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"The Rapture and a Warning" 
By Sarah

I had a dream that I was walking in a straight line with my two brothers back to our old house. On our way to our own house, my brother sparked up a smoke and started smoking, so I asked him to give me one too.

We crossed the road and started smoking and cars were driving past. It was like a normal day; everyone was doing their own thing.

The Cemetery

We then walked past a cemetery that is close to our house, and I remember looking up at a tree, and there was a dead body that looked like it was waking up from sleeping, so I called out to my brothers and said "Look the legs and hands are moving" so we all looked up.

Then all of a sudden, the bodies in the cemetery rose up into the sky, and I could see many souls rising. The cemetery was destroyed, and I didn't know how to feel because I was amazed at what was happening right before my eyes.

The Rapture was Taking Place

It was then that I realized the rapture was taking place. 

I looked around, and my two brothers were gone, so I assumed that they had been raptured up too.

So I began to panic and cried out to God to forgive me. I remember crying out wanting God to please take me too. At this moment, I was feeling scared.

God heard my cry, and then I was raptured up too. I remember looking down at the spot where I had been standing, and I felt like God had placed me back down on earth to witness what will happen to those who will be left behind. 

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My Mum

It then turned dark, and it started pouring with rain. I remember hearing people in the background, screaming and crying, and there was a huge traffic jam everywhere. People were all over the place, and police cars were in a rush trying to what looked like calm the people. 

I remember walking home trying to see if anyone of my family was left behind, and as I was walking, I heard my little brothers voice, and then I saw my Mum. 

My Mum didn't say much, but I remember asking her, "Where's Dad? Where's, Dad?" and she looked at me and said something, but then my little brother said that "She's drunk, she drank wine" (keep in mind that my Mum doesn't drink).

So I looked at her and said, "Mum, that's why you missed the rapture! You missed the rapture because you are drunk! You were supposed to stay sober Mum!" 

I remember feeling so angry and sad at the same time because I thought my Mum would never enter Heaven. 1 Peter 5 - 8 then came to my mind.

All of a sudden, we were in what looked like a bus. I remember looking outside, and people were crying and screaming, and it was just horrible.

I looked at my Mum, and two other people who sat beside her and they started crying, and I said "Mum I gotta go," and then I kissed her and was raptured up, and that's when I woke up.

I woke up, and the first person I saw was my Mum, and I told her about my dream.

I truly believe that this dream was sent as a warning to everyone on earth. No one knows when the coming of the son will happen, so that is why we need to be alert and stay sober-minded.

God bless each and every one who reads this!

Sarah: New Zealand

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The Rapture and a Warning

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