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"Thank God For My Healing"

Hi all,
This is my testimony to thank God for relieving me from a health condition that had no name. I, in fact, wrote an article,

" The Unnamed Pain."

I was basically born and brought up in a humid climate, and having shifted to a cooler climate for the sake of my Hubby's job, I just was left with no choice but to cling to God for His guidance.

For a full 2yrs, every evening and night would become a nightmare as I was bright as a ray of sunshine during the daytime, and post 4 pm, I would be filled with heat and gas and end up struggling for breath and shortness of breath. 

The evening ordeal would end by 2.30 am, and most of the nights, my sleeping posture was in a half-sitting one inclined on pillows to tell my system that I was not sleeping and that I was just sitting😋 

When I sought medical advice, I was told that it was peri-menopausal symptoms and so given tablets to help relieve the bloating and the choking feeling for which a medicine was prescribed to enlarge my windpipe. 2 yrs of strips and strips of tablets and countless bottles of the syrup. 

I started wallowing in self-pity, losing my confidence and interest in living, thus leading to sleeping all day, justifying that I got no sleep during the night and had stopped exercising completely.

I used to cry kneeling inside the toilet during this painful ordeal, asking God to relieve me of this unnamed situation, and my husband started looking out for a job in humid places, but since the post covid impact, finding a job was more difficult than breathing😁.

As I was wrestling with God to help me see what He wanted me to see and to do, deep down, this whole ordeal started out of nowhere, and I was deeply convinced it was the hands of God and that it was His way of purging and refining me, thus taking me into the long, arduous process of Cupellation (refining process). 

The Lord reminded me of areas where He wanted me to let go and give up my hurts into His hands and to yield to His will rather than resisting by projecting to the outside world that all is well inside, whereas there was so much bitterness caused by hurts accumulating within to such extent I could not literally breathe. 

But would you believe after two years, I'm alive and kicking, breathing normally, exercising, eating sensibly and with no medications only after I decided to yield to what God was telling me to do, how much ever difficult it was coz I just wanted to breathe normally. 

It was like telling me if I wanted to breathe normally, I better let go and surrender each and every aspect of my life into His hands. I was willing to do ANYTHING just to be free from the holds of satan and to start living a life that would bring glory to The Almighty, thus finding so much peace in His presence.

I learnt to appreciate every single day and am learning to replace every negative thought with a positive one. 

Gracia: India

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Thank You God for My Healing

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