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"Rapture Dreams Page 23"

Dylan: United States

December 12, 2019, ~ 20 yrs old

This dream that I am about to tell you about is very hard to explain, so I pray that the Holy Spirit guides me.

The scenery is what seemed to look like a war zone. It just looked terrible; everything was mangled. I feel like the war that is taking place is an upcoming "World War" that would be taking place as Jesus returns.

 So I'm walking around just dumbfounded of what is going on. And I look to my right and see a cave, and in the cave, I see Jesus descended to what I feel is down to defeat Satan, once and for all. 

Then I look forward and keep walking. I look to my right again, and Jesus has ascended back to the surface in his white robe and is walking to me. I look forward and i see a young man and you tells me, " Alright, it's time to go back to war." Then I wake up.


As I am typing this, my spirit tells me that we continue to fight our wars when Jesus himself his already taken out the enemy.

Go out blessed people of God, and I pray that you would get everything right before Jesus returns. And stop fighting a war that Jesus has already defeated.

Love you guys!

Gabby: United States

Rapture Dream/Occurrence? 11/25/19
My stepdad and I were having a conversation about Jesus’s return. I said, “ he is coming soon, not three years from now, five or ten. I mean soon, imminently soon. Like it can happen at any moment.” He then says, “oh, I know, I’m not saying you’re wrong, I believe it.” I said, “ we are talking now, and it can happen as we speak, right now.”

 BOOM! As soon as I said the word now, It sounded muffled, and I could hear my insides making sounds. My spirit was slowly starting to lift and began to depart. It was almost like my spirt was a piece of an electric force, and it was pulling towards Jesus (him being the magnetic force ) I felt what it’s going be like in the rapture. It was very physical, and it felt SO REAL. I truly thought it was time to be caught up with Jesus.

I was happy and felt safe, but for a second I was dwelling here in my Bedroom and thought about my daughter because I knew she was asleep in her room and then came out of what was happening. 

I don’t even know if I was fully asleep. I felt aware of my surroundings in a sense. Maybe I was in a light sleep? It felt so so real, and I came out of it as soon I set my mind on my daughter.

 We fly soon, brothers and sisters! Jesus is preparing us, and he is at the door!

Peter: Australia

Post Tribulation Rapture Article by Rick Joyner

"In this experience, I suddenly found myself standing in front of a radar screen on a warship, and the Lord Himself was standing right next to me. There was a blip on the screen that was straight ahead and coming closer very fast.

In this experience, I ordered the ship to turn 90 degrees to the right to avoid the impending collision, but after we turned, the blip on the screen remained dead ahead and kept coming straight at us. I then ordered the ship to turn to the left to avoid the collision, but with the same result—it kept coming straight at us.

I braced myself for the collision, but nothing happened. When I asked the Lord what that was, He simply said, "That was the great tribulation, the great time of trouble. You can't avoid it, but if you stay close to Me, you won't even feel it." Then the experience was over.

The great tribulation, or time of trouble, is but a tiny blip on the radar screen of all that is coming. It is coming, and it is unavoidable, but if we stay close to the Lord, we do not need to fear it."

Joyce: United States

I was driving on the highway headed west, and my 9yr old daughter was in the backseat, although I didn't see her. 

Then I saw what I thought was the sun looking red, but (now I know it's the moon). I said, "Do you see the sun!? It's red! " ... My daughter, " Yeah I see it, it IS red!",. I said, "Jesus is coming!" 

Then I saw a dark red thing twirl around the edge of the (moon) counterclockwise, and the top left part of the moon started to curl away and fade away.. and I felt MYSELF in bright light, and I was fading away. 

I heard the trumpets, and I was thinking, 'I'm being raptured!' and was screaming, " JESUS IS COMING!! Jesus is coming!! Hallelujah!! WOOOHOOO!!"

I continued to close my eyes and open again but would still see the same scene; I continued to fade away in the light while screaming in Joy!!

Then My joyful noise carried over into being only in my head as I slowly regained consciousness into my body lying in my bed. I was in my head but still breathing rapidly. "That wasn't REAL??!!? I'm still HERE??!!?"

Jon: United States

This rapture dream is tied to two other dreams I had the same week. The first and the last one, which was the rapture one, were short. The first one, I believe, is the most important. The middle dream was much longer, and I encountered Lucifer in it.

Dream #1: I was looking into my bathtub filled with dirty, murky brown water that was not draining. I was thinking, "Wow, I was pretty dirty." Then all of a sudden, I got a strong urge to repent of all my sins. After a sincere repentance, I saw the dirty brown water quickly drain.

