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"Finding Joy"
By Stew  McAuley 

Finding Joy

You know the feeling; your grumpy and frustrated, heck, you’re downright ticked off and then someone comes at you with a, “Have a nice day” or worse, “Don’t worry, be happy.”

you don’t want to be happy and this assault of niceness is ruining the vibe. You’d rather be left alone in your disagreeable self-loathing. Besides, who can be happy or joyful in these uncertain times anyway?

We're told that mankind has seen more changes and advancements in the last 30 to 50 years than in all of recorded history combined. There have been incredible breakthroughs in technology and, consequently, the way we live our lives.

This generation has seen lasers used to perform eye surgeries, successful heart transplants, prosthetic limbs that mimic the real thing and even the world's first full-face transplant.

Smart devices in the palm of your hand provide more data and computing power than entire networks could twenty years ago.

Artificial intelligence has moved from the episodes of Star Trek to the here and now and have capabilities to adapt to situations the same way you and I would. (Hmm, wait a minute, what could possibly go wrong with that?)

And just when you thought the space program was yesterday’s news, we see live feeds of NASA remotely controlling a rover on mars and watch a new space exploration company able to land a returning rocket to the launch pad. We've gone from science fiction to science fact.

So why, in an age of real-time news, mega-power hand-held computing, instant gratification and super-fast social media does a large segment of the population seem more miserable than ever? How is it that the more enhancements and choices people have, the less fulfilled they seem?

Many people seem unable to get past something that hasn't gone their way; others take a more thoughtful approach so they search for something, anything, that will bring lasting peace to their lives. 'Live and let live’; as you're whisked away into a sweet, automated existence...

It would seem many equate happiness as the goal for living; along the way ignoring how dependent that is on external elements such as, other people, things, places, events and even thoughts. When any of these don't meet expectations, when the stars are not perfectly aligned, their world is easily turned upside down.

"Unfair!", we hear; "Bigot!", they protest; "Who are you to impose your values on me?", they scream; "Bully!". They try to steer an outcome but happiness remains fleeting.

Enter joy. If you secretly discovered that there was a free and simple way to experience inner peace and well-being regardless of one's education, income or connections, wouldn’t you grab it?

And, if you heard that it actually wasn’t so secret but readily available, wouldn’t you want to share that with others? Sure-things don't come along very often in this life but a free membership into the family of God changes that.

Joy is one of the gifts you receive when you choose Christ as your reference point, your personal Savior; it's the beginning of experiencing peace like never before.

Not only is it a fruit of the Spirit, but joy allows you to be at peace with who you are and where you are no matter the circumstances. Even if that means enduring a hardship or loss, our faith will bring us back to joy.

If you're feeling unfulfilled and constantly disappointed, it may be time for a new normal. Stop thinking you can find all the answers on your own.

The street seeks to define cool and acceptance; but believers in Christ no longer need a fad, a trend, or a technology to deliver temporary happiness.

We have the key to unlocking the mystery to unending joy; it comes standard every time the heart whispers, "Lord, I believe."

“Three-minute exposure; a snapshot of life’s imperfect harmony,” by Stew McAuley.

Encouraging your Christian Worldview.

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 (Any blog from the website may be used without permission). My full name, Stew McAuley, may be used.


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Finding Joy

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