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"Cordell's Vision of the Rapture"

Cordell: United States

Dream / Vision of the Rapture?

Several years ago, I had a dream of my father, my wife, and myself standing on a hillside, looking down into a valley.  In this valley, there was a church with a large steeple and a graveyard in the back.  Surrounding the graveyard was a black wrought iron fence with spear like spikes at the top.

The day was slightly overcast with sunlight showing in beams through the clouds, revealing a plush green hillside opposite the church, and graveyard.  While we were conversing, there was all of a sudden, a humming sound, and our chests started to feel the vibration. 

Then the clouds formed what appeared to be two hands reaching down, palms up, then suddenly lifting upward.  When the hands lifted up we began to fly, I could hear my wife do a 'wooo hoooo' as we flew, and it felt like I was on an amusement ride. 

I could see lights from everywhere flying towards where the hands had gone up into the clouds.  As we passed the church that is when I noticed the spear like spikes on the wrought iron fence surrounding the graveyard.  As we passed over the graveyard, we immediately went up and towards the light in the clouds.  I then woke up from the dream, that felt so real.

About a week later, I had the same dream with the following exceptions.  I was on the same hillside with my wife, but this time we were with my drinking buddy.  The buddy and I were both holding beers and conversing.

This time instead of hands forming from the clouds, a three-pronged pitchfork formed, instead of an upward motion into the clouds, it slammed down to the ground. 

This time while flying towards the graveyard, and the spearlike spikes on top of the fence appeared, I felt myself starting to fall, and as I fell, I landed on those spikes into my abdomen.  I woke up sweating, and my stomach hurt as someone had punched me.

I quit drinking earlier this year, and have turned my life over to the Lord.  I recently remembered this Dream, and have shared with several people, so I felt that it's time to share it with the World.


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Cordell's Vision of the Rapture

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