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"Rapture Dreams Page 21"

Susanne: United States

I had this rapture dream several years ago.

I was doing something in the house, nothing special. It was daytime. Then I heard a loud trumpet blast (Possibly a shofar) I knew the moment I heard it - that the whole world could hear it as well. I knew this was it, Jesus was coming. The moment, the instant the sound from the trumpet stopped, it was if gravity ceased to exist, and I shot up through the ceiling into the sky. 

It happened so fast, the trumpet blast (10-15 seconds) and then going into the sky. It happens in an instant. In a blink of an eye. You will not have time to get "Right with God." You have to "Get right with God - NOW." Be about your Father's business.

When he returns have him find you living and spreading the gospel message with boldness.

Penny: United States

I had a dream about the rapture last night, July 2019. 

I have had several, but this one is my favorite. I was driving in my car with, I believe my daughter, and we saw airplanes flying straight up in the sky then the most beautiful fireworks, but we knew they were from God. 

We pulled over as did everyone on the road got out of our cars and sat on the ground. We could hear music and  God talking to us all at the same time; he told me I was forgiven. I was crying and telling him I'm sorry for all I had done; he said he understood and then started asking me questions about my life, and I was answering him without excuses for my actions.

He then asked me what I had put in the back seat of my car; I was confused as I had no idea what he meant. 

He was loving and kind, and although scared, somehow I knew if we could hear him, he was taking us home.  I did not want to wake up

Carolyn: United States

In my dream, I was in my house and ran out into the yard to what I thought were fireworks. I suddenly and unexpectedly realized that it was not fireworks but that it was the end of time and that Jesus would be coming. 

I then turned my dogs loose and set out to get my mother. Somehow I was in a strange place and was lying on the ground covered in potato bugs I could literally feel them crawling all over me completely covered.

I then convinced myself that this was simply a ploy, Satan messing with my mind. The bugs disappeared, and the dream ended with my mother and myself sitting by a highway underpass waiting for Jesus.

Rickey: United States

First rapture dream only 123 seeds out of the entire USA  go to heaven.  

Second rapture dream very few from the entire world go to heaven.  As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be when the Son of Man returns.  See Linda Rika YouTube testimony.  Three preachers out of five million people were eligible for heaven on the day she saw the Lord.  The preacher must read the entire holy KJV bible, only, word for word, alone, just his word, only.  We must follow it the same way or not his people.  They preach for money, and all miss heaven.

Kim: United States

My Rapture Dream

I walked outside with a male acquaintance; we were laughing. (I don't know his face in real life.) I looked above him and saw the sky was a vivid blue with bright white clouds in geometric (snowflake-like) patterns that filled the entire sky. I turned to the left and saw angels and thought, "this is it." 

I felt the presence of hundreds of people around me, was very concerned for their souls and loudly said 'the sinner's prayer.' Oddly, they said it with me. The sky (or earth) spun extremely fast, and we all lifted slowly into the air. I felt Jesus up there in the sky but didn't see Him

Renee: United States

I dreamed of Jesus in the second coming.

I was in my old neighborhood doing something and looked up in the sky and noticed the clouds were turning dark grey. 

The clouds were rolling then they started forming a shape into humans. 

It looked scary,  and then I heard the sound of trumpets blowing very loud. I looked up and saw a man coming out of the clouds. 

People were yelling Jesus, Jesus, but I yelled to the crowd that's not the real Jesus.

Then I saw This second man riding on a horse in the clouds coming toward us. I yelled to the crowd that's the real Jesus. Everyone was so happy and crying. I said to Jesus; I'm so glad you're here. 

Somehow in the dream, He became seated and was talking to the people. Then I started singing a song, and at the end of the song I woke up.

Landon: United States

So I’ll try to make this as short as possible while still giving great detail. So I am 18 years old, and I am from the U.S. My family has always been believers in Christ and somewhat churchgoers; not every Sunday, but at least twice a month. 

Before this dream, which occurred on Tuesday, July 9th, 2019, I had never dreamt about Jesus before. I will now deliver the dream: 

So I was somewhere near a field under a tent or small building with just a roof and no walls. It was a beautiful sunny day,  and at this point, was just another dream, (none of my dreams have ever made sense). 

But anyway, there we were just sitting around talking and at this point I happen to look at my watch, which I never set in military time, my watch said “18:18.” I didn’t think anything of it, and I still don’t know if it was significant. 

After I looked at my watch, I happened to look up in the sky, and clouds started to form, first into a cross, slowly, and after that, a side view at what appeared to be Jesus’ face. 

After this, I left my dream, and (this is where I got scared/confused). I felt myself starting to awaken, and all of a sudden my body started to what felt like, physically lift up from my bed about 6 inches, and my ears began to ring harshly; I couldn’t really breathe, and my body was completely paralyzed. 

The only thing I could move was my right fingers, and I was trying to wake my girlfriend; I was physically aware of what was happening to my body, and at this point, was no longer in a dream. 

It finally stopped, and I gained control of my body.  I immediately tried to gather myself on what just happened. The only thing I could think of to make this somewhat reasonable was the second coming of Jesus Christ.Shanita: United States


My name is shanita, and I had a dream about there being a rapture. I was hanging with my old friends from middle school. We were driving, and as we were driving, we drove near a riot. 

We almost drove into the uprising, but I told them to turn around and drive the other way. When we were close to the riot, I witnessed a crowd aggressively attacking a truck, they all had angry faces as they were attacking the truck. 

So after we drove away from the riot, we decided to continue traveling on foot. As we were walking on foot, I either bumped into another person or almost bumped into another person and when that happened one of my friends said, with an Attitude and a face of annoyance, "don't you watch where you're going." I responded with something, don't remember what I exactly said. 

I was a little upset at how she made me feel for almost or actually bumping into the other person, so I decided to walk off. As I started walking away, someone was shouting out, "the rapture is here, and no one is taking it seriously, the rapture is here, and it is real." Then I woke up.

Lynne: United States

I am 60 years old, and I had my rapture dream when I was ten years old. It was so intense and vivid and real it has remained with me still today as clear as it was then.

I was a young child, and I was standing near a field where we lived. I could see the apple trees in the meadow and the tall golden grasses. Our neighbor's house was in the distance.

Suddenly, I heard a trumpet faintly at first building into a crescendo. I looked up into the sky and saw a huge cluster of fluffy white clouds.

Jesus himself was in the forefront of the clouds sitting on a brilliantly white horse, and angels who held gleaming golden trumpets surrounded him. I was so fascinated, in my childlike way, and gloriously happy.

Then, the vision started to fade, but I heard these words, "You will not die. You will see my return." And with that, the dream ended but the overwhelming reality of it has lingered with me all these years, and I think of it more often these days catching myself looking into the sky awaiting his return.

CLAUDIA: United States



Paris: New Zealand

So lately I look up into the sky and have been seeing figures and shapes of Jesus! But tonight I dreamed of Jesus returning. It started with him floating around the word then coming back with trumpets playing as he floated down to earth. 

People began disappearing into petals, and those petals floated up. One by one, my parents and brother were disappearing, but I was left down on earth. Now I just supposed I had to wait a bit, but no I was wrong... I was stuck on this earth as it slowly crumbled into pieces. 

Now I fear so strong that I will be left behind, and everyone in my life will go up to heaven

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Rapture Dreams Page 21

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