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My Rapture dream:
In my dream,  I woke up like anyone would if the light was suddenly turned on when it hits your eye lids. Even though it was 1 am on the clock,  the window blinds were brightly lit, and so was the room as if it were 10 am. Squinting, I decided to open the blinds/window and the sun that had looked so different in the distance,now emitted a different type of ray.  I immediately knew this was the rapture.  Jesus was back,  but I had not gone up with the rest.  I was still here, and deeply regretting it.

Enjoli: United States
I had a dream that I was riding in the car with my sister in law and my husband and as we were driving down the street the rapture started to happen. And as I looked around I happen to see an older couple maybe in their late 50s to early 60s ascend into the sky. I then turn to look at my husband and sister in law they too ascended into the sky. Then I found myself worried if my children were okay so tried to rush to where they were at (home I'm guessing) just to find that they to had ascended into the light filled sky. But I myself had been left behind.

Deepthi: India
Hello,such a wonderful dream. Thanks for beautiful message too. 
In this year i had similar dream twice. Both of the dreams are about rapture . I have seen somewhere in the day light the sky began to darken like night and people all over walking wondering ,and i saw some flashes coming from sky n taking humans in glimpse of an eye ,so fast and im trying to search my family,but i felt that flash strike me too .
My 2nd dream also similar ,there is huge chaos in the streets and people are confused ,and sky becomes dark and i realised and there is sound of horn i think and i realised He is coming so i took my family to church and there at once people are lifted up.... 
I really felt the presence of holy spirit in these dreams and i realised God is telling me to be ready and to preach the gospel to others. 
We all need to be ready,don't get caught up with worldly pleasures,Jesus is coming .... I'm not the only one who dreaming, lots of people  Jesus warning us. 
Be prepared my friends and pray for me too.

Abigael: Kenya
This morning i had a dream of the rapture....earlier in my dream...its like God had told me that at that very day he is gonna come...so i sought a man of God to pray for me in order for me to go to heaven when am clean...i then saw very bright round shaped balls in the sky...i then knew that the Lord had indeed come...so there were lots of people ascending but when it came to me....i was taken up then brought back down....i remained on earth and people were beaten by the devils agents....i was terrified...what could this possibly mean??? and in my dream....i couldn't believe that the Messiah had really come...so i took one of the newspapers and saw that the date read 7th but could not remember the year or month.

Jean: United States
Hello, I had a dream a few days after an almost 7 day fast. The dream is very unclear to me, so I only have pieces that I remember. \
So I dreamt that I saw a ball of light coming from the sky or heavens, and I, as well as some other people I didn't know, seemed to have known for a fact, that it was Jesus coming. I remember the happiness, joy, and peace I felt when I saw this light. 
Then, immediately we felt the Lord's presents among us. A voice spoke to me but I can't remember exactly what he said, but it was something like, "not yet, or not yet to come," or something like that. 
Although I knew he wasn't forsaking me or anything, I remember feeling sad.
But anyways, I can't stop thinking about that dream and I am overly curious to know something or anything about what this dream means, or if it's a dream to hold on to and remember at all.

Brian: United States
Wow, I was shocked by how close these dreams are to the one I just had. 

Well what had happened was that I was in a car with my new born son and going down the highway. It was some time in the night. All of a sudden everything became really quiet, and then the rapture happened.  
Another person and I were looking around and we could see people in a bright light being taken away.  There was the feel of an awesome raw power like no other I had ever known. Although the light was shining on me I did not get taken up like the rest. 
Just before I woke up I saw a sheet of paper with my family's last name on it. Please tell me, what does this all mean?

Ash: New Zealand
About My Dreams: 
I think it's important to say, for anyone else reading these dreams, that I myself was able to understand what they meant. 
You know when you have that 'feeling' of the Holy Spirit, that a thing is from the Holy Spirit. I remain open minded, that my dreams may not have been from God, but I think most probably they are. 
The main point is, I needed a kick up the bum to get me to sit up and realise the rapture may be soon, and that if I don't walk the narrow path, I will be left behind.
But, I am not fixating on the fact that the rapture may be soon (it may not be, it may not happen it our life time). But I am fixating on the need to be ready, everyday, in case it does happen soon. 
It doesn't matter how near or far away it is. I will still be judged on how I lived, and I must make sure my name is in the book of life. Therefore I must try hard to cultivate a real and tangible relationship with the living God. 
I find when I am absolutely honest with myself, and clear out all sin from my life, like a perfectionist, going for absolute 100% devotion to Christ, is when things start happening spiritually. And it seems so very hard to give up things like drinking and sexual immorality, but you must deal harshly with things that cause you to sin, and block your relationship with God.

