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"Temptations of the Flesh"

I believe that people fall into temptations of the flesh so easily because it is a false intimacy. Of course there is a certain amount of intimacy in all healthy relationships, but the temptation is kept to a certain extent. How do we know if we have gone beyond that unwritten extent?

From personal experience it is when we have forgotten God in the midst of our sinning. Not only if we have forgotten him, but if in the back of our minds we can almost here him telling us that it is wrong - but the temptation has already grasped onto our actions with a steady, unforgiving grip that we try to silence it. Well, that is how it was for me, at-least. And may I add that this isn’t a rather small issue that should be pushed aside.

Many people are tempted throughout the day, we’re all human and unfortunately, it happens, especially in the society we live in where its almost glorified and glamorized. I knew my actions being made were sinful. I fell into temptation and it wasn’t the first time. It had reminded me of my past, the one that took me two years to forget.

I had many waves of regret from the last experience so why couldn’t I stop and prevent the recent one? Maybe it’s because old habits die fast, or it could be that I am just weak in this specific area. Everyone has a flaw, and many have a handful of them. It is not that we have asked for these flaws, nor have we asked for perfection, however, this is what makes us HUMAN!

There are times when we hit a wall, some of us gently touch the surface before backing away, and for the rest of us we might be speeding head first, having to pay the costly repercussions of our actions. And when we do, we will feel the wrong doings in our gut and soul, but I believe we are considered blessed because of this.

How great is our God to pull us away from temptation even after we have dipped our feet into it? His forgiveness of sins are everlasting and we are remade anew. Without having gone through times of trials, how would we have learned that they are wrong? We are molded into better people once we have received the consequences for our actions.

The better response to all this might be to not fall into temptation from the get-go, but like I had said earlier, we are human, some of us stronger, and some of us weaker. But at the end of the day the tough times that we are being put through will only make us stronger in our faith.


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Temptations of the Flesh

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