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Perla: United States
I dreamed that I was in my old house and the patio was full of people and one of my old friend was giving a speech about Jesus coming for us today and then I saw myself running to my back yard where my dad was drinking with some friends and family members. I then started telling my dad that God was coming and he had to come to us to be saved and he wouldnt listen to me. After that It started raining and there was thunder so I rushed to my parents where the speech was being given and then there were three black lights in the sky and then a bright one with God in a cross looking down on earth and then i felt a warm touch in my chest and I started flying up towards Jesus with other people. What does this mean ? Does this mean I am on the right track wit Jesus ? The rapture is coming soon? What can it mean ??

Jessica: United States
 I had a dream this morning that I was on my way to pick up my daughter I was in the car with my cousin and I was about to turn the corner I see a cloud of  Jesus on the cross I tell my cousin to take a picture of the cloud quickly and she told me she could on her cell. I to her ok i will turn around and you can do it on my phone. When I turned around I told my cousin I want to go to the building where I lived when I was young to I could lay on the roof and watch the clouds. I love to watch the sky since I was a child. Some how I ended up laying on the sidewalk and the cloud were moving very fast I see a cloud of a white horse and something else. The people on the street are freaking out. As I'm laying on the ground I saying to the people The words of John Repent the Kingdom of God is at hand. Jesus is coming. The sky had gotten very dark and I see a man naked the dark pushing garbage to the curb I ask him what's he doing  and  he says you see all the red  lights which were the break lights of the cars so this didn't make sense to me. He says to me the red lights mean another soul as been accepted to Hell. I Was confused in the dream. Than I woke up. 

Josefine: Australia
Dear Gary,
I too as many others have had a dream of the great upcoming rapture. My dream is very symbolic and not more than slightly similar to yours. 
I was a goose flying around on a ship ( the ship being a symbol and the goose part sounds crazy but it's all symbols ). 
 There were very few geese, only around 7 or 8. When I ( a brown goose ) flew outside I saw one of the worst storms I have ever seen. 
People were going under the waves and houses where being crushed. During this catastrophe the clouds lit up and shining beams of light shone through. 
I heard a deep voice, almost frightening but somehow reassuring and calming stated, " You have been chosen. " and through the clouds I flew up into the light...I woke up after that.

Gilbert: United States
Wasn't exactly a dream. I was asleep last night and suddenly I was awake floating up from my bed. It must have lasted 3-5 seconds. In these few seconds, I knew this was the rapture and I was in complete shock /relief that it was happening. Then it just ended. I didn't wake up, but I knew it wasn't real. Bizzare. I think the weirdest part was that this "dream" was happening at the exact moment and place I was at. It was dark in my room but I could see. It felt so real and tangible in a sense.

Sindy: South Africa
Hi My name is Sindisiwe i had the same dream of rapture 10/01/2016 i was already inside the bus talking to a young lady who told me that his child of about 4 years of age used to have dreams of the world ending(earthquakes,fire balls and black clouds) but will use a remote to put things back where they were, i told her i had the same dream twice where i had to use a remote and press backward button. after a few second the bus roof opened and  all people in the bus were ruptured including myself, i then saw a group of people left behind and the ground became darker, but what worries me is that while we were going up there was a man holding me at the back of my waist and did not know why and i could not sense whether it was a human or what.

Jessica: United States
I have just woken up, and I also had a dream symbolic to the rapture. My dream was what was happening I believe right before the rapture was going to begin. We were at my old Elementery School, and several people I grew up with at church, in school, and work were all with me and more. There was this "evil" man and he was killing looking for a way to kill everyone. He would put them in games and if they lost, they were shot. I had a moment to myself in the dream and prayed to God that I knew I was in his hand and everything would be okay even if I was killed. I prayed with several other people, a little girl about 4 I remember the most, and we prayed for her salvation. Not even a few seconds later she was put into a game and killed. God spoke to me in prayer telling me in the dream that he was about to "open the rapture" which I have no idea why he said that, because know one will know when it happens, it will be in the blink of an eye. My only concern is why at that moment in my dream, was I intcipating to be killed, I wanted to be killed and go to heaven as the others, why at that moment didn't I reassure myself I'm about to go to heaven, the Lord is coming to get all of us saved soon! This dream opened my eyes tremendously. 

Michael: United States
Hey! I'm a teenager and I had a dream of the rapture.. But it was a little different. The sky cracked open slowly but you couldn't really tell what it was at first BUT the believers knew what it was and  immediately started praying! I begged for forgiveness. To figure out you made it in or not, you had to walk through this like machine.. It was like a metal detector...and If you made it you were given a ticket with the number 7.. I assume the ticket with 6 meant you went to hell.. But I felt great and it was the best feeling ever to know I was going to see my GOD this dream also woke me up though.. Because I know I'm not doing the best I can to show god how much I love him... I'm going to are you?? (1/2/16)

Emma: United States
I had a dream last night that it was just a average day and suddenly trumpets started to play, everybody ran outside and began to look into the sky. It was bright and you could see angles coming from the clouds picking people and bringing them heaven. They came and picked everybody around me but I was left with a few others.. Nobody came for me and the sky closed up again. I knew right away this was a sign that I need to change my life around and live the way the lord wants me to. I believe He's coming sooner then we think! 