Ash's Second Dream:
This dream was a few months back, when I had just renewed my relationship with God. 
The rapture happened, I was in my car driving. I felt my soul trying to leave my body. I was being pulled out of my body. And I remember the thought, 'this is what the rapture will be like'. I felt it very vividly.
I was given this dream after a challenging day 

Kedisaletse: South Africa
Had a dream, preparing for women function for the church. We were busy as women with deco and the rapture happened. Two ladies were taken up and left us and we were left behind. We were worried why we were left behind. Suddenly the other lady came backand when we ask about the other she just said she was asked to come to work urgently. We could see that she was not telling the truth, she just made us to relax. what does this dream mean

Priscilla: Nigeria
I had a rapture dream this morning 29/03/2016. i was in a story building, had the trumpet sound then i went to take a look i saw the stars receding,the sky opened i knew it was rapture so i closed my eyes and began to pray though people around could not here the sound. I noticed i was floating upward still with my eyes closed by the time i opened my eyes, i was in the cloud it was bright and sharp,no dirt its more perfect then the earth day. I saw beings floating too some with white beard, still i was afraid. i noticed i held unto a being tightly then we left there to a big building inside were people waiting to receive their price the floor of the room was almost covered with pure white clouds bobs. white horses were brought out by beings from the upper room to the hall of this building to those who are waiting for there rewards  the pillar of this room was of gold i held tightly to this being in fear then came back to share the experience to others in this same dream. God have on me cant miss heaven for anything 

United States:
I dreamed a big cross full out of the sky. We was saying please don't let it hit us it bounced up and my twin sister jumped on the bottom and someone else jumped on it and it was going back up and the other person told Wanda to let go. She fell off from way up and I ran to go see and everyone in the streets was praying and running saying god is coming.

Peter: Country
I dreamed about people next to me and all around me been lifted to heaven so I started praying then I was stated to lifted towards heaven what does it mean

David: United States
I had a dream about the rapture. At the time I was just a spiritual infant and had no idea of prophecy etc. But In the dream, I was going at college/work (I'm not sure) in an environment I've seen all the time, Like a weekly routine. I was looking  at a familiar building  and the horizon I'd seen countless times before. Then I noticed the sky had opened up and the entire area with all its people and activity completely stopped. In the sky opening was a man, just standing there smiling. He was so peaceful and graceful just being there. I somehow knew who he was and I didn't have to say it. I knew what was happening. The opening was so beautiful, so High def, it was like seeing a sunrise from all angles and all distances. Suddenly the complete stillness was gone as massive winged being began flying everywhere. I'd estimate their height at 20 feet tall. They were brown, with eyes all over them. It was like they were just 4 wings attached to a body. One landed in front of me, shaking the ground and kicking up dust as everyone ran in terror and confusion. The dream was over. Later in my walk with God, I learned about the rapture, the seraphim, cherubim angels etc, and eschatology. I had no idea what I was dreaming until years later.

John: United States
In my dream, I am leaving work with my coworkers early around 310 PM which is unusual. When we are outside, I hear a long and loud trumpet horn. I immediately know that Jesus is coming back. I also somehow know that everyone on Earth knows this too.  It doesn't matter if your Athiest, Christian, Muslim, or whatever, you know. I have this incredible overwhelming feeling knowing that this is the return of Jesus and all of my worries about money and everyday life no longer have any meaning. I immediately kneel on one knee and bow my head. I look up at the sky and the clouds are pulling together. A bright sphere similar to the Sun appears in between the clouds. It becomes larger and closer the longer I look at it, and then I wake up. When I wake up, I look on the internet for the trumpet sound I heard from my dream. It is from a shofar(a ram's horn). I have NEVER heard this sound and I have never heard of a shofar before this dream. This dream happened six years ago and I still think about it to this day. God bless.

Violet: United States
In my dream I was taken to heaven and I found myself surrounded by angels who brought me to a big temple look alike to a church made of gold; when I was guided in I noticed the church was full & painted with stunning frescoes/ paintings particularly in the ceiling. I noticed there was people like me sitting in benches and angels floating around us. I sat in the last row and noticed a high priest in white robe preaching to us, the audience. I got up to go to a lounge room and when I headed back the audience was gone and I felt fear so I was brought back by awakening sometime 1:30am

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