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"Christian Testimonies Page 9 at Trusting in Jesus"

Dixie: Country

Jesus is a strong tower. The righteous run into it and are safe. I was a brand new Christian and only 19 years old. I was working full time and commuting back home late at night. A string of crimes had started happening in my neighborhood, and my boss asked me to move out of that neighborhood. I knew God was my father, and He was protecting me. Sometimes He would tell me to take different routes home, which was verified the next day when I heard about someone who had been attacked on the way I usually took. God gave me total peace, and I slept well every night. He even put me in touch with a girl that had been attacked so I could help her know how to get saved and come under God's protection. God gave us His son to save our souls and gives us everything else we need too. He is always good.

Daniel: United States

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters! There is a church that has a 1-800 telephone prayer line sometimes I call at night for prayer to be safe through the night because I am homeless and sometimes have to sleep under a bridge when it rains! 

Recently a man prayed for me, and when he was through, he said, now listen, we are here 24 hours a day you call us back whenever you need us, it was an honor for me to pray for you! When I hung up, I said to myself, that was so nice what he said!

Then it was like the next night when I was talking to the LORD, He said, "About what he told you, Dan, it is an honor for you to have so many friends on the computer who have prayed for you for years!"

I saw it immediately, yes I am honored to have gotten to know you all. Your prayers and love honor me! 

The scripture the LORD gave me is, "now these three remain faith hope and love but the greatest of these is love," that describes you perfectly, you love people unconditionally with no foreseeable return. You love the LORD with your whole heart and love the hurting in the body of Christ, like me! GOD richly bless you Brother Danny 3/27/19  

PS. that almost brought a tear to my eye.

Ashley: Zimbabwe

l received Christ as my Savior and ever since l have been wrapped in his love

Grace: Hong Kong

Just want to follow Jesus for the rest of my life

Brother Danny: United States

"Blessed assurance Jesus is mine Blessed assurance perfect delight visions of rapture now burst on my sight! Angels descending bring from above echoes of mercy whispers of love this is my story this is my song praising my Savior all the day long!"

 When I hear this beautiful gospel hymn written by Miss Fanny Crosby, who was blind when she wrote it and then read the stanza visions of rapture now burst in my sight, I can know that GOD was miraculously reaching her with visions even through her blindness. That tells me there is no darkness, Spiritual, mental, or emotional depression that cannot be penetrated by the Light of God's Word! GOD richly bless you.  

PS. my prayer request is for that glorious light to shine on my homelessness and lift me up.

Brother Danny

2019-03-08 1:08 pm

When peace like a river attendeth my way when sorrows like sea billows roll. Whatever my lot thou hast taught me to say it is well, it is well with my soul!

GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny 3/8/19

Jacqueline: Philippines

Before I slept last night, I prayed and talked to God about my situation. I sleep during weekdays with the company of a daughter's neighbor because my husband only came during Saturdays and depart again on Mondays. My three children are also away, one was married and lived abroad, my son working, and my youngest is in college. I always feel I am alone; I feel depressed; and that is why I am always sickly and in pain, physically and emotionally. 

In my prayer, I asked God, Lord, I have accomplished only a little with my job and don't feel I have achieved anything worthwhile that I can be proud of. I am already old and can no longer recover and compete with the young people because I don "t have the strength and stamina as they did. So I asked, God, what will be my purpose in life if I am useless? 

Then at dawn, I dream I was working with a group of young people making some projects. The one I remember was a carved brown bowl with a form of a leaf at the base. Then I glanced up and saw someone make a frame with Jesus inside it so bright.

Then I saw a man pass in a white robe walking, with shoulder-length brown hair and a beard. He glanced sideways with his blue eyes staring towards me. Then I said, He is Jesus, and I woke up very happy that I saw Jesus at last. I recalled the dream as if it was very real. 

I knew the message of my dream then..that I have to keep on praying to Him, to trust and have great faith in Him so that I will know His will.