Linda: United States
I have had several rapture dreams over the past few years. Always a bit different but same in a way. 
My dream: 
I was home with my children and family. I saw a deep light flash throughout the world, and in an instant they were gone. 
I remember feeling his presence all around and then, there he was. I talked to him and expressed how much I loved him and  that I wanted to make things right. 
I remember that we were in a 2nd story apartment, and for some reason dogs from all around kept climbing to a window, and I let them all in.

I had a dream of the rapture this last week. October 2015. I was looking at a row of people. The first person's body started rising up with their glorified body from the row and I saw their legs and feet. Their legs were short as of a child. Then the Holy Spirit missed the next two people in the row the third person started to be raised up and received their glorified body. They had long legs as of a man. I then saw an large area into which people who had glorified bodies were walking. There were a few at first and as I looked the whole area filled up with many people. I believe in the rapture. I love the Lord with all my heart and soul. I pray that we will be ready for Him when He comes to fetch us.

AngelB: South Africaa
Praise God my name is AngelB and I'm a born again. This year 2015 I had a dream I think 3 times. It was a repture. I was at home then I saw fire balls coming down to earth from the sky. It destroyed the non believers and the believers were all saved. The second dream it was also fire like a volcano coming from the ground it destroyed again. Third dream it was like a city like a new beginning the city appeared out of no where people were amazed. Praise God I'm still praying for these dreams amen. God bless you

Vanessa: United States
This morning I had a very bizarre dream where I saw demons scratching at my arms. When I originally went to help, they were human and lifeless, I was trying to help, then their eyes turned a glowing green and they had evil voices. 
They clawed at my arms, I prayed to the Lord in my dream and then a crown of  thorns was shoved onto my hands. I don't know if we were being pulled up or pushed down, I think up by the demons but down by the crown. Everything disappeared instantly. 
I awoke and wondered about it all. I prayed that the Lord would reveal what this meant to me. I fell back asleep and dreamt of an end times war. 
It started with what looked like stars going into the sky. Missiles I assume. Then I called my mother and told her I loved her and that the phone lines might go down due to govt. shutting down satellites, to bring the family to my farm and be safe and to know above all we are Saved through Christ. 
Military was occupying the streets and trying to force me to get this electronic stamp of some sort or implant up. I refused and my husband and I fought them, they weren't human though, exterior yes but they were alien or robot like. 
It was all odd, I had no influences for any of the dreams. I worked in my greenhouse the night before and mowed the grass. Idk.... Christ return is soon, spread his word and save souls! 10/12/15

Fonda: United States
I dreamt of Jesus' return last night. I was outside and it seemed that people were all around me. The sky was blue and there were clouds. Beautiful white clouds. The sky seemed to zoom in and everyone looked up. I knew what was happening immediately and then the sky opened a little and I heard Jesus say, "Whoever shall believe in me will speak my name." And I began to reach for Him and shout his name over and over. That was it. The dream ended. I feel He is coming soon! 

Maria: United States
Hello I'm Maria, I wanted to run this by everyone. 
I had a dream this morning at 5 am. I was standing out side and it was dark, and a light came from the sky. The clouds cleared and souls started getting sucked into the sky. The bodies where left behind everywhere.. In the sea and on the ground. After it happened there was chaos. 
I'm not sure what to think but I know what I have to do; because it is real and it is going to happen, we don't know when. In the bible it states that after the 7years of hell on earth Jesus will come back and reign for one thousand years; the heavens and the earth will melt, and he will make a new earth. There will also be some ones who are left behind to help those that are fallen..that are lost. Today is Oct 9th 2015

MP: United States
I first had this dream a while back, and have had it more then once. I cant remember all of it, but the parts I do remember seemed very real. The part I remember is waking up and hearing a loud trumpet sound so loud it gave me chills, and all went silent. I tried hollering at Justin and checking on my kids; I could see them but they could not hear me. I had that dream a few times. 
All I can remember from the dream last night is seeing something red in the sky. I am not sure what it was but i remember telling someone in my dream,"that's how you know the end is near." 
I do not know when the end will come, nor do the angels, or the son, but I believe it is closer then we all think!!! could you please tell me what these dreams mean?

Ronald: United States
I dreamed that I was floating up to heaven being raptured.  As I was floating up I saw people standing on the ground and I was saying goodbye to them. I woke up what does that mean?
I have been getting closer to God and have been changed drastically by Him for the good before this dream.

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