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"Christian Testimonies Page 11 at Trusting in Jesus"

Dustan: United States

I Was young when I first asked for forgiveness, but I walked away without the saved feeling. I have had nine very close calls with death.

The last experience has changed my life forever. I saw the light. It was like nothing you could compare with anything on earth. The feeling of love, total freedom, and complete relaxation, as though the world has been lifted from your shoulders.

I asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins. The feelings increased tenfold. It was the best feeling I have ever had. I was told to go and spread the word. God loves you all.

Lily: United Arab Emirates

I have a lot to be thankful for.

Something wonderful happened today. I had subscribed to one app, which was accumulating points whenever I ordered food in a particular restaurant. I didn't pay attention to the point system and the benefits of the app. Every time anyone in the office ordered their meal points were automatically added under my contact, which I did not even know.

I got a message telling me that I have a voucher from which I could order at least five meals from that restaurant; they needed me to redeem the meals within a month before the points expire.

This has come at a point when I am broke, and I could use a decent meal from a good restaurant, a break from my budget meals. God will supply for us beyond our expectations. 

I am learning to be grateful daily.

Kostas: Greece

Hi, I am Kostas. I am from Greece, and I have a testimony of how Jesus comforted me when I was broken-hearted. I loved a girl called Juliana, I had a crush on her for two years, and in July, she confessed her love for me, and I was very happy. We would talk for hours and hours every day, complimenting each other but... October came. 

It all was my fault. I had lied to her about myself. Not about my face or emotions but other things that were important as well. She hated me. A year passed, and yet she never forgave me even though I had changed, and I tried to do anything to get her back. 

I cried every single day from October to January. I would pray five times a day...Maybe more. I apologized to God about my horrible sin, I begged for his mercy and asked him not to leave me, as he should, but to comfort me for I had regretted it. I broke the heart of the girl I loved so much, and I also broke her trust. 

In January, Jesus answered, but through my father. No one knew of this in my family, not even my friends. My father said the message to my mother, and that was the answer: 

"I have noticed your tears, and when you were not crying, I would see your broken heart. I had comforted you even when you did not notice it. Do not be depressed because even before you were born, I said, 'Live.' I want you to grow and stop being that lonely teenager. I want you to bloom like a flower. I also want you to read my word to know me better, and I promise that I will appear to you more often. I love you". 

When I heard that, I cried..not in sorrow but joy. God is loyal; God is good. He is a promise keeper, a healer, and a comforter. He will love us no matter what. Thank you, Lord, for loving us so much.

Binky: United States

I could not believe that God's promises were for me. Something was just not quite right about me. I thought God was displeased with me, and I was disgusted with myself. 

To make a long story short...God spoke in gentle whispers..." I can save you, I can hear you! I am strong enough to save even you"!!! He rescued me when I thought it was over. He clicked the light bulb on in my heart, and one day while reading a list of God's attributes, it all clicked... it's all really true! God does love me! God did die for me! 

God does not hold my sins against me anymore! I can go confidently before Him for anything, at any time. God is always with me, and HE carries me, safe in his arms forever. When this lightbulb moment happens...you know you have been touched by God. God is right next to us, near to us.

Christians...you have to believe the Truth... believing lies kept me in bondage for so long. At first, when you realize you are entirely accepted, fully forgiven by God, fully loved, you wonder...well, but what do I do now? Because you know you have nothing to add to this great gift of salvation, which has already been paid for! God's answer, "rest in me and enjoy the ride." 

God is everything you will ever need. His grace is enough. Now I can't believe it; he made me see who he is! He is showing me a real relationship with the creator of the universe, and it's all based on him being our strength and peace. It's insane. Jesus died for the whole world! 

We are all forgiven, and we can all freely go to God to ask who he is. He will not disappoint. 

Come as you are. Don't try to be someone good first, because that's not how it works; come as you are, the real you, the dirty parts too. Praying you will hang on to the Truth!!! Jesus is the Truth.

Angela: United States

I have many testimonials of God, love, and prayers answered. I give one by one here.

