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Anne: United States
Thanks for the add guys! I had a dream 2 days ago that I was leading my family through the streets and every time I would hit a corner there was a bar well we couldn't touch them they couldn't touch us we would walk through them and on out of them. I was like we were going somewhere fantastic but had to go through this evil or trial before felt like we walked for hours. Then we ended up in someones huge backyard it was at night they had their backyard lights on there was people celebrating getting ready some playing golf some having dinner eating laughing. I seen a couple of church people their I sat next to a church member just me and her looking around at the party in lawn chairs. I look over and see garlic bread at a white table. Then the church lady I saw said its almost time its 1:00 am and I said any min now. So it continued the party then I looked over and said what time is it now she screamed and said it was 1:11 am ITS TIME! as soon as she said that we all looked up and a shooting star came out of the sky I felt excited nervous then the sky open up like someone had parted the middle out came a white lion with a lambs face and we were raising our hands the the lamb came right into my face it was so white everything got white and I woke up!

Saul: United States
I the most terrifying and happy to the point of tears of the rapture. I'm walking outside on the sidewalk holding hands with my son. All of a sudden it felt like the feeling of being on a roller coaster as I was swept up in the air hundreds of feet in a couple seconds. I knew it was the rapture and I was so excited that I was found worthy. It seemed so real. 

Dylan: United States
I just had a dream about 30 min ago. I was with my friend Cj and we were looking through some backpack that was left on the ground idk why it was there. But we looked through it and we found a set of two harmonicas I started playing the first one and then I started to play the second one. We were sitting on some lawn chairs and we were near some water and we had a clear view of the sky. Now the sky was like a pale blue. The way it would look like if it were about to rain, kind of cloudy to. Then i was looking into the distance laughing enjoying time with my friend then I looked at the distance. I saw the clouds starting to pulled in. I started to feel very scared. Then eventually after all the clouds where pulled in it went DARK.and there was some fire looking cliffs as well. Then I started to see everyone run and there was this red light underneath everyone as they were running. Then this giant spotlight looking thing shined onto the earth and started to scan around. And I was petrified. There was so many screams. Then the light eventually shined onto me and I felt like I was being levitated. I started to be sucked into the light in the sky at a very high pace. I was terrified.. But at the same time I wasn't. At the very end I knew I wouldn't see anyone ever again. I said I love you mom then everything went dark.. I wook up.. I don't know what it is I saw. But I do know that in my heart I knew it was the end of everything. I have never been so scared in my life when I saw the sky being sucked in..

Lemetria: United States
This morning I had woke up early around 5:50 am and I decided to look at tv after looking at a little tv I fell back to sleep and I start dreaming in my dream there were alot of people around like we were standing outside and people just walking around and it was me and my husband walking down a street and I looked up and I saw alot of men coming from the clouds and they were in trench coats and they were taking people with them in the clouds and then I woke up I'm a form believer that Jesus died for our sins and I know that Jehovah will be back soon I pray that everyone is repenting and watching because the signs are all around us God bless love everyone 

Christopher: United States
I have had multiple dreams about the last days/rapture/judgment for a while now. the latest one happened last night 3/26/17 I had two short dreams in one. 
The first: I was somewhere like on a college like downtown exciting area where i was doing bad things which i considered fun which were actually sin. Then the sky started changing and it was like a strong tornado which began pulling me and other people up towards the sky but the way the sky looked i knew for certain this place it was sucking us to would not be pretty but strictly judgement. I saw someone get sucked up by the strong pulling up winds but i managed to hold onto a strong tree with another civilian and we survived until the strong winds ceased.
The second scenario: I was in a college dorm/apartment building again This time it seemed to be of my cousin and she is a gay person. I love her dearly. She was laying in her bathroom her eyes were lifeless as if she had drowned previously. I looked in the sky out the window and clouds began speeding up in motion so scary i looked away before i could see anything. I noticed black substance formed in the sky idk if it was a liquid substance or bugs or what idk. but it was in a uniformed line sooo scary. time stopped it just froze like matrix as soon as i spotted this out the window. I was panicking like heck. 
I saw two people come in, one was a athlete and the other was a girl i knew. They were liking each other by their vibes, and they ended up sleeping together; as this was going on and i was freaking out like "why did you guys do this"? do you not see what going on? they didn't care. 
I called my mom, i believe, but a voice said, none of that matters, and i woke up.

