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"Lee Anne's Multiple Dreams About the Rapture"

Hello everyone,

My name is Lee-Anne. I have been having dreams since I was a child. The dreams varied for me, but I remember the rapture dreams started when I was 16 years old.

Before that, I had waking visions, but I thought everyone had it, so I never shared. One day I decided to share, and I wasn't treated very well. In fact, the person looked at me as if I was crazy. Anyway. I'm going to start with the earliest dream I can remember. 

First dream: I was on a road that had cobble paving like the roads in Jesus' time. Animals of all kinds were running up a stairway to the top, but I couldn't see where the stairway ended. 

Second dream: I was in the air in a garden type place. They were a lot of brides dressed in their wedding gowns and hanging islands in the sky. It was dark. There were trees and waterfalls. Everything beautiful that resembled a rain forest, except it was dark. Baboons were chasing the brides trying to kill them. I was fighting the baboons. I was also in a wedding dress. 

Third dream: I was in my suburb I lived in at age 17, and my dress was covered in water. I was the only one swimming in it alive. There was no one else. 

Fourth dream: I was on a beach. My family members were having a party, drinking, and having their type of fun. As this happened, I screamed at them that a tsunami was coming, but they ignored me and called me crazy. 

There was a Mariah Carey song playing. I ran away from the tsunami, but they did not make it. I have had this dream several times, and each time it has expanded. 

I was running away, towards a desert in one of them, and I had a baby with me. 

Fifth dream: In another tsunami dream, I was in a building like a hotel and looking through a large window that was in the place of the wall, and saw the tsunami coming. It was so high no one could escape it. 

It was wave after wave after wave coming from different directions. I've had several of these dreams. Some were mixed up with me being in a type of library where everybody had access to knowledge, and some were not trying to learn it.

We were all safe in this building, but I tried to leave at some point because the evil people started coming in. In this dream, though, I was there only in spirit and in other dreams as if I was there physically. 

Sixth dream: I was walking down a street and saw a cloud grey and dark swirling. This cloud was on the ground or about five feet off the ground. As this was happening, I saw people running scared. Chaos.

Then I looked up and saw the sky changing color. It was red-orange and purple. 

Suddenly I heard God speak to me and tell me He needed me to come home. As that happened, asteroids started falling down, and I started lifting up. I could see that my feet are bare, and one covered in sand. 

I then got put back down gently after I said to God, what about my husband and son. I had seen them earlier in the dream, and they were both smiling at me. When I was down, I couldn't find them. Until I met my husband somewhere in a bar( I don't go to bars), there was hardly anyone around. But there was a song playing that only I knew. 

Seventh dream: I was standing on a flat dark ground looking up at the sky; it was completely dark. I looked at the sky and saw the planets lining up. They were in a straight line and then started jumbling out of place. Soon the stars and all the planets were crashing toward earth. I woke up.

Eighth dream: I was on a train going somewhere, but before I took the train, I tried to convince others to take the train with a golden ticket, but they wouldn't come. After that, I saw the trains drive on the tracks from the sky. Several of these same dream with variations. 

Ninth dream: I was in space looking at the earth, and my dad was holding me; we were kneeling next to one another in a large red barn with hay. I saw the world explode, but he told me I would be safe and not worry about those on the earth. 

Tenth dream: I was in space looking at the earth, but I could see a line forming in the soil, cracking the ground open. It was dark, and volcanoes started erupting.

The line followed a pattern; Lava spewed out, and I could see the earth start to burn up. 

Eleventh dream: I was standing in a family member's yard when I saw asteroids start to fall, and people began running around. I could hear their thoughts; they were scared, and some regretting that they had not asked for forgiveness. Others could not believe they were seeing what was happening. The earth started to burn. 

Twelveth dream: I saw aliens running in the streets, snatching people, and trying to kill people. They succeeded with some. I saw them separate the people with small bodies of water, and no one could reach the other because they needed boats or rafts. The aliens were hovering on boards and shooting metal like liquid out at something I couldn't see. I was only there in the spirit in this dream. 

Thirteenth dream: I was on a roller coaster ride, and they were very few people riding. Suddenly there were a lot more people, but some started falling off the roller coaster. We were going through water and being flung left and right, but a few remained on the roller coaster. 

Fourteenth dream: I was looking into the sky, and I saw three airplanes in a triangle gathered in the sky standing dead still. They started dropping out of the sky. As this happened, I was alerted to another side of my house, and I went to investigate; I saw zombies trying to claw their way into a bedroom window. 

I boarded up the window. Then I was alerted to another room. When I got to the living room, I saw through my sliding doors things in the sky. Illuminated and different symbols, I tried to capture it with a camera, but my camera wouldn't work. 

Then I was going out my back door where I was standing looking up and a Being so beautiful approached me and told me I am chosen, and it floated toward me. I felt such peace and love; it was indescribable. I

continued feeling that feeling for the entire day after I had awoken. 

I've had several more, but these are the ones that have repeatedly occurred over the years. 

Thank you for reading; I know it's a lot to read. Maybe it will help someone.

 Lee-Anne: South Africa

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Lee Ann's dreams about the Rapture

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