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"Thank You God
I Love You so Much"

I want to share with you something that happened to me recently, and I will not go into too many details.

Recently I started having feelings for another man other than my boyfriend. I was even having thoughts of having something with this man.

The man is my neighbour, a little younger than me; he acted so much in love with me, very attentive, considerate and caring, and constantly around.

God, Take Away this Feeling

My bf works a lot, and I don't see him much, so I liked the attention. He tried to convince me that we should exchange phone numbers. I denied as I knew that it would be wrong to have anything with this man.

I prayed so hard and asked God to take away this feeling from my heart that was developing because my bf didn't deserve that I have feelings for another man..and it would be so wrong!! 

For the past three days, I couldn't stop thinking about him, and the feeling was driving me insane, but I knew another power, and not God triggered the feelings..

Tonight I couldn't take it anymore, and I was about to go and knock on his door and tell him about my feelings, but thank God I didn't do it.

A Friendly Chat

Literally, 10 to 15 minutes after that, as I was standing on my veranda; a girl who used to come and clean my house last year and whom I hadn't seen in a pretty long time was passing by and stopped to chat with me.

As we were chatting the guy came out of his house, and she said, this man is not a good person, recently he was after me trying to convince me to have something with him and wouldn't let go. She had to tell her boss, and then he stopped.

Thank You God

I felt sick in my stomach, like throwing up..after hearing the whole story I realised the guy was playing with me, and I couldn't believe that I was going to throw my life away and sin because of this man.

I immediately knew that it was God who had sent her; there is NO WAY that this was a coincidence!!! It was so crazy I still can't believe that God helped me so much although I didn't deserve it.
God, thank you!! I love you so much, thank you for always being there for me.

Anna: Cyprus

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