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"Dreams and Visions of 
Jesus Page 35"

Cade: United States

A recent Jesus dream:

I dreamt that I was in this house with strangers, and they were about to use drugs. They offered some to me, and I looked up and saw a white door down the hallway, and I said to them, No, don't you know that Jesus is returning soon? Lo and behold, Yeshua appears from out of nowhere wearing his crown of thorns, and He says to me: " This day, you will see me in Paradise."

Aime: United States

I had three dreams: 

In the first dream was I was with my mom witnessing his crucifixion, and I saw the sin of the world go into his face and body, and it distorted his entire face; It was so sad, and I woke up crying. 

In the second dream, I was washing Jesus' feet and crying. 

And in my third dream, I was walking alongside him with someone else. He gave me a Chalous of wine and told me to go to my people, and they were standing in line for me.

J.T.: United States

Jesus and Satan:

I was in a church, and The main praise room was FILLED with individuals. My mother and sister were included. I hear a booming voice sort of Narrating the event. As I say hello to my mom and sis, I heard the voice speaking these words, "Let's hear it for our special guest for this evening, Satan."

I was in the room to the right of the praise hall, and I poked my head in and saw him standing at the pulpit with his head down as if he were reading a paper or book to these mass peoples.

When I see him (Satan) I IMMEDIATELY leave to the room to the right of the praise room, and there were a set of double doors that were closed, but when I walked in, they were OPEN.

I see a man enter the frame in the double door room he was standing behind a desk and putting on a Suit Jacket. It was Jesus. I started sobbing uncontrollably.

I went to one knee, and Jesus said to me, "My son, There is no need to kneel." I sort of stood back up only to fall COMPLETELY down to both knees still wailing. I was bowing to him. He said, "My child if you are going to kneel, you must look at my feet. For that is the only way I can do THIS."

He then firmly pressed his hand against my head, and it felt warm and comforting; I woke up, and it was 3:30 A.M.....

Meri: Macedonia

One winter morning, before a long time ago I was trying to study for school, but I fell asleep, and then in that half-dream, I saw Jesus, He stood before me, but I only saw His eyes and everything was light around Him. I knew that He's smiling at me, I felt the most wonderful peace, and later He approached me, hugged me and I felt warmth and tranquility. I felt the warmth even after I woke up though the room was cold.

Leena: India

I saw three big high doors so brightness and at a time 3 Jesus came out from those doors.

Patricia: United States

I had a vision about Jesus, and it was Him crucified on the Cross, and He came very close to me. I believe this vision was a reminder for me to hold on to Jesus and to continue on in FAITH.

Caroline: United Kingdom

I had a dream the sky turned dark orange and on a cloud was Jesus and one other riding on white horses, it made me smile,  praise the Lord. Amen 

Alexis: United States

I've had multiple dreams of Jesus.

My first dream: was after I was baptized and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. I backslid four months after and had a dream of Jesus sitting next to me on my couch, crying and disappointed in my actions.

Another dream: I have had twice now was Jesus coming back to earth. In my dreams, he was in the sky, and everybody on earth saw him. In my dream, I was in a panic. I didn't know what to do.

I was upset with myself because I procrastinated so much with not going to church as much as I should and living the right way. In my dream, people were being chosen to go to heaven. I was not one in my dream.

I believe in my heart that this was a message from Jesus telling me that I need to change my life. Because life is short, eternal life is forever. I know now that he can come at any given time, and if my life isn't right, anything can happen.

Annarose: Philippines

Dreamed of seeing Jesus standing in front of me.

Barbara: Australia

It Monday 20-8-2019, I was at a nursing home with my elderly mum when Jesus appeared several times dressed in his white robes. He didnt say anything but smiled; seen him quite a few times that day and today 21-8-2019. This has happened a number of times over the years, and  there is always light surrounding Jesus, and a place very still and peaceful.

Anjelica: United States

Sunday night, I was having a lot of trouble sleeping as I had been for a while. Suddenly I was able to shut my eyes for a brief few seconds, and this crystal clear image of Jesus popped up, but he looked like an ordinary man, no glowing Halo, nothing special just a regular man but it was Jesus.

It was enough to wake my eyes up and break out into an anxiety attack. For me I didn't see it as positive it just scared me that, is he calling me to the kingdom of Heaven? It was only his image, no voice, no movement just a half body to his head type of image. 

The following day I just felt so off like I wasn't myself I was in limbo. When I was getting home, a couple of gut feelings came over me, but I ignored them and had an accident.

I parked in the driveway but ignored a gut feeling of just leaving the car as I should, and instead, wanted to straighten it out.

Then my shoelace got caught in the pedal, what I thought was the breaks was the gas pedal, and I went right into the garage door. Luckily no one was hurt, and damages were covered, but since then I've been in this depression stage.

Was that image of Jesus a sign that this was going to happen? Was he trying to warn me? I can't seem to rack my brain around what it meant. Guess I'll never know.

Sirouza: India

One day when I came back from a charismatic holy retreat of 3 days i was telling Jesus "Jesus, I know you do not look like any of these pictures or statues, I want to see how you look how you are" and I reached home from the final blessing and slept around 4 pm and all of a sudden I see a dream wherein I am taking calls in a contact center surrounded by people who are taking calls and I told one customer over the phone "yes I can help you with that," and after that there was a light divided that call center dream into two parts, and it moved aside like a curtain, and there I see a man standing with a smile and the smile was so broad that I could see entire teeth from the sides as well and then I was told my self "I have seen this person somewhere, but I don't recollect"

And the long hair waived and fell aside from his forehead, and then I said loudly " JESUS, THAT YOU"!!!! AND I WOKE UP ALL OF A SUDDEN, AND IT WAS NEARLY 3 am

It was an amazing experience. i want to know what does this dream interpret.


