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Personal Christian Testimony By Eddie Goh: Malaysia

 Hi all, I would like to keep this, my personal Christian testimony, as straightforward as possible. I made a solemn promise to the Lord that I will share my own testimony for all the good He has done to my life. Thus, I would like to fulfill that promise.

There is no other God like Him that has continuously given me such tremendous amount of love and care, every moment of my life. Only because of Jesus, I am able to be alive today to write this and share with you all. 

Physically, I was not strong as a young boy. I was asthmatic and had many severe asthma attacks that almost cost me my life many times. Those attacks were so bad that it really felt like drowning. Struggling for air in the middle of the night is something I suffered many times as a child. At the age of 12, after years of prayers especially from my parents, Jesus healed me completely from being asthmatic.

Another incident, when still a young boy I had the fatal dengue fever. I remember drifting in and out of consciousness many times while the high fever raged on for 2 weeks. Again, Jesus heard my parents prayers and healed me.

In my teenage years, due to my own foolishness I was involved in a very bad auto accident, and the car I was driving was totally smashed. It was a miracle that I did not suffer even a minor injury.

During that time I was also under a spiritual attack that lasted for  two years. I could hardly get a good nights sleep, and was constantly disturbed. Thankfully, after many rounds of prayer by my parents, I saw Jesus  in a dream, order the evil spirit that was disturbing me to leave and not harm my life. Afterwards, I  was  longer under spiritual harassment. 

More recently, a few years ago, a former business turned sour. The partner of my parents and I turned sour and threatened us, if we did not pay him quite a large sum of money in compensation.

My family and I are not very cash rich, but we had an apartment from an earlier investment that was partially rented out. That apartment property would not be easy to sell, but it would be necessary if we were to make the compensation. We were desperate and cried out to Jesus. To our amazement, that apartment was sold within weeks, and at a record price!

As of writing this, I am 28 years old. These are just some of the real life examples of how Jesus has saved my life on different aspects. My life has never been easy, but I have Jesus. He is the only source of strength, comfort and love I can depend on. Only with His everlasting love and constant help can I have the strength to live every day of my life.

People may fail, but not Jesus, He never fails.
I sincerely hope that all who are seeking help and comfort will turn to Jesus, He is the only true living God!

Eddie Goh: Malaysia

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Personal Christian Testimony

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