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Dreams and Visons of
Jesus Page 53
Submitted by Visitors to the Trusting in Jesus Website

Ronna: Philippines

3:33 AM, Saturday, August 19, 2023

(Jesus Healing and Overcoming Satan ) 

I fell hard and landed in a dream; I was with my siblings going to a mall (I think with my friend too), and then we had to sleep in one room. All of us were crowded, and I slept on the floor (face on the floor). 

However, my body got heavy, and it was like a feeling of extreme fear (trembling), and I couldn't move; I tried calling for God and "Jesus Christ," but someone was mocking me for calling Christ, repeating just what I said.

However, I tried again by putting my faith in Him. Then my heart started to pump (thrust of power through my chest). At first, I was intimidated by it, but after I repeated it, I noticed that the devil was weakened by it.

I repeated it a third time, and it was gone. I asked God to provide me light over us, and after I said "Amen," a bright yellow-orange light came from the east. God had given us morning when I woke up "because, in my mind, I was dreaming about fighting the devil with God. 

So, my sister in my dream asked me why I was screaming and yelling (she didn't understand what I was saying back then), saying that it was gibberish. And then, I told her about the devil and how the presence of God was with me. I asked my brother if he heard me earlier, and he said he did not. 

Then, I saw Pastor Hernandez (from YouTube). I was shocked that he could speak our language, so he looked at me, and I smiled at him because I knew he would get what I had experienced; he smiled back at me.

When he touched me (held my hand), he spoke loudly so everyone could hear him say something wonderful had happened there. When I felt his hand, it was like he had this aura of authority, peace, and power. 

He pulled me toward him, touched my head, and said something about Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior (I can't remember, and I was a bit focused on His presence flowing through Pastor to me (the Holy Spirit). 

He was mumbling about something that he always says on YouTube). 

I quietly said, "Amen," and he said, "Amen," I repeated, saying "Amen" with a voice. Then, I had this overwhelming happiness and peace that I can't describe ("tinatanong ako kung masaya ako, di ko agad nasagot kasi nalulunod ako sa saya/peace, pero sabi ko "masaya" then "in peace"). 

And then, I thought first because it's so unreal, but you know it seems real because the vivid and the feeling is vivid. Tas, my sister, woke up to unplug the charger. I asked what time it was, and she said 3:29. 

I was surprised because I was about to wake up, so I tried to sleep again. I only slept a little because I couldn't sleep because of the pain in my stomach, but according to that dream, I felt fully rested (refer to Matthew 11).

So I looked for answers to whether my dream was from the Lord or the devil (there are chances that he disguised himself as Him) or if Pastor had a new post on YouTube.

I thought about reading the Bible, then I just wrote what I had experienced starting at 3:33 AM (I didn't think about it either)

Before I fell into a deep sleep, I prayed to the Lord, saying Please heal me (I was experiencing abdominal pain) (With Your Word, I will be healed), don't leave me, don't leave me, don't forget me (refer to Psalm 9). I made mention of His yoke, for me to take it for it is easy and My burden is light (Matthew 11). 

I finished writing at 4:11 AM.

Today, I looked at Matthew 3 about the Baptism of Jesus.

  • "And he went throughout all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the Gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every affliction among the people. So his fame spread throughout all Syria, and they brought him all the sick, those afflicted with various diseases and pains, those oppressed by demons, those having seizures, and paralytics, and he healed them." (Matthew 4:23‭-‬24 ESV).
  • Then Jesus said to him, Be gone, Satan! For it is written, You shall worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve, Matthew 4:10 ESV).
  • Then the devil left him, and behold, angels came and were ministering to him (Matthew 4:11 ESV).

Veronica: United States

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being outside my body, looking down and watching Jesus walk beside me through a beautiful field of daisies.

Although I couldn't hear what we said to each other, I felt so loved and safe with my Heavenly Father. At the end of our walk was this staircase that was clear as crystal, and far at the top were all these people and angels waiting to welcome Jesus back into Heaven.