Boriss: United States

In my dream, I was driving in the streets of La Brea and Melrose(Los Angeles). Then my car stopped. And all the lights in the streets started to turn off.

In a blink of an eye. I saw Jesus inside my vehicle. He didn't look like the image we have of him. Nose a little bigger, skin color of lite brown almost like gold. His eyes where gold/light brown. The white robe, and his two holes on his hand.

He told me that everything in my life was going to be Ok. For me not to worry about the world. Then he grabbed my hands and squeezed it hard, and told him he was hurting me. As soon as I said that his eyes turned pitch black.

I got so scared, and I pulled my arm off him. Then his eyes turned normal. And he told me always to have faith. If anyone could please tell me the meaning of this

Thembi: South Africa

I dreamed of a big hall with doors on both sides, next to the oak round stage. In front of the stage below there are a lot of priests wearing white gowns and on their shoulders they wore a purple velvet scarf, and a red velvet hat with gold that looks like a crown.They were sitting in nice red velvet chairs decorated with gold.

While I was coming to the other door next to the stage I heard loud steps coming from the other side of the door as like is somebody walking up and down the steps. Immediately the crowd of these priests take out their hats and they all bow down with their faces on the floor and the steps keep making sounds louder,

I had a sort of a vision at this time and saw Jesus coming down the steps wearing white, his head was covered in a white cloth, wearing Jewish sandals; he kept coming down and I was waiting to see him come out on  the steps, but unfortunately, as I waited to see him with my naked eyes I woke up.

Donna: Canada

Dreamed first a giant wave came into our town as me and my ex-husband walked up a hill.??? Then the sound of trumpets. The new Jerusalem was descending. Jesus was looking at me. He looked nothing like the pictures. More rough looking. Larger nose tousled hair. I felt He knew he didn't look like His picture. :( 

Dirge: United States


He came from nowhere. At first, I'm in a non-lucid zombie dream for about a day or two in dream time. The dream characters and I are lounging around after avoiding a horde until I suddenly appear before Jesus. 

"It's you..." I say. I try walking over to him, but only managed to take one step before falling to one knee clasping his hand. I could see his face only for a moment before falling to one knee. He wore a white robe with a red sash. 

He spoke to me for a moment, but I couldn't hear/understand what he was saying. Afterward, I began questioning if the encounter was the real deal...

Margie: United States

Sixteen years ago, I had the privilege of seeing Jesus in my dreams. I still cannot believe it, but he is real. He was standing in front of me wearing a white robe; we were standing face to face at the top of the mountain. I'm wearing torn white robe with no slippers on.  

I was shocked when I saw him in my dreams and could not speak in front of him, wanted to hug him but I couldn't. 

I  don't know why he told me to go walking. Whatever the meaning was, I feel like one of the lucky ones he choose to have a vision of him. That was in the Philippines, and now I am living in united states.

Mia: United States

Is God coming?

I had a dream in the setting of a summer night where I was at the grocery store. My aunt had brought my siblings Julius and Marley in, and Julius said: "Mia look out the window!". Outside there were gorgeous mountains with snow on top. I went to take a picture and realized the world was coming to an end. I have asked my aunt to take us home so we could all be together. But as I turned to get my things off a table, my aunt said "Mia.. there's Jesus". I turned around, and there was this very yellow light between the left of the mountains. Then out of nowhere, this manly voice came from the sky saying "Jesus." Physically my whole body got warm inside then I woke myself up.

Asma: Pakistan

During cleaning floor, I just saw my hands on someone feet, and I lift my face up, and fortunately, he is JESUS ♥️.....after this dream I lived my life with greatest rewards, like money, prosperity, health victoriously happy family life. Praise the Lord my Savior ♥️

Jim: United States

First of all, I would like to say how warm it makes me feel to hear my fellow Christians sharing the message of our savior. We are truly blessed to live our lives as Christians here on earth. 
So about my dream... 8/6/19. I looked out a window from a higher floor of a building in a city. The streets became crowded with people all running in the same direction. I moved to the ground floor to join them. It was pandemonium... as if a Tsunami was coming. I

then found a dear friend that has past 15 years ago in the street. I wanted him to run, but he stopped and found a box. He opened it and found heroin inside. Not sure what this meant but my dream none the less.. after this I looked into the sky, and a hole appeared.

Jesus's face was looking down. I knew it was him by his facial features. His face had a bone structure of a man of 2000 years ago if that makes sense. His eyes were the same color as mine. Hazel eyes. The look of peace and love radiated from his face. A calmness ran through my body. 

It was a privilege to see his face before my time comes due. I can only hope that he will grace me again and guide me until my dying days. God bless

Pam: United States

I woke up early this morning, thinking my husband said. “Yo.” I looked

at him, but he was sound asleep. I closed my eyes and fell back to sleep. I dreamed I was a little girl, and Jesus was holding my hand. He was wearing a white robe. I looked up at him, and he at me. He asked me if I wanted to walk in the garden with him. I think I said I would like to, but I am fuzzy....I think I also asked if my husband and kids could walk with us too. I woke up

Charisse: Philippines

I saw Jesus christ his on finger-pointing his heart that very light in front of me that I am holding a baby in a small chapel, but the sidewall was glass even the door and outside of that chapel is those people hated me or jealous to me it said in my dream they are out in that chapel looking at me inside... and my dream cut in that chapel then i saw I was inside the church a big church that Jesus Christ is in front of me again point his finger to his heart and I am not carrying a baby that time he jas golden heart in front of me very light..and it seems like he was saying something..then I woke up...... before that I broke up my ex because lied to me and I feel heartache because I do love him real...He lied about his real name to me and a month messaging me to come back...it is related my dream to him or not?

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