Dream #2:  I was in a large three or four-story building built on poles deep in the ground. Many sincere Christians were reading the Bible, fellowshipping and singing Christian songs, and praying. Suddenly we heard something smashing against the side and top of the house, causing it to tilt a little, which made some of us slide to the lower side of the room. We went outside to see what it was. On our way out, I could see the foundation was damaged--one of the poles was cracked---but it was still strong and intact. Far up in the sky and what initially looked like a UFO, we could make out a dark dragon flying overhead, and we knew that it was the reason for the attack on our building. Then it descended and turned into a man with a dark suit standing right next to me. His eyes changed from yellow to red as though it was getting more and angrier. I think we communicated, but I don't remember what was said. I wasn't scared as I have been a believer a long time and encountered demons before, and even a few Principalities, both once in an exorcism. That was about the time I woke up.

Dream #3: I was driving in my car and must have heard a trumpet--I don't remember too much of it--but I knew the rapture was about to happen, so I stopped and then I was pulled up out through the car window or the top of the car and said something like "wow I made it in the rapture" 

Some notes:

First dream is the importance of repenting to get ready. Jesus washed our sins away, but they stay around like un-drained dirty stinking water until we repent. It seems like we might not make the rapture without lots of repenting and seeking holiness and returning to our first love and not tolerating Jezebel and learning other admonitions from the letters to the seven churches in Revelation.

2nd Dream is related to Satan, the dragon, knowing his time is short, and his anger at the true Church is burning more and more to the point of severely persecuting her before a rapture, which was the third dream in the same week. The foundation of the true Church globally is Jesus, so it will not be destroyed. I had another rapture more vivid, longer dream the same year that I will post later where I hopefully got to see my mansion in heaven

Nichole: United States

I am 22 years old. I have had dreams about God coming back since I was maybe 19. My last one was the night I miscarried my first child. Jesus & God, with two angels on horses, came out of the clouds; they were wearing white robes. All the people down on earth were praying & asking for forgiveness and praising their hands to the Lord. He came halfway down. They said once he hit the ground, it will be over, we are not there yet, but we are halfway there. It was like a sign.

It felt so real and so much happiness. I told my Dad about this dream; he told me he had the same exact dream 20 years ago. He is now 51 years old.

Horizon Grey: Canada

I Have two visions/dreams I'd like to share about my experience & encounter with God.

First Dream was probably 2-3 yrs ago: 

It's either night or day in my dream, I can't tell by how dark, and scary the sky looks with lightning bolts & explosions happening all over the clouds & earth, everything crashing & crumbling down.

 Many people, including my mother and I, were running down into this huge white bunker in the middle of the earth for safety and protection. As we rush down, I hear a panicked man's voice say, "IF WE DONT SEE THE SUN IN 3 DAYS, WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!" I hear many screams and people panting quickly, rushing down.

 I stopped & forced my way back upstairs. My mom grabs my hand & pulls me towards her & says, "NO, Let's go down. DONT GO DONT GO." The fear in her voice & worried look didn't stop me, I spoke "MOM, Please! I have to see it for myself. Please, I need to look at the sky. I HAVE TO SEE THE SKY!!"

I walked back out into the world that was ending and crashing down, and suddenly, I am standing higher than anything.

 I was above the chaos, looking directly up into the sky, there was a big black dark storm with lightning exploding the clouds. A small piece of the sky opens up & bright blue rays of the sun start shining down on me. Suddenly I hear  God's voice, "I will protect you, I love you!" Then I woke up.

Second Dream:

 I am standing in this beautiful silky cloud sky almost like watercolors of the sunset; how calming, peaceful & so comforting it was, I call it Heaven, the place your spirit is met before you go into the gates of Heaven. 

Anyhow, I just stayed in that area and took about two steps & then I heard God's voice, Sincere, Comforting, and Loving. It was almost as if his voice was coming from everywhere around me, "Have Trust In Me, I Will Protect You, I Love You, My Child!" I did not see him but felt his voice. 

After he spoke four bright, beautiful angels came gracefully floating towards me, singing so peacefully, "BLESSED HOPE OF RAPTURE." Everything then sprawled & bloomed SO brightly that I closed my eyes & had woken up, and was left with so many questions!

"Lets Teach Our Children to Love"

Why is it so difficult for our educators and society, in general, to understand that love and respect for one another taught from a young age can solve much of the world's hostility and social problems!

"Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it" (Prov 22:6).

Love is the answer!

Loyalty and Faithfulness

True loyalty springs from the heart and is wrapped in love. It is often in our most private moments that true loyalty, or the lack of it, is made known.

Reaching the World With the Message Of Jesus

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