Years ago, I was in a significant financial struggle, I was praying, and one morning when I went to the mailbox to get my mails, I found one Government check was sent to me.

I think it was 1,400 dollars and I was already delighted, when I went inside and looked carefully and reading the amount in writing, I realized it was 14,000.

I wasn't expecting this check, I know God was going send help somehow, but it was such a big surprise and blessing for my daughters and me. I danced for God and praised the Lord with so much joy.

I paid my bills, bought furniture I was needing, and much more. I still remember how good the feeling was to be heard in such a nice way. God is loyal, and he never forsakes us in any circumstances. 

Gary H:

This is my testimony; or my coming to Christ.

My story of how and why I came to Christ and how the Holy Spirit came to me. My early life is as follows,

 I was brought up Jewish, never had a real sense of God, had learning problems as a teenager, then developed anxiety and depression as well as an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

I eventually sought treatment, I have been on a lot of medications, and these conditions followed me for over ten years.

I came to Christ when I was 30, but I wasn't yet filled with the Holy Spirit.

I wasn't filled because my life was the same, and I didn't take the conversion seriously.

My life became more stressful; my psychiatric medications weren't working, so I looked for a way out. I attempted suicide and survived. I had a strong desire to draw after my suicide attempt

I realized the Holy Spirit gave me an intense desire to draw and to understand the process of creating art and how to use it to heal myself and others.

Today I am able to coach others creatively while sharing my testimony with others. 

God bless

Gh Kleiner

Mariah: United States

 I wanted to share how good God has been to me and thank him for his love and his protection in my life.

 I recently just left my abuser, the second one I've had in my life whom I share a child with. He had pimped me, abused me, raped me, and took my son from me, and gave him to another woman, and they hide him from me. 

I have taken him to court; he still would take him. I had gone back and took abuse just to be and see my son when I could. He would tell me I didn't deserve to see him because I didn't work hard enough; then, he would call his child's mother in front of me and put it in my face that he called her mom and that I was the other mom.

It crushed me, but God gave me strength. I laid down one night and decided I didn't want to do this anymore, so I prayed and meditated on it because when I look back on everything this person was putting me through, I knew that God didn't want that for my life.

So I packed up all my stuff, thinking I wanted to leave, but I really didn't have a plan. Someone called me the next day in court for a meeting and immediately asked me if I was being abused; they got me out, and I got away from him. 

I had to leave all my things and my child once again, but I'm free from him, and it was all because God had a plan for me that I did not know about.

 Now I'm staying away from work to take him back to court for my son, and I'm getting my life together one day at a time. I'm so thankful that he pulled me out of the misery even though I had done so many things wrong he still loved me; he got me out because he has bigger plans for my life and my future.  

I know when I trust him, and give it to him and let it go, he provides a way for me! Thank you !!

Leta: United States

Contact Form: I'm one God Chosen Servants, this isn't a prank God has told me he's well pleased with my works for him and he's ready to use me tremendously and that all my financial problems are over, etc. 

Time is whining down judgment very soon happen, please whoever is on that straight and narrow path stay there and start going to byways and highways ministering to his lost flock there's lost souls at stake. Our purpose is to be soul winners obedient to what God wants us to do, but remember, you must be lead by the Holy Spirit, which is God himself.

 This place isn't our home we're just passing through; we all were made for God's purpose only. Don't be of the world God wants us all to be in unity.  

Love your enemies, encourage each other, be there in time of need, pray together when two or more come along God is in the midst. (Leta, Marie Frazier) God Bless you all, and I Love All Of You!

GODWIN: Germany

Brothers and sisters, the Lord has done a lot for me.

In 2015, my life almost came to a halt, people around me concluded that is was over for me, then I was even contemplating suicide and all the while still seeking GODS intervention which was my only hope.

Brothers GOD came through, I still can't explain how I made it this far or how I got out of the very problems I had them in 2015. It's still all like a dream. I GIVE GOD THE GLORY

Daniel: United States

To all my wonderful brothers, who are fathers:

Happy fathers day! My prayer is that sometime during the day, our LORD will kiss you on the forehead and say a good job, dad; I love you, my son! 

GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny 6/14/19

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