A: France

This is how I imagine my testimony. I am a princess waiting inside a castle in heaven. There are many single young ladies there waiting too. I see some of them get picked among the crowd. They receive a new dress, shoes, a ring, and a special gift. I see them being picked up before me, Once, Twice, Three times, again, and again, and again. First, the ones younger than me. Then the older ones. Then the ones my age. As I wait for my turn, I remember feeling the same way as in school when they picked up everyone before me to join their sports team because that was not my strong subject in school. Again I felt rejected. What did they have that I don't? What makes them special? And I realize they are not better than me, but they are unique. I start to wonder, will I ever get married? I begin to find in my heart, anger towards God because he never picks me. I felt rejected by God as if he left me behind on purpose. After a while, I find myself crying, laying head on the ground and sobbing. Wearing my white ballerina dress and my tiara, but full of insecurity, self-doubt, fear, and feeling abandoned and alone. I hear God inside my head, saying that it will be a "testimony" while I sob. And suddenly I see myself dancing with my head held high and my back straight without hunching as I always do. Even if I am not married yet, I am happy and dancing, enjoying HIM. That's where I want to be in life. ENJOYING HIM. 

Daniel: United States

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters. Something wonderful has happened, I got saved at 26, and my childhood was very dysfunctional. My parents passed away very early, sexually abused by an uncle; you name it. Even after I got saved, I got some sort of secret delight by holding on to these memories and not letting anyone in to hurt me again. But the LORD revealed to me that was what is called codependency and that I am free from that and can let it go. Immediately I am finding there is a huge breakthrough in my relationship with the LORD; nothing is hindering me from receiving his HOLY Spirit, and I feel so much lighter and better about everything. So thank you for carrying me all these years. My prayer request is I don't want to rush now; I have waited 72 years and want to enjoy this, but still be on my guard because I know I fellowship with many homeless people who have had similar hurts and pains, and now I can help them get free as well! GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny - 2/9/19

Erin: India

My testimony is unique in a way that I am not testifying about deliverance, healing, etc...My family and I have been going through trying times. We were too overwhelmed with a myriad of problems and sickness that trailed one after the other. We thought that we could handle them; however, our limits have been tested. We gave it over to Jesus. His presence made all the difference as He is helping us to navigate with God-given patience and calmness. As for me, I personally can feel His peace, despite facing failures after failures. His word is true -His grace is indeed sufficient for us. Despite the pangs of disappointments, embarrassment, and anxiety about the future, He has always been there for me, and I don't wish to take it for granted. I just want to express my gratitude to God for being with my family and me through hell and high waters. God bless!

Carola: Austria

I got saved at the time I was in a very abusive relationship with a Muslim man.

God told me to leave him, but it was not easy. That man had become my soul tie, and I suffered from demonic attacks. It was the most painful time in my life.

Still, God told me to leave him. I tried to save my relationship to that man through prayers and all, but you can't change God's will.

It was rough. I never cried so much in my life and had so much fear; the process of leaving him took me over one year.

God had much mercy on me and saved my life. He freed me from addictions and healed my broken heart. 

  • Psalm 34:18 - The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit

Kim: United States

I'm telling this story of Miracle Testimony for my wife who experiences these miracles daily, but cannot tell her story due to expressive aphasia caused by the massive stroke she experienced November 6th, 2015.

Kim suffered daily from multiple afflictions for years (15 or more) before her stroke. She had headaches, backaches, neck issues, swollen and disfigured thumb and forefinger on her right hand, swollen and bright red right knee joint, sinus infection(s), and used a heating pad nearly every night for 15 years.

Her stroke was severe, affecting a large portion of the left side of her brain (initially, the attending ER physician told me that she was "gone"). I saw the MRI of both sides of her brain and was shocked at the amount of "dead tissue" left in the aftermath. She was in ICU for about ten days when she was sent to a local "skilled nursing" facility, where she cried out constantly as if having a nightmare. This lasted for weeks until December 17th, 2015.

