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"Rapture Dreams Page 20"

Heaven: United States

My scary rapture dream 

I was at a family gathering, and randomly, I started to float. I had a friend help to keep me from floating out of the house.

In the next part the ground was breaking around me and a couple of my friends who were there. We started falling down, and I caught myself on the edge to get up to my mom (a very holy woman.) I got up and ran to her, and she told me to pray. 

I saw my boyfriend running with our baby, and I was crying as though they were going to hell, and I kept yelling to him to pray, please. He got up to us, and we were all being sent upstairs past a gate. My boyfriend, baby, and I weren’t stopped or anything, and everyone just threw out the stiff they had that was going to be useless in Heaven.

My boyfriend got out of line and hid behind something with a gun pointing at whoever passed. I knew I couldn’t stop him, so I walked past him mounting I love you to him and just carried on. I woke up crying at the thought of me going to hell. This dream was last night 6/10/2019 

Earlier this year, I had a similar dream, but we were all at the end of my street, and I was pregnant then so my baby wasn’t in the dream, but my boyfriend was. 

I am saved, and I don’t pray every night as I should, and I keep having the horrific realistic dreams. 

I had another of my pastor trying to hurt me in inappropriate ways when I was home alone. These dreams make me not want even to sleep anymore 

Savannah: United States

I was in the car with family and friends, and then all of a sudden a few of them were gone. Some people walking down the streets disappeared. Everyone knew it was the beginning of the end. It was the Rapture. Nobody was crying nor happy. It was confusing and bittersweet. I woke up before I saw anything else.

Robin: United States

Rapture Dream
A few weeks ago, I had a dream of the Rapture.  It was very vivid.  I remember I was in this very modern home, with lots of people I did not know; people surrounded me, but I don't recall ever seeing any of their faces. 

The front door of this home was more like a double door, and it was wide open.  I walked around a corner and was looking out these doors, and noticed how bright and beautiful the sky was. 

The people with me were pointing to the sky.  I knew this brilliant light was Christ Jesus.  I remember thinking to myself, "He's here!  I'm going home!" 

As I walked through the doors to the outside, I noticed that I was beside an older woman, and after looking at her more closely, realized she was my aunt who had died several years ago.  She looked younger. (My aunt was one of the most godly Christian women I have ever known.) 

I began to feel my body being pulled toward the light, lifting me off the ground. I looked back and saw my aunt still standing there.  I immediately said, "Wait!" and went back to her, wrapped my arms around her, and together we were lifted up off the earth. 

I can't accurately describe the sensation my body felt while this was going on, but it was as if my spirit was moving faster than my body, like I was being stretched, seeing both my spirit and body.  I remember passing the clouds, moving toward this beautiful bright light that I absolutely knew was Jesus. 

That was the last thing I remember from the dream, but I woke up feeling excited and blessed to have experienced that.  It's the only rapture dream I have had, and it was something I will never forget.

 Wade: United States

I had the cloud dream this morning. Saturday, May 11th, 2019. I had a dream the Lord came back for us. Only one cloud in the sky super bright light, not the sun. As soon as I saw the Lord, I knew I was so filled with joy, and you could hear everyone singing Lord of lords king of kings hallelujah. Then I floated up. I was super happy intense butterflies in my stomach while floating up.

Mary: Ghana

End Time Dream. 
It was around 2 am today when I went to bed. I didn't sleep early. Immediately I lied down and closed my eyes, and I saw in a vision an angel of God in the opened sky.

He was a giant with a white garment and very wide feathers. Everything on him was white, and then suddenly Jesus appeared in front of the angel, and he was so pure and shining in glory that I couldn't even see His face. In a flash, I saw Him holding a trumpet and then He raised it about to blow.

All I said when I saw it was, the world has finally come to an end. I was scared for my soul because I knew the time was not the right time for me.

Then suddenly Jesus was closer to me, and I could see His whole body clearly, but I couldn't look, and then I was awake all of a sudden. It felt so real (and not like a vision). 

Angel: United States

I have had many dreams of the end of the world for about seven years now. 

1: It was very dark out, and millions of frogs were everywhere. 

2: was about flooding. I was inside a building with glass all around even on the bottom, and water was rising quickly. I told my daughter, "okay baby, Jesus is coming back now and that water is going to cover us, and we're going to die;" she started crying and said what about Neveah which is my oldest daughter...I said we could call her. 

I looked everywhere for my phone, but every phone I could find belonged to someone else; Her number was on my phone and everyone, except her, was inside.

Then we saw alligators swimming; I was outside rubbing mud all over me so the alligators wouldn't eat me. 

I ended up inside a house, and went out the back door facing north and then someone drained the water into a ditch, 

3: we were all outside looking up. I pointed and said Jesus is coming and saw big white clouds.

4: I saw everyone looking up and people were floating into the sky, Jesus raptured other people but not me. I was waving and said what about me...I remember thinking, I'm going to hell!

I'll write more later; I have to go.

Mark: Canada

Hi Brothers and Sisters,

I had a small rapture dream at least I think it was ... I'm a bit confused about it, but maybe it has a meaning .. a few months now I have tried to get closer to Jesus and have been given signs to repent my sins.

So I have been doing my best .. and for some reason have become very interested in rapture dream stories and videos .. also near death EXPERIENCES. 

So in my dream (2019/29/4) just before going to bed I was reading rapture stories, and in my dream, I'd say around midway, I remember this part of my dream very well. 

I was in a building perhaps an apartment, and I was looking out the window and noticed a very heavy white fog coming over the sky like an avalanche or something, and I look out another window and see black UFOs about 10 in a group hovering around. 

Then when I looked more to the right side of the window, I saw beautiful multiple colors, and a big shiny reddish angle form appeared. 

Once I saw this I looked down and saw people arguing like they had a choice to make to go up to heaven, but they were arguing, and I woke up.

I'm not sure what the meaning is or anything but thought I would share with you. God bless you all.

Kim: Philippines

Last night I dreamed about Jesus coming, I was playing in the living room, and suddenly I heard loud noise, not just a noise but a sound of trumpet and then I ran outside our house to see what's going on and I was shocked when I saw the angels with their trumpets walking down from heaven slowly.

My heart beats very fast, and I ran inside and shouted 'IT'S JUDGMENT DAY" and returned outside and see two of the angels face to face. I bowed to them, but one of the angels talked to me and said "You shouldn't bow, you will be put in the lake of fire" and I saw the lake of fire."

I was crying and asking for forgiveness.. and then my emotions are really intensive, so I woke up while crying. My heart beats very fast as I wake up in the middle of the night.

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