I woke myself up crying because I didn't want him to leave me. I wanted to go with him.

Fast forward about 25-30 years, and I had another dream:

I had been severely depressed over problems in my marriage and was just ready to end my life. I dreamt of his voice telling me it was not his will for me. In the dream, I didn't see anything; I only heard his voice and the message he had for me.

I have never forgotten the dream from my childhood, how beautiful he was, or the dread that fell over me to watch him return to Heaven without me. I will also never forget his message to me.

I am ready to go home to my Father in Heaven.

Tereva: United States

I had this dream on August 3, 2023, and I felt like having a bad day tied my Spirit up in this dream.

I was so angry that I cried myself to sleep. While I was crying, I said to myself, "I wish Jesus were sitting in that chair comforting me," and then I fell asleep.

I haven't been able to remember my dreams for a couple of years, but I can never forget this one.

In my dream, I felt an immense sense of FEAR. I've never felt that type of fear in my entire life. The entire dream consisted of me looking up at the sky in terror because it was split in half.

One was smokey, orange, red, hellfire—and the other half was a cooling, refreshing, light blue. Not a single thing was floating on that blue side of the sky. I don't remember exactly who was around me, but we all stared at the sky in awe.

It felt like the sky was coming closer and closer to Earth… and a voice inside me said, "Make a choice." I remember crying and feeling like I had no idea what I had done, but I felt guilty. Then I woke up.

I feel horrible about myself as a human being, and most days, I feel like I'm not who I'm supposed to be in the name of Christ. If anything, Jesus was just telling me the truth about what would happen.

And even though people see my Spirit as a shining Spirit, Jesus knows who I am at the end of the day. And it just made me think about where I will go at the end of this life.

God bless you all ❤️

Anita: United States

I had a dream. I was walking alone outside of our house and heard a loud noise in the sky. There was wind and dark clouds.

Out of the clouds came a white horse with a man who looked like Jesus holding what looked like a gold scepter. He was looking at me as he came down.

I quickly went inside to tell my family to come see the white horse with a man like Jesus. Then I saw him going around my house through the window. Then I just woke up.

It stays on my mind constantly.

Joseph: United States

In a dream, I see Jesus and his cross become a light on the deceased person at a funeral.

Joseph: New Zealand

Praise the wonderful name of Jesus. I didn't have a dream; it was a vision:

It was 2023 on easter weekend. We had a church revival in New Zealand for three days. My friend and two-year-old daughter went on Friday night to worship the Lord.

We only had been serving the Lord for a few months. Once we finished church, we drove along, talking about things we did on Easter when we were sinning and doing bad things; so this was our first Easter weekend without drinking and partying.

Then it came to Saturday, and we had morning service and night service on that day, and we stayed for both. We had just finished the morning service, and we didn't want to drive as it was far, so most of the church stayed and waited for the night service.

We all had chipped in for a big lunch; they had a park there, so I took my daughter to play. Then, my friend Mike and I decided to share the Gospel in town. We prayed first, then shared the Word of God on the mic and speaker.

I must say there weren't many people, but we still did what we intended to do; then, we went back to church and waited for the night service.

When it came to the night service, all the pastors who had come from different churches got up and shared the wonderful Word of God, and there was a lot of singing.

When it came worship time, I went up to the Altar on my knees and shut my eyes, crying out to Him. And this was when the Lord gave me a vision of him on the cross; it felt like I was there:

He was white, with straight black hair up to his earlobes and a little hair on his chin. he had cuts on his face and body; a grey thing covered his private parts. It was the first time I ever experienced a vision in my life (well, I'm pretty sure it was).

I recently told my church, "It is up to you to believe; Jesus is real, and it's up to you to believe. But all I say is have faith in Jesus in everything you do."