December 18th, 2015 was a sunny Sunday morning, and the miracle(s) started, Kim was now calm and coherent, she started physical therapy within a few days and as she progressed there were NO headaches, NO back or neck issues, NO Thumb, forefinger or right knee swelling. NO sinus infections, NO hyperthyroidism, NO heating pad required! All of these miracle(s) are still experienced every day.

This is truly evidence of God's Mercy and Healing. I am glad to share this as a testimony to our Great GOD, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit!

Ekta: India


My name is Ekta. I am 33 years old. Many years back, I got afflicted with a horrible skin disease on my face while I was doing my college and felt very embarrassed and shy to face people. I use to bunk college and go and sit in church to avoid people. Somehow, after a year of shame, God started beautifully healing my skin, and within six months or so, I was fully healed, and still, my skin looks beautifully healed and restored. Praise Jesus for giving me new skin and changing my shame to honor. Ekta

James: Canada

I have had three dreams of Jesus in the past year.

The first was when I was an atheist, and I was telling my Christian friend that if Jesus really cares, he'll show himself to me. That night, I had a dream. I was in a dark cave and was searching for the exit, and there was a great flash of light and a voice that was calming. I could barely see through the light, but it felt warm, and the voice said: "Come, follow me." 

The second dream came a few days after the first. I was still skeptical of my dream and said I needed another sign that He is there. So I went to sleep expecting nothing in particular. But I found myself in the cave again. I saw another great flash of light, and Jesus was standing before me with his arms held out. He smiled and said, "Welcome." He was gone in another flash of light, and where Jesus stood was now the exit to the dark cave. This made me a believer, and I now have an unshakable faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

The third was just yesterday. I was meditating on some struggles my fiancé was having and praying for help for her and her family, and the image of Jesus came to mind. He was wearing a long robe and sitting on a throne in what I assumed was heaven. He smiled again and said, "I say to you, do not worry. It will be okay. Just wait and see." 

Jesus is there if you look for Him. In troubled times, he will come. You just have to have faith and look!

Presley: Papua New Guinea

How grateful am I to have the God of the whole Universe touch me.

His touch is Supernatural

I feel blessed and energized

His touch of reassurance

By his touch, I am being reincarnated

He alone knows all my struggles

In his time he makes all things beautiful

Sarah: New Zealand

He Hugged Me! 

A few weeks ago, I had been going through some hard times; my anxiety and depression were at its peak. I did not know what to do; I just wanted everything to end. 

That night before the dream, I had been crying nonstop and went to bed crying, and this is all I said before I closed my eyes. "Please Jesus, help me, hug me!" In the early hours of that morning, I had this dream. 

I was sitting in a dark room, and light slowly started to fill in from the open door. I said, what is happening? And then this good feeling came in, I saw a figure entering the room, and I straight away sensed it was Jesus. 

He was walking fast and straight to me, smiling, wearing a glittering pearl necklace. He had long hair, dark skin, and his arms were open ready to hug me. 

I moved forward to hug, and he said, you wanted me to hug you, right? And I said yes. I could feel his hands pressing my shoulders and woke up with that touch. 

It has been a month now I have no anxiety or depression and feel completely healed. I am a totally different person now. 

This is my testimony. Thank you, Jesus, love you my lord

Ana: United States

Contact Form: Let go and let God. No matter how good or how bad life seems to be, trust and believe in God, for he is always there. Talk to him as you were talking to a friend. Be yourself, for he knows who you are. Unconditional love... he gives us. What else could we ask for... Amen...

Okuhle: South Africa

Okuhle has been diagnosed with cancer..she is four years old. And cancer had taken her ability to walk. So this one morning, she wakes up and tells us Jesus said she must get up and walk. He came to her twice in one week. She started walking the same week. Jesus and God really do visit children ..we are a testimony.

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