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Kule's Divine Encounter 
A Part of God's Plan

I am a born-again Christian who accepted Jesus as my personal lord and saviour.

I was saved during my High school years, and a few years later, in 2015, in my second year of Law School, I had a divine Encounter.


I was a resident at a hostel, and my best friend was also a resident. On this particular date, I was in my friend's room (His name is Joel).

I was watching a movie on his laptop (an animation); in the room were seven other people. I had headphones on, unaware of what they were doing and in my own 'theatrical world.'

At some point, I noticed that Joel was gone and was told he had fallen sick and rushed to the university hospital by some friends.

I was so engrossed in the movie that I didn't notice they had gone. (later, I realized this was a part of God's plan).

On returning to the room, I saw Joel staring at me sternly but hardly saying a word. It was then I learned Joel had fallen sick.

I tried to ask him what's wrong, but he just stared at me, hardly saying a word. He later told me that he couldn't speak as his speech was taken away, and at the time, he was dead. 

He saw himself as a dead body, but with his soul out of his body); yet, somehow he could see us and knew us, and knew what we were thinking; basically, his knowledge had been elevated.

When I realized Joel was "sick," I rallied the other mates in the room, and we prepared a meal for him...it was now nearly 9 pm.

Joel's Condition

Joel's condition got worse, and he couldn't eat... I went into a room adjacent to Joel's with another friend. As I sat on his bed, I suddenly felt something like 'Human Hands' holding the back of my head, turning it from left to right.

At first, I thought it was my imagination, but I was scared and looked behind but saw nothing; then I told this friend (He's Muslim) that something weird was in his room...

I felt the hands holding my head moving it in both directions; this time, I stormed out of the room and immediately started praying as I thought demons were in that room and trying to attack me.

I stormed out of the hostel and into the yard; this was in the night at around 10 pm, when we were usually still awake.

I went back to Joel's room, and when I entered, something in me changed.

Joel later told me that he was told by a voice that he could not speak about what he was going through but that I would tell about it on his behalf.

At that moment, I saw Joel look at me, and that's when I began erratically wandering around the room; I was moving up and down, unsettled...

The friends agreed to call Joel's family members to inform them about Joel's condition...

Some wanted to call his sister, others his brother (his sister and elder brother were known to us as they visited often, and he had introduced them to us.)

It's odd that when they tried to call his brother, I aggressively told them not to. I felt like his brother was the cause of whatever Joel was going through at that time.

I went out of the room, rumbling and uttering words I can't even remember...

I came back into the room, told them Joel's brother was coming and that he would try to take Joel to a hospital, but we shouldn't let him because if he does, Joel will die.

They didn't understand what I was saying or why I behaved that way; I was usually a quiet, reserved introverted person, calm and settled).

A few minutes later, after one of the friends called and informed him of Joel's condition, his brother arrived.

The moment I saw him, I became aggressive and told him he could not take Joel.

To be honest, I felt Joel's brother had the spirit of death with him...I couldn't stand his presence (this was me under the influence of what I later understood was the Spirit from God).

Joel's brother tried to take Joel, but I refused and said I would not let him over my dead body.

I told him that all Joel was going through was his fault, and as such, I couldn't let him take Joel.

The other people were astonished, and couldn't believe what I had turned into...and all the while Joel was just staring at me...saying nothing...

I sensed the spirit of God telling me that Joel was going through a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE (that's the closest I can describe it in worldly language).

That Joel was taking a journey from this earthly to a spiritual eternity; he was PARDONED BY GOD but was supposed to find his way back;  my role was to help him return safely.

At that time, I can't say I was the most sincere Christian, yes I loved God and followed Jesus but would still sin, so I was kinda lukewarm.

I convinced everyone in the room that Joel was fighting a spiritual battle, but we were to help him come back to earth; this was confirmed by Joel when he later testified how he had died and was judged (according to his life on earth) whether he should retain his earthly life or lose it. 

The spirit of death was escorting him out of the earth, BUT GOD GAVE HIM A SECOND CHANCE TO LIVE (but with instructions).

I felt and heard the Spiritual voice inside me, yes, the Spirit that caused me to act, talk, and do what I was doing at that time, telling me to take Joel to the university hospital.

I told the other people to prepare Joel, and we would take him to the hospital (it was now around 10:30-11 pm.

We carried him, and as we were walking out, I shouted, "all of you who claim to be Joel's friend, come, let's get him to the hospital...); however, we were the only ones who actually proceeded with him to the hospital (I realized later that this was part of God's plan in bringing Joel back to life).

Once we got outside the Gate of the hostel, the others tried to get a Boda Boda (in our country Uganda, a Boda Boda is a Man on a motorcycle who can quickly get you around town at any time of the day or night, cheaply).

The people I was with included Joel's brother, two girls, and two boys.

However, I was told by the spirit of God not to Get a Boda Boda. Instead, we were supposed to carry Joel to the hospital.

Now the hospital was up the steep road, and for sure, it was going to be long and tiresome.

The hospital was about 450 meters from our hostel.

And the road was tarmacked but narrow.

I told these people that we were not supposed to get help (as in a Boda Boda or taxi) but that we must walk.

They frowned, argued, felt perplexed but somehow, THEY AGREED I knew God was with me at that time).

