"Zakary's Dream of the Raptiure"


Zakary: United States

On Halloween night (10/31/17) I had a dream that Jesus came. So I was on some street I did not recognize and I was with my friend, but there was like hundreds of other people on the street as well. And I’m walking away from the crowd of people and all of this sudden I heard trumpets behind me, playing loudly, but it sounded like it came from far away but I could still hear them clearly. 

And then I just snapped and realized that it was the rapture and in the same moment I see people looking up, but they look overwhelmed with all types of emotions like they were crying tears of joy/fear/sadness. So I turn around and I see people start floating in waves, like the people closer to the sound of trumpets started floating first and so on. 

Some people aren’t floating, but they’re still looking up. There was this super bright light, like pure white glittery light shining down on everybody. Then I start getting scared because right now I’m not really doing all of the things God wants me to. But eventually I start floating and the next thing I know I’m in heaven with many of my friends and people I know wearing plain all white. 

Then I meet Jesus. But the weird part about this is that it is a woman that is about 6 feet tall with shoulder-length hair. She was sitting on a throne made of gold that was surrounded by every animal I could imagine but there were several eyes on each animal, like the animals that surround Jesus in the Bible with several eyes. 

There was like a table to the side of her that had like glass dispensers on it with water in the dispensers. She was dressed in Pure white clothing like the rest of us are, but she looks way better because she’s not wearing plain clothes. 

Anyways we are all working on something and some people look like they are with their friends like laughing and having a good time, but my friend that was with me in the beginning (on the street with me) walked past me and it seemed like he didn’t know me, like almost as if he were a robot. But we are all being sent back to earth to work on something.

I don’t know what it was before Satan comes so we were working nonstop. But Jesus is like the boss and telling people what to do but no one looked like they didn’t like the job they were given. They looked like they were excited to do what she told them to do. 

So anyways it’s my turn to go to her and I get my job and then I’m with my friend in the beginning ( the one I was in the street with) and  we’re talking about something random like old memories and we are both walking to our jobs and I see my BEST friend and he was wearing regular clothes, like not ours white clothing. 

So I stop beside him, but my friend that I was talking to stopped about 15 feet away from us and acted like he didn’t know my best friend, although we all hang out just about every day. And it felt like I was crying because I had a feeling that my BEST friend didn’t make it to heaven. 

So I ask him what he is doing and he says nothing, but in the saddest way possible so I’m like devastated because I want him to be in heaven with me. But then the next thing I know I with Jesus and I’m still thinking about my BEST friend, but I ask her if my ex-girlfriend (who I still think about every day, but I don’t know if that pertains to the dream) made it to heaven and The woman says no so I get devastated again. 

But Jesus like comforts me and I calm down and stop thinking about my ex-girlfriend and my BEST friend. And then my dream ends. Can anybody tell me what this dream means or if any part of this dream sticks out and actually means something.

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Zakary's Dream about the Rapture

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