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"The Little Acorn finds
His Purpose"
Written in Allegory Form

In the beginning, there was a little acorn, an Oak tree seed.  One day, Mr. Wind picked up the tiny acorn and blew it up and over a tall hill where the cedars lived.  Many cedars were on the hill. They had been growing there for about 150 years and had pushed out most of the other trees.  

Mr. Wind was sneaky and blew the tiny acorn high, then low and up high again above the branches of the cedar trees; then he blew the little acorn low where the cedars had not grown very much. 

Then Mr. Wind began to blow more slowly, and the little acorn was gently dropped where he was nestled beyond the cedar branches.  

It was fall, and the little acorn lay in his small hole until spring. When spring appeared, he knew he was becoming something new and different.  He was now a tiny twig.

During his early months, he bathed in the warm rain, drinking in all the water he wanted. He basked in the warmth of the sun that gave him nutrients and strength. 

Being in a nice little opening at the top of the mountain gave him the perfect view of what was going on all around. 

The First Year Passes and Little Acorn becomes Little Twig

The winds came and went, but little twig was allowed to stay where he was, and the cedars took most of the wind.  He was almost tall enough now to peek over the top of his hill. 

Many months and then the first year went by.  The little Twig had grown and was beginning to make his first leaves and sprouts.    

Wow!  What a spectacle he thought when he could finally see the bottom of the valley!   Far below little things were moving around, and there appeared to be dwelling places where the creatures lived. 

He was so happy!  Now he had something to oversee along with the flowers and little bushes around him.  This was going to be a very good place to live.

Little Twig Becomes Little Oak

The cedars and the wind now called him Little Oak. Now, one day Little Oak was enjoying the sun when he noticed some of the other trees around him were turning colors. 

Their leaves were not as green as they had once been. Some were red, some orange, some purple and some yellow.  Little Oak noticed that the cedars were different.  They did not change.  Their limbs stayed green.  Little Oak wondered why his leaves did not turn colors.  

Mr. Wind blew by one day and whispered to Little Oak that God had made him different from the cedars and the other trees.  One day he would understand;  He just wasn’t old enough yet.  His roots had to grow thick and deep. 

Little Oak says, “But I want to know now, can’t you tell me?”  “No, it is not your time to know, but one day you will,” explains Mr. Wind.  

Winter then Spring

Many more months came and went and the seasons were changing.  Winter was cold and snowy, but most of the snow was blown away from Little Oak, the cedars made sure of that.  They wanted him to grow big and strong! 

The air was chilled as it came in from the north.  The sun did not stay up as long now, and the days were changing!

After many days Little Oak awakened from a good night’s rest and noticed a little purple flower peeking up out of the ground.  What a beautiful sight!  Little Oak enjoyed the little flower, and he kept it company while he sat there in front of him. 

Soon, the hillside was sprinkled with yellow and white flowers.  Spring had come to the mountain!  

Little Oak noticed that he was changing.  His little limbs were growing out stronger and thicker, and even his roots felt different. 

The small flowers went away, and now the mountain was covered in soft green grass.  Around the north side of the hill, he could see moss growing on the cedars and some of the more massive rocks.  Little Oak thought he lived in a most beautiful place!


It was beginning to get warm again and Little Oak could now recognize the seasons. The cold winter weather was gone. Spring had sneaked in a little early, but it too was gone and the summer heat was nearing.

 Little Oak noticed that he could see all the way down into the valley now.  There were people, houses, and vehicles to watch over.  He saw the birds flying and the eagles soaring. 

He was growing stronger and bigger each day.  His roots had been planted deep into the lush mountain soil, and the cedars had protected him as he grew.  

Sun, wind, and rain had given him time to grow, and he was beginning to be a very large tree.  Birds used him as a nesting place.  Squirrels were jumping and playing all around him; but he was not quite tall enough for them to live in yet.

Little Oak becomes Tall Oak

Tall Oak lived on the mountain watching, growing, and waiting for his purpose.  He still did not know what God had for him to do.  He kept wondering, but he knew Mr. Wind would tell him that it was not yet time to share what his purpose was. 

But, he was a satisfied tree, and so happy to be there on top of the tall mountain.  One day he would know his purpose, and he was willing to wait.

Many springs came and went.  Each was different from the year before, and each year his roots grew deeper and his trunk broader, and he had now become known as Tall Oak.

His limbs were longer, and his leaves bigger, and soon his limbs were heavy with acorns, and this year the squirrels and chipmunks gathered plenty of them.  Some were eaten now, and some were hidden in their nests, while others were buried underground.

 Tall Oak Becomes Taller and Stronger

Deer came and nibbled on the crunchy treats, and they felt safe under Tall Oak’s long branches.  The little acorn who had become a Tall Oak was very happy indeed!  This year he had many squirrel homes high in the sturdy top branches. 

The fruit of his limbs was giving life and nutrition to many of his mountain friends.  He watched over the valley below and loved to hear the church bell as it rang once every week.

“May I live long and grow taller and stronger,” Tall Oak said!  He did not know that he was already the tallest tree in all the surrounding mountains.  Tall Oak could see far and wide over two mountains. He loved his mountain, and the mountain loved him.

One day, as Tall Oak was standing tall listening to the church bell down in the valley, there was a hush, and everyone gathered in the church for a special meeting.  There was something on the news that was quite unsettling.

The Snow Storm

Severe weather was coming in, and there may be a lot of snow with the possibility of an avalanche from the tall mountain above them. 

Much discussion was made before they departed to their homes for the day.  It was early in the season, and the real snow was not expected for a few weeks, so for now, they were safe.

One morning, right after breakfast as the deer gathered around Tall Oak, the snow started coming down.  They were huge flakes and grew bigger and fell from the sky faster and faster. 

Soon, Tall Oak’s branches were weighed down with the snow.  The squirrels went deep in their nests, getting away from the wet and cold of the snow.  The snow fell furiously for the rest of that day and into the next.

The Mountain Trembles

Tall Oak felt something was different about this snowfall.  He held the squirrels safe and the owl family that had moved in during the past summer.

He dug his roots even deeper into the ground, hugging the fertile soil in the bottom of the mountain. 

Then it happened… Tall Oak felt a tremble of the mountain that he had never felt before.  Oh no!  The valley below will be crushed if he did not do something quickly!  

All of a sudden, Tall Oak gripped the ground with all the strength he had.  He had to hold the mountain up so the cedars and the animals would not lose their home, and he had to keep the mountain up so it would not slide down on the valley below. 

He strained all he could as his roots held fast to the soil and rocks that were down deep inside the mountain.  He held on and held on until the trembling was over!

Tall Oak Becomes Chosen Oak

Tall Oak waited a few minutes, then looked around and shook his branches. A few leaves fell off, but, no one was hurt!  The cedars were still standing, and each animal was safe!  

Looking down on the valley below, the little acorn, at last, knew his purpose in life…God had made him big and strong enough to hold up the mountain to spare the life of each animal on the mountain and to spare the lives of everyone in the valley.  

Mr. Wind blew by and whispered in the cedars as he brushed the stately tree,  “Little Acorn you have been given yet another new name - your name is now, “Chosen Oak.”      

Ann Quinn

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The Little Acorn

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