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India: United States

I Was Having A Great Dream About Family The Dream Was All Over The Place! I Realize That The Dream Must Have Meant I Need My Family Everybody Was In It Even People I Don't Even Communicate With Right Now! Then Somehow Throughout The Dream Which I Partially Forgot We Were All areal High In The Same House We Were In But I Seen Jesús & A Light I Wish I Could Have Looked At Him More But Somehow I Turned Around! I Do Not Know Why I Was Nervous, But I Was He Was Very Happy Smiling & He Was Very Tall Taller Than Usual Like A Giant! After That, I Remember Falling. I Was Shocked Excited and Anxious To Meet Him. My Whole Family Was Preparing To See Him & For Him To Come! I Was Excited, But I guess I Might Have Been Nervous, A Family Member Asked Me Was, and I Said, No I’m Anxious & Excited. Then We Were On Our Way To See Him In a House with some Girl & I Knew I Was dreaming Then The Guy That Was Supposed To Be Him Turned Out to be Mean!!!! I Then Realized I Wanted To See Jesús again, But I Feel Like He’s Telling Me My Work Here On Earth Is Not Finished The Feeling When I Saw Him Was Amazing I Felt Happy & Peaceful & Bright!!!

Bianca: United States

I was dreaming something, and in the middle of my dream Jesus appeared, and we were now sitting on the clouds together. He was telling me about this gift and what it was, but I was so mesmerized by his face that I couldn't hang onto his words.  Literally, star struck. He held out his hand, and a tiny white light floated from his palm and into my heart. My body jerked myself awake, and I wish I could have stayed there on that cloud with him for eternity. The true unconditional love I felt is indescribable. Ever since then I have been wondering what the gift I have been given is and hope it is revealed to me in waking life very soon so I can use it to be an even stronger vessel of my God.

Isabella: United States

I had a dream that I was at a temple during a service. Suddenly, I fell into a casket, but I ascended upwards and saw the most beautiful, golden and white lighted, pure and heavenly Jesus Christ looking down at me as I floated in the sky. His presence was so... miraculous and indescribable. I never felt so happy and light. He smiled and spoke to me, though I do not remember what he said. It was the most beautiful experience I have ever had, and I truly believed Christ spoke to me that day.

Rezyl: Philippines

I had a dream/vision 

It was night, and I saw a strange light in the sky. Suddenly I saw a beautiful pure white light and a man's side-view standing there in the middle of the light. I couldn't see the man clearly because the light was so bright, but did see a crown of thorns on his head. Then I saw that He was riding a horse, but again,  I couldn't see clearly because of the light. I thought to myself, 'I want a picture of it,' so I went inside my house (the light is near to my house),  got my phone and took a picture of it. When  I looked at my phone to see the picture, I saw the 'Galaxy.' After the light disappeared I saw fireworks, big fireworks, it was beautiful!

Karly: United States

This happened 09/15/2018 Jesus was asleep, and Mary was holding his body but sleeping as well. Then, there were explosions everywhere, and everyone was afraid that He would not come to save us. We knew the world was ending. We were all so scared. People that I didn’t even know. We watched the sky turn red, and all the explosions in the distance. I was afraid that I had done too many things wrong in my life, and that I was going to die without forgiveness. I saw Jesus and Mary waking up, they both smiled at me...like everything was going to be okay and then I just knew I was safe and that I was saved. 

Ahmlqrt: Peru

Dream vision of Jesus Christ stepping down from the cross and walking away.

Portia: South Africa

I dreamt twice now about Jesus Christ even though I am not a Christian.  In my dream, Jesus was the most beautiful light I could ever possibly see.  The glow was warm and inviting.  I could not see His face.  I just felt his strong, powerful presence and he had his hand over my head whilst I was still mesmerized by the bright glowing light.

Heidi: United States

I had a dream I saw Jesus from a distance, and I called his name a few times, and he didn’t respond. That’s all I remember.  When I woke, I felt fear and thought that maybe he will not remember me and say he does not know me, (this was just a day ago). I’m wondering if because I haven’t felt close to him just during the past days that this is why I dreamed this. I never had a dream like this before. So normally I read the Bible every day, and I had been a week behind. I always feel far from God when I’m not praying and in his word daily.  Do you know what this dream can mean? 

Polly: United States

I had a vision this morning as I was spending time talking to father God. I saw Jesus dress in white robe his face was so bright I only saw his head shoulders, arms and hands he had brown hair and glorious gold crown on his head in his hands he had a pure white crown, and he placed it upon my head.

The Old Marine: United States

I  came upon this long road and there a multitude of people lined up on both sides of the road. I wondered what was going on, and as I looked on ahead of me, I saw Jesus walking along slowly in the middle of the road with His arms stretched out, looking at both sides of the road. He was wearing a long white tunic and His hair came down to His shoulders. I woke up as I was trying to look at Jesus face...I Love You Jesus 

Amanda: United States

I had a dream of Jesus a few days ago. I've had dreams that felt real before, but this one was different than any dream I've had. I could see details of what was around me, and I could even hear my own thoughts. It was like reality. The dream was very personal to me, but I still wanted to share about the part where I saw Him. I was outside in the garden behind my house. I had prayed and He answered my prayer. I was so overwhelmed by this,that I began to cry. I had this feeling in my heart that I cannot explain. I just wanted to tell Him Thank You. It welled up in me until I felt like I was about to burst. So I climbed on top of the chair because it was closest to me. To get closer to the sky I guess. Then I raised my hands to heaven and with all my might I started shouting to the sky "Thank You,Jesus, Thank You!" Then I saw Him. He was standing on top of my house. And so then I started shouting to Him: "Thank You! Jesus!" He was looking straight at me. And He nodded His head as if to say "your welcome". I thought in my mind that I wanted to remember what He looked like to hold on to this moment for as long as I could. And He stood there as if to say it was alright for me to look and examine Him for myself. I remember that His beard looked fuller than I had imagined, and His hair shorter than I had imagined. I had pictured Him with black hair, but it was more like brown. He was wearing a white robe that went down to His feet almost. He walked a little bit and I saw how the bottom of His garment moved. I remember thinking that the garment was thicker than anything I've seen on anyone before, not as thin. The top part of His robe wasn't white, it was blue with jewels on it. It covered His chest. On His head He had a gold crown. There was no insecurity in His eyes, you could tell He is an extremely intelligent person. He looked like we do, but somehow more. Like a radiant glow that screams Healthy was on Him. Not as light, but like Life was His glow. Hard to explain. Then,my mind started to wonder if I was really seeing this, and doubting. Like I was trying to comprehend it, but couldn't. Then I woke up. 

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