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"Rapture Dreams Page 25"

Saihier: United States

So the dream I guess was a rapture dream, but it was like flashes, but the main one lasted the longest I was walking in this mall with a girl and some person don’t know what they looked like said come outside, and I went, and I was outside and looked at the sky, and the clouds were spread, and there was light coming out and four angels came out of the clouds blowing into horns or something and then after that I said what’s that and a white lady said he’s coming back and then the earth exploded and I raised and I was in heaven I guess I was flying I think I had wings it was confusing someone help

Ashley: United States

My name is Ashley. I've had two dreams in succession with each other. The first dream I was on a train, but I somehow got on the train without a ticket. The conductor walked by asking for everyone's ticket to show proof they could be on board. I panicked because I didn't buy a ticket and was still somehow on this train. 

The conductor got to me, and I explained my situation, and he said, "no problem, you can get one now" I woke up and sensed a feeling of peace.

 The next dream I had was quite the opposite. I was on a trip with a cousin who I know is saved. We started talking about the rapture when suddenly the sky grew dark and foreboding, and I knew it was the end. My cousin turned bright and glowy and was raptured up. I felt a change as well, but I was falling instead of rising.

I then ended up at another family member's house (the sky was still black) and talking on the phone. The phone connection became severed as my ability to continue talking to them diminished. 

Suddenly 2-3 cars pulled up filled with people that had the intent to harm me...I drove away as fast as I could, but the people came at me in swarms with various weapons. The next thing I know, I was captured and was about to be tortured. 

The entire time I felt complete separation from God's love, and it was terrifying. I prayed that God would send me the meaning of this dream because it was very disturbing.

Mylene: Singapore

Rapture Dream

It was a very short dream flashback. While I was sleeping, I dream that I was with my parents walking on the street. When suddenly the rapture was taking place. I instinctively knew that it was the rapture; I did not look back at my parents as I ran forward to embrace the angel that was in charge of me. I heard the angel said,

'Be careful little one. You could have fallen if I was a little later.'

I smiled back, and the angel took me up. I did not look back at my parents because I knew that they would be shocked as they are strong believers in Buddhism/Taoism

Martin: South Africa

I was laying in my bed, feeling sleepy, and I heard a loud noise, BANG! It is the loudest noise I have ever heard in my life. I felt the terror of the Lord.

Suddenly it was dark everywhere. In my heart, I knew the rapture has occurred.

I start calling the Lord: Oh, Lord, my king, my everything, but he did not answer. I call Him at least four times, but He did not answer

I could feel my spirit moving inside of me when I was calling the Lord. But I could not move my body. I was without strength.

After that, I saw many stars in heaven. One particular star was brighter than others, and It was moving in the middle of the other actors.

That's the end of the dream. I received the interpretation when I was at work later,

I was going to buy something to eat when I hear the still small voice saying: The rapture occurred when I heard that big noise.

The way I was calling for the Lord is the way people will be calling him after the rapture, but he will not answer.

The stars are the true sons of Abraham who were raptured.  The star that is brighter in their midst is Jesus.

End of interpretation

DeQuanne: United States

Hi. I have a dream to share. It was short, and I don't remember everything, but a week or so ago, I had a dream. 

I was driving a truck or SUV with a lady whom I could not make out, then all of a sudden there was white smoke or clouds or something... it was not scary but happened really fast. It's like I knew it was The Most High... I was getting pulled to heaven; I want to say lots of other people were getting called up, but I can't remember, but I do know that the lady I was with got called up. Then I was in a room and looked out of a huge window and saw The Most High. Now the truth is ..it felt great getting called up, but when I looked at The Most High I felt as if I did not belong.. did anyone else feel like they didn't belong or something?? I thank The Most High for feeling worthy, even though I know I'm not.

Shannon: New Zealand

I  had a dream a few months ago of a tidal wave, my family and I ran for higher ground.

While running a bright light, brighter than anything I had seen appeared in the sky, a few seconds after that, people began shooting up into the sky, as if being saved. I saw one person that I knew of being a Christian, and he was shot up into the sky.

I continued to run for higher ground as the tidal wave got closer, and then I woke up.

Savanna: United States

I’ve had a few. The first one I remember there being a ton of traffic and I was in the car with my family, we were trying to get to thus y’all building with stairs that led up to the sky. However, the weather was gloomy in this dream all around, EXCEPT for the building with stairs we were trying to drive towards. The sky was split open at that building, and it looked like the color of the northern lights, bright with a lot of pinks. And I mean it when I say there was so much traffic.

And then in another rapture dream I had, I was alone in my apartment, and it was gloomy outside again, and there were so many clouds in the sky, and they were passing by so fast. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been having dreams of the rapture, and every time they have to do with the weather, and it is gloomy. I also always see lots of clouds and tornadoes in them.

A.E: United States


I was in the car with most of the siblings gathered; I’m not very close to my cousins, so the Dream was already weird. 

This was in the middle of the crisis we are having today with the virus going around, but part of the world was empty, we were about to head home after getting some supplies my mom wanted to relax and listen to music.

It was a sunny day, but then the sky quickly changed to a dark/ blueish color, and one part of the sky opened up, a bright light promptly shined through. I saw a soul being carried to heaven. I knew the rapture was starting. I promptly shook my mom to show her the fantastic phenomenon. Still, she wouldn’t listen. I was so excited and nervous. I didn’t know what to do, but she was calm and collected like she already knew. After that, I woke up

Blessings from America

Brandon: United States

Today is March 12, and yesterday, I was dreaming that God was back, and he sounded the three trumpets. Then the air picked us up, and I started crying, asking my parents and siblings if they got picked up by the air too.

They all said yes, then the sky went black and then back to blue. It repeated like that for a while then I went to bed and started saying, thank you, God, thank you God, but when I woke up, everything was normal. I started crying once I woke up.

Wilkins: United States

Today March 9, I had a Dream that It was st Night. I can't remember where I was but heard a loud Noise that wasn't exactly a trumpet, but the Noise filled the Sky; everyone heard it, and I instantly knew that it was the rapture. 

I Grew up going to church. I stopped for many Years. Its been a year I felt the need to go back to church. I have Always Believed in God.

It felt So Real, and it was intense. I Knew what was Happening. I woke up, so don't know what happened or if I made it to heaven.

Angelo: United States

I had a dream of the Rapture last month in February 2020.

I was in my Living Room one cold night, there were 4-5 people in the room, but I couldn't recognize them. All of a sudden, their souls appeared in a very distinct white color. There bodies and souls were being lifted, and I saw and felt my soul surrounding my vision and being lifted up with my body. Then I woke up.

As I said, I couldn't recognize the people but probably friends or people I knew from high school or somewhere.

That was my Rapture Dream.

Beverly: Kenya

I have had tons of dreams about the Rapture since I was still young...I can remember one I had when I was just 10 yrs old. 

I was walking alone, and then I felt a hand holding me...looking up, I saw Jesus, and we walked. At some point, he took me high and showed me the world how they would suffer after the rapture and how the world was destroyed.

Another dream that sacred me was one where I was with my mum and family, and suddenly there was an earthquake, and there was a bright light, and I was carried up to the sky. I could see my mum and all the other siblings being destroyed by the earthquake, and people were running to seek refuge. Still, it didn't stop.

Still, there was this dream I had yesterday, and  I really don't know its meaning. We slept as always and on waking up....it was still very dark....the watch said it was morning, but the sky was dark, and there were not many people outside.

I am scared of these dreams; anyone who can help me know their meaning, I'll be grateful. There are others, but I can't remember them all...basing on the ones I've shared, please, I need help.

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