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Tabitha: United States
Hello my name is Tabitha Lopez , I live in NJ and I recently have been re-gaining my relationship with God . I am living a new life putting the lord first . A lot has been changing in my life in a beautiful way , but last night I had a very scary beautiful and strang dream which some would call a nightmare . The dream occurred on 03/25/2016 (good Friday) and here is what happened . It was a beautiful sunny day in my home and me and my fiancé were looking out the window. All of a sudden I began to hear the most amazing beautiful music, like instruments that were made of gold and it was so beautiful I began to cry! I could not handle the beauty in it so I just kept crying, my fiancé asked me what wa wrong and I questioned him why doesn't he hear it . He then began to pray and listen closely and he started to hear it. The music began to play louder and louder until I felt the whole sky was filled with it, I then noticed the sky open into a beautiful path of light, seperating the clouds on each side. I looked out the window and began to see folks gliding into the sky so gracefully. It was beautiful , I didn't even notice I was floating. It was like a lift that you couldn't control but it was so loving and beautiful. It's a filling I really cannot describe, I held my fiancé Chris's hand and was so amazed. As soon as I began to get closer and I had a glance into the heavens my body began to slowly fall down just as gracefully and it was lifted . But this time I was crying in confusion. I was back onto land and noticed everyone confused. I ran to my house owner and she was there alone saying all her sisters went. When I called my family I was shocked to hear none of my family went but I have newborns and holy people in my family . Then dream ended there and I awoke very scared and in NEED of a prayer. Once everyone left my home I cried to the lord and asked if this was just a dream of a sign he needed me to find faith harder or he needed to talk to me. It has been a day now and I am scared to lookout my window in fear it will be all I see while others a joyful in heaven . Has anyone else has this kind of dream ?

krystina duron: United States
My first dream:
I had was jesus came down and took everyone he was going to take to heaven including myself but left my family behind including my children... I was screaming and crying! No one that i knew was going except me and i was devastated!
The second dream:
God took everyone to heaven my children my husband everyone in my family accept myself and a group of people! God was talking to us telling us what needs to be done to go it was physical work and we did it. One by one he took the group of people until i was the only one standing on earth alone. And he didn't take me! 
What does my dream mean? I've been asking God to communicate to me... I very rarely remember my dreams! I feel like God is trying to talk to me but i don't understand why these kids of dreams! HELP! 

Veronica: United Kingdom
About 25 years ago, I had a vision: 
I found myself on a circular piece of land with people from all over world; the sun was shinning and the atmosphere peaceful, cool and safe. The land was green and they were all looking in one direction. I thought to myself, what is wrong with these people? Why is no-one talking or smiling.  
I decided to run and get off this land, looking straight a head, it seemed like a white space of day,or a white cloud of space.  I thought if I could reach that white cloud of space, I would be able to come off this piece of land,and be a way from these people.  The nearer I got to the white cloud of space, the further it went away from me.  
I got tired, and decided to stop running, turned round and sat down just like the rest of the people.  When I looked, I could see the four corners of the earth on fire,  men, women, children of all ages; creed and colours, screaming, running whilst burning. 

The people sitting on the circle of land was in heaven witnessing  the judgement on earth.  
Outside of the land which was surrounded by a square represented the earth.   
In 2014, I became aware of the rapture.  I now understood the dream, and believe it to be the rapture although I do not know how or see how I got to the land.  I am now a Christian but not at the time when I had this vision; although I have always being a believer in God and taught about Jesus.  
The Lord Jesus is near, keep His commandments and the faith, prayer will reveal what we do not understand. One love! God bless.

