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Dahlia: United States

I had a dream I think it was a vision I'm not sure the difference because I knew it wasn’t just any dream it felt real. It was in 2018 not long ago, but I can’t remember the month. In the dream I saw a giant serpent it was like a long think giant body sorta like a snake and a giant mouth opened. It looked like it was coming out of the ground or sea it curved all the way up into the air. I think it had almost like fins sort of like a lizard or something anyway its mouth was massively open. I can’t remember if it was building falling into its mouth houses or people or all but it was swallowing everything in its mouth. I remember I was looking up at it sort of far away and thinking in my mind “That is Satan.” Just as I realized this, I looked at the left side, and I saw a body glowing with bright white light with both arms opened like he was opening his arms to me. It looked like he had a long white gown or robe on I could see the outline of his body and head even the outline of his hair. It looked kind of long, but I could not see his face it was just a bright white light shining off him all over.  I thought in my head “ Oh it’s Jesus” then I remember thinking “ He is giving me love” or something like that,  just as I said that I began to wake up.  I remember feeling like sleep paralysis but not scary I could physically feel a rush all over my body that felt like love or peace really no way to perfectly describe the feeling. I smiled I woke up I felt a rush like I had been touched and could feel that love running through my body. It was so much more than a dream I know in my heart it was really Jesus Christ. I never forget it I still wonder what it means maybe many meanings.


I saw myself watching outside my corridor down the roadside, I saw Jesus looking up at me with his smiling and peaceful face, and he showered a small bud of plants with water.

Veronica: United States

I remember one very vivid dream; it was in the summer of 2006, I just had finished cleaning my house and putting my two baby boys for their nap. My other kids where still in school. My husband was at work. It was a Friday afternoon, I was finished with my household chores, and I put my little ones to take a nap. I went to take a nap myself. I fell asleep so quick. Then I saw a huge cloud, and on top of the cloud, someone was sitting in a huge chair that looked like a thrown. It was all white Pearl marble, and where you rest your arms, it was like Gold. Then the cloud kept getting closer to my face, and as it was getting closer, I saw someone wearing some outfit that looked like a wedding dress. All white and silk, but looked like a man. It got closer his face was like a huge white light, I couldn’t see the shape of His face just the huge Golden crown on his head. His face was covered with a white bright light, I saw eyes, a nose, and a mouth but I couldn't see the shape of the face, just a light in the form of a huge star. He was sitting on a beautiful thrown, on top of a cloud. And it got closer and closer to my face until his face was close to mine and that’s when I woke up jumping out of my bed. My mother came to my house later on, and I told her about my dream, and she told me that sounded like I had seen God!!! it looks like him! I was just freaking out! And I remember that dream so well til now that is August 4, 2018. I will never forget it !!! I had many vivid dreams about Jesus, and many other more, but people look at me as if it is just a dream or is nothing, even my Pastor doesn’t say anything, well I don’t know, maybe it doesn’t mean anything.

Billie: United States

Dreamed of a woman carrying a bucket full of ashes, then she sits bucket down and starts to beat ashes with a big rock

Vick: Namibia

I dreamed I was sitting in a shinning room alone; I saw Jesus walking in front of me going towards the door. Jesus ring the bell and Jesus opened the door, and the chain that was outside of the door was broken and I saw that a woman and a child wanted to come inside of the room, but Jesus closed the door and went back.

May: United States

I had a dream about Jesus and a lamb, Jesus and the lamb were walking in the sky the sky had fire around it the Lamb went in one entrance and Jesus went in another one it was like Jesus went in a downstairs level. In my dream, I asked my dad did he see Jesus and the lamb, and he replied no I was the only one to see it.

Maureen: United States

Dream of Jesus....  11:10 - 11-11 on 7/28/18 = 26 message from Angels - You will reap the spiritual and emotional rewards of love, trust, and companionship as well as manifest material and financial rewards. 

