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Trusting in Jesus

Sandra: United States

Danish: Pakistan
I use to work for a company which was not doing so well. I was one of the lead people and was responsible for 80% of company revenues, and all marketing and new product development activities. Our company had been negotiating a "third party acquiring deal" with a large group for more than 8 months, and finally the deal was sealed and the takeover had started. My boss said to me that "you would be redundant in the new system". 
I came home and was not OK with the situation at all, speaking to my parents, (I live with my parents and they are my responsibility so we are just 3 people at home).  I told them that I worked 4 years for this company and had asked my boss to recommend me to the new management,  but he didn't seem interested in doing that and hadn't even tried to me. He told me that,  Mr. Ali's team will be doing everything. 
To this my father said, don't worry the one who helps you is bigger than your boss and God will do what is best for you.
Two days later I got a call from another person saying that someone from Mr. Ali's  team has resigned and he wants a person of your profile as a replacement;  so I spoke about you, and I think you should give it a shot. So I contacted Mr. Ali and met him for an interview, and he said,  leave your CV with me,  call me after 4-5 days. 
I called him as per his instructions and was told he was travelling. A few days later I get a call from the HR department and was called in for an interview, along with 2 other candidates.  The interviewers included Mr. Ali, (the Managing Director of the company), 3 other directors, and the HR person. 
The interview went well and I got an offer call next day from the HR person. He said,  we have approvals to be made on each hiring, so please do not resign from your company until I give you a confirmation call, (he did not know that I had been laid off recently). 
I kept waiting for another 2-3 days for the confirmation call,  but didn’t get any calls.  I was broke, jobless and frustrated,  so I prayed to God, " I don't care about anything I just want a joining call tomorrow."
It was a Saturday next day,  around noon when the marketing director called and asked, where are you? I told him I was home, its Saturday so i'm spending time with mom and dad. He replied,  we have a lot of work to do, and I think you should come to the office on Monday and start to  take control of your responsibilities. 
I told him that, I don’t have an issue with that, but the HR person hasn't confirmed my hiring yet, he still needs internal approvals on my case. The marketing director said,  its just internal approvals you need,  be in the office on Monday and we'll take care of the formalities while you are there. 
Today I am thankful to God who never lets me down, and it is true what the bible says ... "things that are not possible with men are possible with God".  I am now an employee of the same company I asked my boss to recommend me for, and technically,  my ex-boss is a client for me now,  as my current company took over his company and this is one of the projects on my portfolio.
The best part of this miracle is this that Mr. Ali is my boss now. My ex-boss and this whole project take over and executions,  were handed over to me, which makes me at par with my ex-boss. 
All glory to God's name for he is the living and true God. Amen

Lan: United States
Hello, this is my Christian Testimony:  When I was an unbeliever, I asked God if he exists. Later, I also asked him if he was Jesus. He answered both of these questions and now, I am a firm believer that God exists and that he is Jesus.
For a long time, I struggled with witnessing to people. I struggled with what to say and how to prove to unbelievers that God exists and that he is Jesus. Later, I realized that I could simply tell them to ask God if he exists and if he is Jesus. 
Now witnessing is easy. And I believe if this way of witnessing to people caught on, that the world could be changed!!! God will answer these questions. I believe that telling unbelievers to "Ask God if he exists" is a great way of witnessing to them. 
I was also thinking that it would be great if you tell your congregation about this and if your church would advertise this on billboards!!! In Christ, Lan

Justo zChalaire: United States
Thank you Jesus for restoring my sight

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Christian Testimonials Page 1

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