the deck partying; the sky was blue, with no clouds. 

Then I started hearing a trumpet blast, and clouds started forming—puffy white ones. The trumpets got louder, and I saw an Angel on one of the clouds. No one on the deck could hear it. I looked up again; there was a flash of light, like lightning. Then I woke up.

Anyaak: Australia

I truly believe Jesus appeared to me five days ago, early Monday, August 3, 2020, around 5 am.

I could not sleep much that night; however, I must have fallen asleep at around 3 am. 

I was sleeping face down on my bed, and when I moved to turn on my side, I saw a figure behind my bed. I stared at it for a good few seconds and then was shaken, and straight away, I uttered, hallelujah!

I quickly turned and covered my head with my blanket; my heart was beating fast as if it were going to explode. 

As soon my heartbeats slowed to normal, tears started rolling down my cheeks uncontrollably; I was repeatedly uttering, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy, repeatedly for nearly ten minutes, and I was still in shock. I have never encountered anything like that before. 

I was almost skeptical about Jesus in many ways, with the mentality that I needed to see to believe. Anyway, the figure I saw that night, and genuinely believe was Jesus, was in a long thick white robe. It was like a heavy sleeping gown with a blue strip ribbon around the middle and a little blue ribbon around the collar. 

There appeared to be a transparent face like you can see through, but from the chin down seemed to be a short to medium beard; there were no eyes, nose, lips, or anything of a particular personal feature, just bright. 

The figure appeared to be around 6 feet to 6.4 tall. (I'm tall, that's how I can estimate that height, especially from where he appeared). 

I was not much of a religious person anyway, but I do have Christian families. So I'm still in disbelief of why this happened to me and what message is in this encounter.

I told my friends and family about the vision and even drew the paper's image to show them what I saw that night. I'm sharing this with you all. I may find reasonable interpretations for this event in my life or confirm similar situations to others who may have just had the same vision; as for me, that's all.

Jina: India

August 7, 2020

I had a quick dream where I saw heaven gates were wide open, and an angel was standing behind the wall of the entrance, and I was standing outside heaven's gate, and standing next to me was a man who looked like Jesus.

Mikayla: United States

Contact Form: Well... I dreamed about Jesus and the Virgin Mary in the same dream. How it started is I was walking up a hill, but it was a rocky path with pine trees on both sides. The way was cleared but had trees on both sides.

As I was walking, which I believe was me, I realized it was me, and I was pregnant and wearing a white nightgown but silky type... Then... I'm also holding a little girl's hand; she has medium-length wavy hair but Brown. She had an olive skin tone.

As I was walking up the path, I noticed it turned out to be a cliff. As I kept walking, I saw the Virgin Mary stand beside Jesus as he stood too. As I got closer, I stopped in front of them. Then the little girl I was holding hands with walked towards Jesus.

As she walked, he got on one knee, and the Virgin Mary smiled deeply and looked down at Jesus. And then... Jesus smiled at the girl And gasped for air, and then, things got scary.

Suddenly, he yelled, "She was supposed to be a miscarriage!" While he said it, He shooked her lightly... All of a sudden, something hit him as if he was being stoned. After that... It took me to a different vision. 

Suddenly, I saw these grey stone pillars in a circle formation, but lava was on the ground. And there was a stone clock in the sky, but it was in pieces, floating but not moving (the clock hands weren't). And I heard a voice say, "The time is coming.." (It was five years ago when I dreamed this.)

Ashley: United States

I had a dream. It was like a couple of weeks ago.

 I work the graveyard shift and get extremely tired when I get home; it's like an hour's drive.

As I drove home one day, I decided to park and nap in the car. I fell asleep; then I woke up. I had sleep paralysis, where your body is asleep, but your mind is up. I could see every, and my eyes were wide open.

 I was looking around, trying to wake my body out of it, so I turned my head and had a vision.

 I saw two demons. I saw myself in the car chair with a demon's hand over my face, and the other demon was watching. All of a sudden, Jesus came in very fast; Jesus looked like someone I'd met before; it was incredible.

 He had long hair and was wearing all white. His face looked like the pictures I'd seen; seeing his face was unbelievable. But he came and looked at them. 

I am still trying to figure out what happened. After that, I got scared, but it was incredible that Jesus came for me.

Alex: United States

I was sitting under a tree with Jesus. It was so peaceful, and there was a beautiful breeze around us; it was dry, but the tree was very fruitful and green. He sat there reading to me as I listened. I woke up so peaceful and in a praying position. It was amazing.

Asunción: United States

My dream: 

I am with Jesús on a cloud, standing by his side while my boyfriend and his son are on the ground with their hands raised!

Sunday: Australia

I dreamed I was with a group of kids playing in a house. 

One of the children opened the door, and we all saw an angel come down from heaven; then, we saw the sky open. 

Jesus was a gleaming white figure wearing a white robe. I couldn't see his face as he slowly descended. 

I didn't know what to do, so the other children and I ran and shut the door. I was confused and terrified as he was here. 

I'm not ready. I prayed in my dream for repentance but didn't know if it was enough.

I woke up and cried.

Lynn: United States

I had a quick visual dream of Jesus sitting on a throne.

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