And while we were carrying Joel up the road to the hospital, we were singing songs of praise and worshipping God)

I also remember encouraging the friends carrying Joel not to get tired and give up.

I remember saying something like, "Guys don't give up, Let Joel carry his cross; he must carry his cross.... (later, Joel told testified to us that when we were moving him, he felt like we were carrying him to HIS GRAVE).

I realized it could have been so because, At that moment, Joel was extremely heavy!!!

We continued carrying him, but some of our friends got tired and gave up until only three of us remained. 

The burden became more difficult, and I was so tired, but the spirit comforted me, telling me to "NOT GIVE UP, KEEP ON WALKING, I WILL GIVE YOU STRENGTH."

I couldn't have done all these things by myself; God was in Control, Hallelujah!

As we were about to reach the hospital, another friend became tired, and then it was Joel's brother and me who were carrying Joel, which made it even more difficult because his presence was like a filthy stench to me, and there seemed to be a spirit of death around him.

Thank God I received a revelation from God that the spirit of death was moving with Joel's brother. The Spirit of God was bearing witness about saving Joel and reminding the spirit of death that JESUS DEFEATED DEATH). No wonder I couldn't stand His presence.

I remember saying to him that God has been victorious and Joel is not going to die. Now, his brother hates me and says I accused him of trying to kill Joel.

We finally reached the hospital, and Joel was placed in a wheelchair and wheeled into a separate Room. The doctor was called, along with some nurses, and Joel was placed onto a hospital bed as the doctors prepared to inject him with some medicine and a Canara for him.

I could see what was going on and began telling the doctor not to inject Joel because he was not sick. (We were in a big room with many beds where patients with non-serious conditions are placed).

I revolted and told the doctor not to inject Joel with any medicine because he was not sick but was fighting a spiritual battle.

The doctor thought I was irrational and shouted to the nurses for me to be removed, but I overpowered them... so the doctor called some men who instead tied me with small strong ribbons onto the bed...

The doctor then went ahead and administered the medicine to Joel, who went into a deep sleep (or at least it looked like he went into a deep sleep).

Two Dimensions

Joel's body was on earth in the hospital while his soul was in a faraway land (a spiritual dimension where I saw him slowly walking toward me).

I was physically present but could see Joel in his spiritual state; I knew it was him because he would respond when I called his name even though he was far away.

(The Spirit of God had consumed me and was using my body as a vessel for God's purpose.) I also started to praise and sing worship songs and talk about God.

Suddenly the doctor turned to me and wanted to inject me, but I refused. He asked the friends what was wrong with me...they told him everything and how I suddenly became "something else"...his conclusion: PSTD or something similar!!!

The doctor said that maybe I had experienced so many painful events in my life that I was now releasing them.

I somehow knew what the doctor thought of me even before he said it. I told him I was not sick but instead had an assignment to complete.

The doctor got some hospital personnel to hold me and gave me a shot to calm me down. I could feel the medicine moving from my hand and up through my shoulders, but then it stopped.

I told the doctor he was wasting his time...that I would not sleep...because I had an assignment to fulfill.

The power of the Spirit of God was on me, and mere medicine couldn't get me to sleep. (I later learned the drug could make an adult sleep for hours).

I received seven shots, but they had no effect! So the doctor told them to untie the restraints but to watch me, and then he departed.

At that moment, I felt a Glorious presence come over me. It was the tremendous presence of The Spirit of God; it was as though Jesus himself was speaking through me.

I began CRYING tears of sadness and felt tremendous grief in my soul.

I Began to Speak!!

Those with me in the room were witnesses and can verify everything!!

I spoke about sin and how humanity needs salvation. I talked about our lecturers who were teaching about evolution, questioning the existence of God.

I talked about the lewd campus lifestyle of Students engaging in sexual sin, going to nightclubs, and fornicating.

I spoke about witchcraft and divination. I spoke about the Pope and how some people worship him, which is a SIN!

While crying heavily, I spoke all these things; I felt this heavy presence over me, talking sadly about all these things.

I spoke about so many things, some of which I can't remember... but mostly about repentance and that there is Death and Life after Death,

Then, I began singing songs of praise as I saw Joel's soul returning to him...in the spirit (which was like a vision, I saw Joel's spirit which was clothed in white robes) returning to him, so I shouted in prayer and singing, saying things like, "Joel is coming back, he's coming back...)

Later on, I saw Joel's soul return to him in the hospital....and as soon as this happened, he woke up; (he was now fully human, and his soul and body were at the same place).

I said, "Lord Jesus, Thank you, I have done my assignment, it's over,"). Then I saw a bright light but could not see anything...I thought I was going to die but was pulled back into my body.

Then I woke up and the real me came back.

I realized then that The spirit of God was ministering through me and that JOEL AND I HAD JUST GONE THROUGH A NEAR DEATH ENCOUNTER.

It would be great for Joel to write down his version of what he went through, as this would help the reader better understand the whole incident.

I believe there's life after death and judgment of our sins. We must make a deliberate choice to live and follow Jesus Christ, not just in words but in action. Every sin will be judged!!!!

I hope to contact Joel and see if I can record what he went through as told by him.

To God be the Glory

Kule: Uganda

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