Kristin: United States
Last night i dreamt my boyfriend and i were enjoying a lazy ride on a poontoon boat...suddenly larger boats appeared but didnt hit us..slowly the water dried up and the noat was skimming over green grass..over a hill animals came in 2's and i saw what i thought were blue jeans laying in the grass,but they were people...suddenly there was white light and the people in the grass started to float up toward the light,my boyfriend said "i dont think I can go" but we both began to float up and into the light.I was ecstatic and hugged him tight as we ascended.  I woke feeling elated and happy. He told me that i was laughing and hugging myself during the night. I pray all my loved ones will be going home when Jesus returns

Missy: United States
It was a summer morning. I was asleep in my bedroom. In an instant it was dark and windy and I could hear a helicopter overhead. Then I saw its search light. I thought they were looking for a bad guy in the neighborhood. Then as I went to the window to peek out, the light found me but I felt compelled to hide beneath the window -and I did. But somehow they knew I was there. They knew where everyone was. Then the helicopter was gone and the clouds began to roll back literally. I knew. I knew what this meant. The fear I felt was in my bones. There was no where to hide. All I wanted was a little more time. I just needed a little more time to get my life right but there was none. I woke in trembling,terrified fear. I shared it with anyone who'd listen. I said I'd live right from then on.   But that was about 2007. I didn't keep my word. But I am better now.

Michael: United States
Dream Log: 4:20am/5/25/2015: This is the time I woke up and on the morning it had happened.
Was looking out the window of the kitchen and a rock with holes shot straight upwards fast and quick. And saw it hit the moon in the sky and it was tumbling down. It had green looking colors on it. I shut my eyes and I was in a place of peace. Lots of lights calm.It was very quick like. Then I was back in my room. I ran upstairs and begged my sister to repent repent Amanda. And she did and I saw the light come from her eyes as she shut them. I Said we have to warn my parents and told my mom. But she said she has and she saw it. "Had not seen my dad in this dream." Then a loud boom hits the ground and we rushed to the basement and covered ourselves. Then I woke up. And I had caught myself saying Amen when waking up.
After some time of thinking about it. I think the lord our god was telling me it will come at the blink of an eye. And I urge anyone reading this to repent. Stay on the path of our savior.

krissy: United States
Last night I have the most real, scariest dream I've ever had in my life! I had a dream about the world ending! It was ur average end pf the world story, but in my dream tje most pronounced part was that there were four to eight faces made of the clouds that surrounded the world! As if someone were looking through a crystal ball at us it was so terrifying, and I don't know why that part stuck put the most for me!

Mindy: United States
Hi my name is Mindy. I had dreams before about the rapture. But neither of them were pleasant. And this is my 3rd one now.The other times I knew what they meant right away,because I was screaming and crying one more chance, that I'm not ready.But this one was more intense. I saw more of a horror. The first two dreams I only really saw the sky turn entirely black. The sky was more darkened in this dream,the water rose,I was outside. It was all happening so quickly.All the dreadful creatures were rising from the sea and my brother next to me began to have an asthma attack. Creatures were flying in the air. Water was heading toward me,and almost fearful, I kept saying the word lord.Not sure of anything really(not sure if that's my answer again that I'm not prepared), I began to question myself. I was lifted up only 5 inches above the ground by either the evil around me or God. But I got halfway nowhere. I need some loving advice. The hurtful truth of what this dream means.

Chinwendu: Nigeria
In my dream, i saw a coin like object floating on the sky with two heads drawn on it and it looked so real. I kinda flew up to get a better view and out of excitement, i rushed down towards my house to get my phone with thoughts of taking pictures. But on coming out, i did not see the object again rather i saw different images of elderly men all surrounding the sky and right in their middle "i saw an image that was more attracting than the others, an image that looked more like that of Our Lord Jesus Christ".
It was not that clear enough to describe but something inside was telling me this was the Son of Man, and telling by the way the sky was busy changing and with the noises everywhere, i knew something was really happening, i knew the end was here. 
So i rushed back in and started praying for forgiveness of sins, on coming out again "all the faces and images i saw before where all gone". Now the sky got a bit dark and right there in my presence, fire balls started falling from the sky. 
The entire neighborhood was all burning up, more like a rain of fire or something like that. The fire now started forming flowing puddles of hot fire filled liquids (like a flood of water set on fire).
I was all alone with no one in sight, finally i spotted my little brother and another little girl who were all looking shocked and scared, i took them with me and we all took to the streets.
The whole place were still burning, the fire balls were still falling and the hot liquids were still flowing. At that moment something started draining me, i felt lost, so scared, i tugged and tugged,until finally i woke up...
I don't actually know the direction the dream was pointing at, but i knew one thing was real "i was not ready for Christ's coming"... That was my dream.

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