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"Jesus Appeared in My Dream"
Linda's Christian Testimony

This testimony is to uplift the name of Jesus.

Praise be to His name! I was married for ten years to a drug addict. I did not know he was an addict when I married him, and I thought he had "recovered" and was a believer. 

Many instances occurred (too many to count) of him going somewhere to use drugs. Finally, after nine years, the inevitable happened: we separated, and then I filed for divorce. The divorce was final just after ten years.

A few months later, I fell to sleep (I rarely dream) and had a dream which seemed so real! Jesus appeared to me in the dream and asked me (He did not open His mouth to talk to me; as He looked at me, I just knew what he was saying), "do you want to participate in ___ _'s deliverance?" I immediately said, yes, and He was gone. 

I wanted to be in His presence longer, and when I woke up, I knew this was real. A few days later, my former husband called me out of the blue. He told me of some of the difficulties for him (he had been in rehab but now had nowhere to go). I invited him to come to stay with me but said nothing about the dream as I thought it might dissuade him. 

When he got to my place, he was a wreck. (Weeks later he admitted to wanting to commit suicide on the way to my place while driving there.). The next morning I asked the Lord what I should do or say to him? He told me to read a particular scripture verse to him, so I did. The same thing happened the following morning. 

The third morning he was at my place. I again asked the Lord what I should do or say. The Lord told me to tell him to write down ten scriptures of who he is in Christ. Now I really did not want to do this! I was afraid my ex would see it as "homework" and resent the 'assignment' or else he might get mad at me.

I began to procrastinate, but I was concerned about being obedient to the Lord, so I asked the Lord how long could I wait before telling him. The Lord told me my deadline was noon. At 11:58 a.m., I finally mustered up the courage to give him the 'assignment.' 

When I did, he wasn't exactly thrilled about it, but he took some paper and a pen and began to write. I asked him if he needed the Bible to look up the scriptures? And he replied, grumpily, No!; This made me quite anxious, so I left the room to leave him alone with his work. 

As he wrote (and the Word flowed out of him) he told me later he began to feel the addiction lose its grip on him. He threw out his drug paraphernalia and began to give God the glory. 


The man I had prayed for so many years was delivered completely, just as Jesus had said.

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Jesus Appeared in My Dream

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