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Mika: United States
e had a series of rapture dreams and of the great tribulation. The first dream was that I was awaiting the delivery of child at a local hospital w family. 

The sky was darkened and filled w clouds, it began to rain blood, and I sensed Jesus was returning. In the dream I began to plead w my family to accept Christ with urgency. 

As I pleaded, i looked out the window and heard a loud sound greater than the loudest thunder. Jesus was in the sky coming on a cloud.i also saw a winged creature, similar to a leopard with 3 sets of wings. 

After the rapture i saw the decimation of the land, the sky was no longer recognizable, stars had fallen and it looked like several low lying moons? The sky was neither light nor dark but dusk continually, the land stripped bare with many wide open spaces and few houses. 

I saw the torment of the people left behind without the mark of the beast. Men, women, children slaughtered, burned alive and constantly in fear, running from a military force dressed in all black with black tanks crushing through safe houses, killing many w utter disregard and cruelty. My heart was deeply overwhelmed as i saw a few people i know personally

When i awoke i fell to my face, praising God for hours continuously, in tongues.

Davonte: United States
I had prayed to god to reveal to me anything he wants me to know. I had a dream of the rapture. I didn't necessarily 'see' jesus. I guess he used my brother to represent himself probably for my own good. I saw something like the judgement seat of Christ. But I don't remember much more. I didn't see heaven. I wasn't in hell either as I wasn't suffering. I saw my name in the book. But he crossed it off. But I was not condemned. Perhaps it was a warning of the real thing.

Justus: United States
Hey everybody. last night 12/12/14 I had a dream unlike any other I have ever had. I don't remember a lot of it but here is the parts I remember. 
I was at my little cabin we have on our land (not sure why I was there), when all of the sudden there is a big b000m that felt very real, and I appeared out in a field somewhere. (after the boom its almost like i woke up in a gut busting fear.) 
I went back to sleep and the dream continued, in the field was a lot of people, and as I remember, they looked really mean! 
Was the boom i heard in my dream the rapture taking place? I feel this dream was not an ordinary dream because it wont leave my mind. I hope God sends me more so it will make since and I can share it.

Jessica: United States
"The Rapture - A Dream within a Dream"
I had a dream back in 2009 concerning the Day of the Lord, it was so terrifying, the sky turned black and stars were falling from the sky. I could not escape the terror no matter where I ran. This is when I did was an unbeliever, and I had no clue what the dream meant at the time. 

Last month, well last week, I had a dream that I had turned back to my old lifestyle. I was cheating on my husband, drinking, partyin,g and I had a very vulgar tattoo on my chest. 

In the dream, I was a security guard at a convenient store. While patrolling the grounds, I fell asleep outside. I woke up and saw many moons. I was aware I was dreaming. Since I had a dream the week before with many moons and a blood moon I wanted to make sure that I counted these. I counted five moons.

I was happy to have counted them, but then the clouds moved out of the way and they were everywhere. The moons changed their appearance and were now glorified bodies being raptured. I thought to myself, the Lord must be showing me the rapture. Then the bodies began moving, and I got fearful. 

I begged and pleaded with the Lord to take me with him. I repented and told him I was not worthy, and I was late, but to please not leave me here. 

That’s when a tunnel appeared. It was colorful, and looked like it had stars the entire length. I ascended through the tunnel to Heaven. I saw what appeared to be God or Jesus. He was about five or 6 stories tall,
and very wide. He appeared to be, pure Gold. 

I had no control of my body and just floated right through heaven and to the 1st heavens (the sky). It was
as if the Lord was giving me a tour. I saw mountains, oceans, and much beauty. I told the Lord he was amazing and that his work was beautiful. 

Then I awoke telling my husband about what I has seen. I told my grandmother, but she did not believe me. I
got off my work shift to head home, and that is when I really woke up. A dream within the dream. 

The Lord is returning soon, and he is calling his people to repentance. Thinking that I was going to be left was the worst feeling ever. 
God bless

Bonny: United States

I recently had a vision, not a dream about the rapture. But it was peaceful, it was about an airliner. This large jet, was sitting on top of a large body of water, it was nighttime. These entities, they were like white misty beings, coming out of the plane. I don't know, but it was very impactful and upsetting.

Allen: United States
Tonight I also had a dream of the rapture to come, but more than that in my dream I saw the judgment of God fall upon those who were left here. I felt the weight of Gods judgment and their eternal damnation. I saw people being herded onto buses being driven to the pit to be cast in. I saw the hopelessness on their faces. I saw the pit where they were being placed. Time is short and fast approaching the rapture i do believe. God have mercy on us and tary a little longer that we may warn people of the wrath to come.

Sontinish: United States

Recently I had a dream about what I think was a rapture. In my dream, our fate was determined by horses. if you had a white horse you were going to heaven and you began to float up into heaven and if you had a Black horse you were going to hell. I;m not sure what my dream means but I'm pretty sure its a sign from the Lord. I would consider myself a Christian because i go to church and i pray when I can but its so hard for me to talk to the Lord because I've always been judged by the things I do, and I feel like God wouldn't want to hear what I Have to say. Trust me I fear God and I love him! but I am so scared to talk to him and its so hard to stop cursing and stop smoking. I'm trying but not hard enough I need to push myself harder and focus and put him first because he is worthy to be praised!

I had a dreamed that I saw Jesus in the form of a man, on a cross like a cloud, crucified. He raised and pointed His left hand at the cross, and pointed his right hand to beyond the clouds. About 15 people were coming out of the cloud, and lined up side by side.
I ran to get a bible and to tell my mother that Jesus is back, and she  told me she already  knew.., (she has been dead for 9yrs).
So I got the holy Bible and tried to read, and I Saw Jesus on Every page.
One of the ladies told me to, come on, there is no reason to hide, this is end.
I was dead, but alive in judgement.  
This is my dream this morning. I believe the world will end soon

Nicola: India
It was the most terrifying dream ever: "I was at the top floor with all of my family members. The sky was grey, and there was no sun or moon to be seen. It looked exactly as though it was about to rain. it was not raining actually, but the sky was dark.

We all knew the rapture was going to happen. I quickly asked the people around me for their forgiveness for all the things I've had done wrong. 

Then I prayed, asking for forgiveness. After I was  done praying, I was quite nervous, for fear I might be the only one left behind."

Then, to my expectation, the others vanished. I stood there alone. I was left behind. I would  rather die than see this in reality.

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