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"A Dream that Changed
My Life Forever"

At 10:28 Jan 18, 2021, I experienced a dream that changed my life forever; in the beginning, the dream was a typical day like any other. The events of my day led me to be hanging out with family. 

But the frequency in the air was off, and there was a progressively heavy storm. I was with my uncle, aunt, and my two sons, mom, and stepdad. We went to a water park or amusement. I can't remember what it was, maybe evacuation.

in the dream, we had taken a moment to pray for me. I wasn't doing as well as I'd like, and the weather was getting bad. During the prayer, I felt the pull of energy that I had been feeling during the dream.

Toward the end of the dream, we gathered in a room similar to my studio here at my grandma and grandpa's. 

I don't remember how, but we felt this weird shock of energy as if a timer was going off in our heads.

Luis goes to get us some drinks from wherever we were, and the baby is asleep. The baby monitor beeps, and the sky lit up. I'm in the bathroom doing makeup. 

I come out and ask if they feel oxygen, almost escaping their bodies. At this point, I can actually feel this sensation in my body. I thought I was awake earlier in the dream because of this sensation. 

The baby monitor goes crazy again as if something is interfering with the frequency. I feel the shock inside my soul. There is a bright light outside though I do not know what it is. Kayden looks at us all and says, "it is time." The baby monitor begins to beep heavily as if we are in celestial frequency. 

My final thought is, "I need to go get Luis," but when I look at Albert, Nackie, Mom, and Kayden, we all knew it was time to pray. 

What happens next was unexplainable. We all hold hands like magnets, unable to do anything else, as prayer and scripture inevitably pour from our tongues, and time begins to slip away from our souls. 

I felt our beings stretch through time and space, and my heart is pounding. I'm fearful and excited and scared and could still feel the hands of those to my left and right; my soul was stretching... and everything turned white, and the immediate sense of fear had left me as I knew it was finally time to meet my Savior. 

And just at that moment, I faded to black and awakened here in bed. My heart had been pounding, and I knew it was beating beyond my control during the dream as if I had truly lived it; the only thing I heard in my head at the end before waking is, "time is almost up."

Yesenia: United States

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A Dream that Changed My Life

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