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"A Storm is Coming"

This is not a dream; it happened while watching a video in my living room. Perhaps I should also mention that I had a near-death experience four years prior. 

A lot of things changed after my NDE; mainly, my interest in the Bible, and God was new to me; there was a new me. 

I can't call this a vision because I felt I was there.

Let me explain

I was watching a video by Mark Sergent about the firmament. It came to a place in the video where it showed an optical illusion of Jesus. It said to look at the picture for 32 sec and look at a white wall or object. For some reason, I heard look at it for 4 seconds and then blinked while looking at a white wall. 

So  I looked away from the screen, looked at my wall, and started blinking. I was looking as hard as I could but couldn't see even an outline of Jesus. I looked harder and blinked faster when suddenly there was like a crazy shaking or vibration. 

Not secs after the vibration started, I saw grey clouds spinning clockwise going in a circle and slowly opening from the center out. I could make out a color of green; as the clouds opened, I soon realized this was a pasture.

The Clouds opened all the way, and I was in a big field, but what caught my eye first was the horizon, it was from the ground up storm clouds with red yellow and orange flashes of light going off like it was lightning or even a battle. It was as far as the eye could see to the left and then to the right. 

A Person in a White Robe

As I looked to the right, I saw a path that came out of the clouds. I would say I was about 800 yards from where the path went into the clouds, which was off to the right. 

In the center of the (cattle trail) path to my right maybe 20 feet from me, I saw a person in a white robe. He had a white cloth that went from shoulder to shoulder. Out from the cloth just a little above the shoulders, you could see his hair.

From the moment the clouds started to this moment, I was mouth wide open on the edge of shock; He was standing on a path right in front of me. 

I was just focused on him, and he was looking right at me. He wasn't smiling, nor did he look upset, just kinda serious. I never took my eyes off his face, and I found my self in front of him moving towards Jesus. 

I was now right close to him, and I am embarrassed to say I was fascinated with his beard and mustache, which was perfectly trimmed. I have a beard and mustache and keep it trimmed, but this was perfect; a very tight beard and mustache. 

He had a Tanned skin color and the most intense greenish Turquoise eyes. They were intense & captivating is all I can say. I told my wife he looked like a very handsome surfer with a good tan. Lol. 

He never said a word the whole time. I was right in front of him looking right at him, I never said a word, and neither did he.

A Storm is Coming

At the end, before I was on my couch again, I thought I saw him turn to his right, which was my left, and point at something; maybe the storm clouds, maybe something else, I do not know. 

There I was back on my sofa, trying my hardest to blink and go back. I got a pretty severe headache above my left eye. I felt strange, and of all things, my brand new Alienware computer stopped working, and I haven't gotten to work right again. The computer place couldn't figure it out, took it to a couple of places, and still have the computer today. 

That experience was now four years ago, and there is not a day that goes by that I do not think about it. I have guilt about not kneeling or bowing and not saying anything to Jesus or what it all meant. 

Writing this today, and with everything that is going on in the world, I think he was telling me a storm is coming; the beginning of sorrows. 

During this time, I had scheduled heart surgery, a condition I had had for years. When they went in to repair the damage, it had vanished. Gone! 

I don't know why these things have happened to me, but it has changed everything for me.

Scot: Mexico

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A Storm is Coming

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