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"Delivered From the Evil
Witchcraft Attacks" 
By Kathryn

Reading time 3 min 35 sec

This is my testimony of how God helped deliver me from witchcraft attacks.

When I was around ten years old, I moved onto my current street. I met a boy my age who was one of my neighbours. He lived a few houses away, and I was instantly attracted to him and fell in love with him over the next few years.

I wanted to date him and envisioned marrying him and our life together, yet he rejected me, and I was heartbroken. I could not understand why he did not want me or why he did not reciprocate my feelings.

I felt heartbroken and became desperate to try and change his mind and make him love me. I remember crying and my mother telling me that "God loved me". That did not mean anything, as I thought God loved everyone.

The years passed, and the pain of his rejection intensified, especially when he entered into a long-term relationship with someone else. People were unsupportive and told me to just "move on" as if I could simply flick a switch and immediately move on. No one cared or understood my pain.

Witchcraft and Psychic Mediums

I felt broken and hopeless. The pain would always be there, and I had no peace. I stumbled upon an app for tarot readings and made the mistake of getting involved with psychic mediums. I was trying to seek support and healing.

I wanted answers as to why I could never be with this man I wanted. I made the mistake of getting involved in witchcraft. I tried to make him love me, to take the pain away. I needed him to love me and want me back.
I started experiencing nightmares, seeing shapes and feeling anxious and unwell.

Delivered From Witchcraft Attacks

At this point, I realised that witchcraft and psychic mediums are evil. And I was a Christian but did not read the Bible frequently. I knew about God but didn't have a close relationship with him.

I was angry with God for not allowing me the man I wanted and hurt that the man I wanted was with someone else. I was angry and prayed many times to God, but God did not change the situation. God did not make the man I wanted to love me or change his feelings.

I realised that these psychic mediums were attacking me and doing witchcraft on me, offering to try and give information about the man. I was trapped and unable to break free. It was God who intervened and delivered me.

God delivered me from witchcraft and psychic mediums. God showed me they were evil and trying to control my life. They were trying to destroy me, and I did not realise.

I turned to God in complete brokenness because I wanted that man in my life; otherwise, I felt I could not cope without him. God came in and loved me. God gave me the strength to turn away from those practices and fill the brokenness with love. God showed me that He provides and is all we need.

Before, I desperately wanted to be with this man; otherwise, I thought I wouldn't cope. I realised that in God, we trust. People make mistakes and let us down; only God is there for us every moment.

I desperately needed love, but God showed me that only He can meet our love, support and guidance needs. Even if this man had loved me back at the same intensity I loved him, it would never be the same as God's love for me.

He may have cared for and loved me, but I would always have been unhappy and seeking God.

I Need God

I thank God for delivering me. I realised happiness comes from a relationship with God; feeling loved and filled on the inside comes from God and loving God and overflowing with love for others.

I was fixated on the lack of love from one man and missed the large volume of love that God has for us all. It took a long time to learn that I need God and His love. Experiencing God's love taught me that God is all I need in my life.

If I married the man I wanted, it would be an extra to my life as God provides and fills and provides. People will hurt me, and I cannot base my happiness on others and what people think. I cannot change how people feel, but knowing that God loved me helped repair and heal my heart.

I love that man, just as God loves me. God taught me that when you love someone truly, you give them the freedom to want to be with and to choose what they want. I want that man to be happy and wish the best for him. God loves him. I do, too.

I forgave him for the rejection because it taught me that only God can love me and is always there for me. As long as God is with you, it does not matter who comes or goes in your life.

Kathryn: United Kingdom

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Delivered From Witchcraft Attacks

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