Last night I had the most vivid, amazing and lifelike dream/busy about dying and kissing the forehead of Jesus. It begins with waking in a dark floor at 8:30 in the morning. I felt like I had lost a whole night and I was not where I was the last time I could remember on the previous night. The next thing was that I needed to go to the bathroom and as I started walking I felt this tremendous pull, and I began to rise, and these very large wings had spread and were a part of me. I looked down, and I see the earth below me, and I knew in my dream that I had passed. It was the most wonderful feeling that I had ever experienced to this point. At that point, I said Thank You, Jesus. It was just as I thought it would be at one's own passing. I then appeared in a chamber of different rooms that seemed to be empty of any decorations or furniture. I saw a couple of large candles to light my way in this dark chambers, and then I ended up in a room with several friends that I had known at a time and immediately knew that we were all in the next step of finding out where we were and where we were going. We all had now a cell phone type of object in our hands and could reflect back to anything we wanted to see from our past life as my friends had been doing while they appeared to be waiting for me. I was told that we had all passed away together dying from carbon dioxide poisoning. As they were reflecting back at scenes from their life on the cell like object in their hands, we could also see scenes of current events still happening on earth with friends and relatives of ours regarding how they were taking the passing of their loved one. At this point, though I noticed that I could not see anything in my life, it was all blank (realizing this after awakening. It was because I did not really die). This also showed to me that yes our loved ones are with us after they pass and if need be would be able to be right beside us at one point. This would happen after the following took place. A guide of sorts then escorted all three of us into another chamber that was empty of furniture. The room had just three chairs made of Stone to sit on, and it was very dark with no lighting at all in the room. As I sat on the stone chair, I could now not see anything or anyone else in the room. All of a sudden, this very small glow of a vibrant light started to slowly appear in the room. I could not move for fear of missing anything. I knew not where the light was coming from I could only see the glare of light and I could feel this overwhelming feeling of just total LOVE. I then turned my head to the right side and over my shoulder was an image of a man. I could not see the face at first, but as this vibrant light flowed over his body, his amazingly beautiful face appeared. I then said to Jesus. Jesus, may I kiss your forehead? He replied: Yes. I put my two hands on each side of his face and then proceeded to kiss the forehead of Jesus Christ himself. I love you I could feel the actual flesh, and I could smell his skin as I kissed him. It was the most exuberant, tremendously, and loving experience that I could never have ever imagined. I felt totally enveloped in Love from Jesus himself. I then said: I love you Jesus and he responded back to me: I love you. It was so enlightening and amazing. I felt so deeply loved. I felt his body right next to me like it was an awakening/visit and not a dream at all. We would then be given three questions and had to pick the one that best described a period or choice we had made in life. As we knelt down on a stone alter, if you chose the correct one good or evil you would then be allowed to stay in heaven and if not we were not worthy enough to stay. You had two chances. I was so very nervous for fear of leaving was way too painful. We chose wrong and were given a second chance. We were then sent forward through other chambers (With our guide) that were lit lightly by candles to another chamber. I knelt down in terrible dread of feeling to answer my second question and all of a sudden once the questions appeared. I had this sudden sense of delight and in my hand appeared a rod. At the top of the rod was palm leaves, I had been excepted without answering the second question. Then I awoke to this feeling of almost sudden dread that it was not true but an amazing feeling of utter delight knowing that I had touched and kissed the face of Jesus, which I had told him I loved him and he responded back: I love you.

Sharon: Ireland

 I was 26 at the time. I was going through such a hard in all areas of my life, as usual, I went to bed, but I remember the dream of Jesus walking beside me on the beach as if it was happening in waking life. The amount of peace I felt while the idea was happening I thought it all over me as if I hadn't a care in the world, it was living the life I was living never existed, and it was the most amazing beyond words of a feeling. Jesus never said a word, he just walked beside me, and it felt like he took all my worries away, and to this day I will never forget the vision of Jesus walking beside me. It will forever stay with me until I see him again. 

Doreen: Nigeria

On the 19th of August 2016, I had a dream when I was standing, and the sky opened. I saw Jesus putting on a white robe he walked past and went to clean a golden chair after that I saw a mighty man putting on a white robe, his hair well packed together, he went and sat on that golden chair with Jesus standing at his right hand. I also saw a tiny long stream and people building something like houses just by the river. I also saw well-trimmed green grasses. The place was so beautiful. I saw JESUS and the FATHER HIMSELF

Alexia: South Africa

It was very early in the morning, round about either 2 or 3. I was sitting on my desk in my room, casually drinking some tea. From the corner of my left eye, I saw a lightning flash and decided to turn around. On my right, I saw my guardian angel ( next to my guardian angel statue). As I looked a little bit further, I saw Jesus on my Angels right side; He was so beautiful, dressed in white with a golden sash around his shoulder. I exclaimed "Jesus!" and jumped onto him. He smiled at me... and hugged me. I felt so special in his arms! 

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