Lari: United States

I had a dream of Jesus. It was a while ago, maybe 22 years, but I can still remember it in full detail.

I was standing at a river, and there were people behind me mocking me and laughing.

Jesus just appeared, standing on the water with his hand outstretched, and asked me, "Do you trust me?" I was scared, but he wanted me to step on the water with him. I grabbed his hand and stepped on the water.

The next thing I knew, I was standing on this mountain or hill beside a huge tree, and In the distance, it was so beautiful, full of trees and flowers, and a little bird came out of the tree I was standing beside.

Then I woke up.

Deborah: United States

I dreamed of Jesus for four nights straight.

The first night, I saw a white cloth blowing around me gently, and when I looked up, Jesus was looking at me with his hand out, smiling at me.

The other three nights, I dreamed of following footprints on the ground, and when I looked up, Jesus was standing in front of his tomb, looking at me, smiling.

Adam: United States

My dream:

I saw many people sitting on the hills of rocks. I SAW Jesus floating and preaching. I felt warm, calm, and peaceful when I saw Jesus.

Sharon: Canada

I Dreamt of a man (who looked like a young Jesus) holding a little girl with big blue eyes.

Marcus: United States

I saw myself standing on a high platform with two other men standing next to me. Jesus sat in a chair in front of us. I could see it on the lower platform.

I looked at Him..and he said, "What is this?" in a calm, clear voice. Then I woke up. 😁

Loretta: United States

I dreamt I was at the crucifixion of Jesus, crying as a drop of his blood fell on my cheek.

Then I found the Ark of Covenant buried under the cross of Jesus with blood on it, and the blood was still alive after 2,000 years.

Then, it was tested, and it was the same as my own blood type. What does it mean?

I asked God to bless my upcoming marriage with children. Could the Ark of the Covenant have anything to do with the marriage covenant?

Nashe Jieman: Zimbabwe

Good day. It's my honor to share my dreams about Jesus with you. I have been dreaming about Jesus, and today is the third time I've dreamed about Jesus.

My first dream goes on like this:

I was home in the village, sleeping in the sunshine with my two children, then suddenly something very shiny appeared in the sky when I lifted my head to see what it was.

I couldn't see properly, but I could see someone riding in a shiny white horse; his clothes were intensely white, and his face was also shining, but I could see that it was Jesus.

I started shouting, "Jesus has come back, everyone; come out and see that Jesus has come."

Everyone came out of their houses and gathered in our yard to see Jesus.

Everyone saw him...by the time Jesus landed in our yard, we had already made a semi-circle, so He went and stood in the middle.

He asked for something from us, but no one could provide it except me; I passed it on to Jesus (I am trying to remember exactly what he asked from us). After that, He Blessed me.

As soon as he laid his hands on me, everything on me turned white, and I became so shiny that no one could look at me, and He disappeared.

That was my first dream about Jesus.

Sara: United States


I dreamt that I had a man who was a patient who had passed away. There was a doctor who came in to confirm the passing of the said patient. However, the patient began to wake up before the doctor declared his death.

Everyone in the room was bewildered. This man got off the bed and stood up. I was terrified at first when he began to walk towards me, but then I was calm. I felt safe.

The man put his hands on me, and I instantly knew that it was Jesus Christ. I began to take care of him, but he said he needed to leave. I agreed to let him go, but it was so strange. I felt so much love and peace from him.

I returned home in the dream, and everyone was preparing for Jesus. Many people in the community were overjoyed, but some were confused and scared.

The streets were full of people, and many were preparing their homes for Jesus's arrival, but it also seemed like the world was at a standstill. I felt like I had become connected to Jesus at this point and was waiting to hear his word on what to do next.

I also dreamt that his touch had given me the gift of life; a child was growing inside me.

None of this truly makes sense, and I needed to share this dream. I rarely have dreams about Jesus or his return to earth, but I feel like he is with me now.

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Dreams and Visons of Jesus Page 53

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