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"When the Lord Came
Into My Life"

I would like to share my experience where I feel the Lord came into my life and rescued me. I would experience episodes of extreme pain under my right rib cage and end up in the ER about four times a year; This went on for about ten years.  Most times the ER would dismiss it as a kidney stone send me home and tell me to follow up with my Urologist. 

This past year my pain became so severe that I ended up in the ER almost every week. I had every test you can imagine, CT scans, ultrasounds, gallbladder, endoscopy, etc.  I couldn’t eat, it was extremely painful, I became dehydrated, felt nauseous all the time, fatigue, and I lost over 25 pounds in 2 months.  I couldn’t eat any solid foods. 

 My Religious Background

I was born a Catholic but switched to a non-denominal Christian Church.  I would go to church occasionally, probably twice a month, but didn’t read the Bible.  I started praying to God and asking him to make me feel better.  Then I watched a tv show with a patient that had a “rare condition.”  The patient's symptoms were similar to mine, and I wrote the sickness down.  

“MALS” Median Accurate Ligament Syndrome, started googling and found it to be similar to what I was going through.  This rare disorder only happened to 2% of the world's population.  I ended up back in the ER with extreme pain. I was getting sicker and sicker and was becoming weak. None of the doctors even knew what this condition was.  

I went to my Gastro Dr, and she said the disease was rare and that she didn’t believe I had it and sent me for more testing. Becoming sicker and sicker I ended up going to a Vascular 3 hours away.


I met with a Vascular surgeon, and he confirmed I did have MALS.  My main artery  (Celiac Artery) providing blood flow to my abdominal organs, gallbladder, and liver was 98% blocked,  I had open bypass surgery to release the pressure of the Celiac Artery, and they removed the Celtic nerves that aid in digestion.  

After this major surgery, I was still having trouble eating and ended up getting a bacterial infection in my small bowel.  Due to my abdominal nerves being removed, it was like learning how to eat all over again. Due to the nerves being damaged all those years my intestines could not break the food down correctly, and it caused an excess of bacterial overgrowth,  so they put me on two rounds of a very expensive antibiotic.

In God's Hands

I still was getting sicker, lost more weight, and was seeing more specialist and tests, and ended up with a partial bowel obstruction.  I was so frustrated and depressed from waking up every day sick and in pain.  I was afraid to eat.  I finally told myself to give up and put myself in Gods hands.  I started seeking the Lord and reading the Bible every day, and  I started going to church more. I prayed and prayed. 

Then one day I woke up and the pain went away,  I was getting better and better each day.  I started feeling like God was with me.  I felt his presence in me, and I could feel him in church. At that time, I was lying in bed, and these phrases kept coming in my mind, from here to there, belief to nonbelief, love to hate, black to white and I started writing it down.  

The next day I wrote this in a matter of ten minutes. I am not a writer and truly feel this all came from God; It wasn’t until I started seeking him that I began to feel better.

From Here to There

As I walk on the along the beautiful Oceanside I look down and pick up one grain of sand. This tiny little piece of sand, a small grain, alongside millions of others create an entire beach. And yet this beach extends from the east to west, creating this huge world where we all live; With everyone and everything between us and the whole world.

It’s like the different spectrums of this earth. The difference between love and hate, the difference between happy and sad, white to black.

It’s the difference between night and day, and life and death. It’s in the shades, the feelings and the levels of trust and belief. Knowing God and our Lord Jesus has so many levels. 

Some people live their lives not even knowing God.  Some think they know God, but haven’t really studied his ways. Others know that they know him, which is so beautiful.

The ones who don’t know God are selfish and weak. To know our God takes time. It takes time to sow and reap. Most importantly is knowing his ways, and knowing him.

It is through trusting him and loving others that will bring you to your level of Faith. But trust me, when you find that Faith, it is God that will set you free! 

Knowing God is endless, like the horizon.

I am now feeling so good, inside and out,  My spirit is with the Lord, and I want to share my experience with others!!!!!

God Bless!!!!!!

Michele: United States

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When the Lord Came into My Life

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