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"I Met Jesus"
Anjanette's Christian Testimony

It was a late summer evening In August or early September of 2018. My husband, teenage son, and I had recently been on vacation to Yellowstone national park. 

We took the dream vacation in part to mitigate a rough four years where I was estranged from some family members over the trial and subsequent sentencing of my brother for sexual abuse perpetrated upon one of his daughters. 

I had also become estranged from my church at almost the same time due to a disagreement with the musical director who had been somewhat inappropriate to me, and the entire music ministry had an air of competition and self-promotion.

 I became very disillusioned and was struggling with my faith. Both experiences together had effectively crushed my soul. This was when I had a dream that would save my soul.

Jesus' Radiant Face of Love

I dreamt that I was back in one of the large Yellowstone lodges trying to find a quick path through the crowd. I found a skinny plank or bridge that went over a small man-made pond in the center of the Lodge.

As I was crossing, there was suddenly an intersecting plank that a man was taking. We were both walking rapidly, and He intersected me even though I sped up to avoid running into him. It was Jesus, with a radiant face of love! 

He was wearing a light turquoise flowing robe. I finally recognized him. He embraced me, and I laid my head upon his chest feeling perfectly loved and at peace. 

All my pain, worries, and confusion were gone, and I never wanted to leave his embrace again! 

To Clear the Confusion

Then that part of my dream was over, and I was standing in front of a display of postcards and cards when my deceased mother arrived. I said, “Mother, where have you been?!” And she said, “You know, Florida and around.” 

She then told me, “It’s not your fault.” Then she went to sit by my Father, who is alive. She started to lay down, and I asked her if she was tired, and she nodded yes. The dream ended there.

A few weeks later, my Father had a massive stroke & has never been able to walk since. He now lives in a nursing home.

I felt this was a dream to clear my confusion regarding my faith and to heal my crushed soul in order for me to return to Christ. 

It took a while to sink in after caring for my Father and making many of the medical choices for him being the only child in town and being a nurse. I was under a lot of pressure and estranged from some of my siblings.

Jesus is the Source of  All Love

Over the next few months, most of my relationships with my siblings started to be repaired except one. I also found another church which I felt led to, and in that church is a statue of Jesus with a light turquoise robe.

My family and I are now members of this church, and we pray for the complete healing of our family. We also feel we are being prepared for more, but we are not sure what that may be. 

Please turn to Jesus - no matter what you are enduring. Jesus is the Savior of the world, and the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are the source of ALL LOVE, HEALING, and ETERNAL LIFE.

Anjanette: United States

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I Met Jesus

"You will know the truth,
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