Kaitlyn: United States|
Hello, my name is Kaitlyn. Last night I had a dream about the rapture. At first I didn't know it was a dream about the rapture but once it started I caught on. I was walking down a street I know well from my childhood. There's an old high school on that Street that has been turned into some guys car shop. Anyhow I was walking down the street toward the old high school. It was very sunny and every house I passed there was an elderly person standing on their lawns smiling and starting at the sky. I heard a trumping playing a beautiful tune and thought maybe someone was playing their trumpet to make these folks smile. Then the trumpet stopped and paused for a moment. When the trumpet sounded again it was one note and sounded serious. Almost like an alarm of some sort. Suddenly I was boosted off the ground while rays of gold and rainbow colored lights surrounded me. I suddenly found myself hugging loved ones I had lost. I wasn't scared at any time during this dream. My dream about the rapture was a joyful one.

Abiola: Nigeria
March 18, 2017:
I had a scary dream about the rapture last night/today which males it the 3Rd time for me.
I was in a place like a college setting and all of a sudden, the sky changed. It was evening time in the dream.
I looked up and saw a person like Jesus Christ beckoning with His two hands..I saw 4 forms like angels move away from him holding 4 clothes. I instantly knew the end had come and I started panicking and praying. Immediately I looked for my 2 boys and asked them to start praying and ask God to forgive them all their sins while I was doing the same.
We eventually moved with a lot of other people, some known to me to a place like an auditorium while still praying. 
The next second,I opened my eyes in the dream and couldn't find my 1st boy and I uttered thanks to God knowing he's been raptured.
I picked the 2nd boy and moved away from the auditorium to look for where to hide. There was chaos on the roads. Some ladies were dancing and taunting those left behind.
We rounded a corner and some guys tried pulling us to get a stamp but be we broke free and kept looking for hideout, all the while carrying my 6yr old boy. 
Until I woke up and shared the dream with hubby. 
I am scared because I thought I am right with God. Every second from now will be to constantly reexamine my life and pray ceaselessly.
I don't want to miss heaven and I want to make it with my husband and children. 
Let him who has ears, hear.
The end is near! 

Marg: United States
I had a dream on the morning of June 20, 2016. It was a beautiful dream of the rapture. I saw Jesus and there were so many people and so many big and beautiful white clouds everywhere and we were slowly moving upward. Jesus was right there in the midst. He was bigger than life. I know that every eye shall behold him. We met Jesus in the sky. I know that people will be able to see him. We will move up slowly so that every eye shall behold him. The eyes of Hell see Jesus and even those who pierced Jesus shall see him out of hell. People will NOT be let out of Hell, but they will be able to see Him. While Jesus is in mid-air, things will NOT be chaotic and they will remain peaceful so that every one can see Jesus in sky. The Angel said at Jesus resurrection that this same Jesus will return likewise. And this should let you know that we will be raptured in midair so that all can see us. We will pass the stars as they cheer and then on to Glory where the Holy Angels will cheer for Christ and His church like never before! Lets all hold on to our crown. It's tough, but with Christ we can maintain our crown and peace. We are the one going up with Christ. This is it!!! Thanks for listening. 

Jason: United States
Last night I had a dream I was walking up a mountain with my family back in my home town it was a sunny sumer early spring day  as we were walking a passenger plane falls from the sky and crashes in to flames then another and another and cars were crashing into each other all over as all this was happening me and family got into a smaller group and our daughter disappeared just poof she was gone well we walked back down to road and there were cars everywhere but no people . Eventually there were people me and the family went to store and didn't have enough to pay for dinner so a old man behind up paid for it and then he disappeared seemed most people disappeared  couldn't drive anywere too many crashed cars on road it was such a realistic dream 

Kerry: United States
Had a dream about a month or so ago that I was sleeping in my bed & was raptured.  My whole body felt like it does when you accidentally shock your fingers in a light socket.  It felt so real & then I woke up & realized I was still in my bed. 

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