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"Tanya's Christian Testimony"

 My name is Tanya Chand, and this is my Christian testimony. I grew up in West London, UK. When I was 13 years old, I encountered Jesus in a very profound way.

As a child I grew up in a single parent household, my father left before I was born. Not knowing him left a huge gap in my heart, a gap which yearned for a fathers love. As a result of my father leaving I felt a lot of rejection and resentment from my mother  She was heavily depressed while I was growing up. 

At the age of seven, I became the responsible adult, learning to cook and clean for myself and taking myself to school. When I was ten years old, my mother met a man who had a serious alcohol addiction. Within two years he was arrested for the attempted rape of his 18-year-old niece. 

This sent me into a dark place, (feeling unsafe within my own home). Suffering from emotional withdrawal and rejection from my mother, I turned to cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol at the age of 11. By the age of 12, I was in with the wrong crowd and had no identity.

By my 13th birthday, I had decided that enough was enough and took what medical professionals named a ‘toxic overdose.’ I overdosed on a mixture of anti-depressants, epileptic medication and painkillers (over 100 in total). 

My mother found out, and what she did is quite shocking; rather than calling for emergency services she gave me water to drink, and told me to go to sleep! 

What follows is a powerful story.

That night, instead of going to sleep, I fell into a coma! The next morning my mother and her partner tried to awaken me, but I lay there lifeless. I was gurgling and foaming at the mouth, my eyes were rolled backward, and there was no response. NHS direct was called, and from there the Emergency Services were alerted.

Immediately, an ambulance and four police cars rush to the address. The house was cordoned off as a ‘crime scene,’ and I was stretchered into an ambulance and rushed to the nearest hospital.

While on the way the drugs in my system began to react which caused me to have a toxic seizure. Because of this I was not able to be treated at the hospital I was en route to; so I was airlifted to a Central London ICU.

Immediately on arrival efforts were made to bring me back to consciousness. I was placed in an incubator and life support machine to keep me alive.

After three days had passed, the medical professionals told my mother and close relatives they should be preparing for the worst. They did not have faith that I would survive and, if they were to turn the machines off, I would die. If, (and there was a small ‘if’) I did manage to pull through, due to the severity of what happened, I would be brain damaged, or have kidney/liver damage. 

And this is where God stepped in. 

Shortly after, while still on the machines, I made an independent response and began breathing on my own. I had recovered from this tragic incident and was in stable condition. After two weeks it was confirmed that there was nothing wrong with my health, and that I was able to be discharged as if nothing had happened! 

However, this is where God took all of this and wove it into a part of His perfect plan for my life. Because I had been neglected by my mother, I was not allowed to return to my family home. Later charges would be carried out against her for child negligence.

I was placed in Foster Care, and one night my foster mother sat me down and asked me why I had attempted to take my own life? She then spoke to me in a way I had never heard before! She told me, “Your life is not yours to take, God gave you this life, and He has a plan for you!”

“The devil wanted to kill you because God has a plan to use you. He has given you a testimony that you will share with the nations.”

She didn’t pray for me, and all I felt was love and life being spoken to me. The one thing that impressed me was when she said, “God is the Father you have never had, and He’s better than your earthly father ever could be.” I had always yearned for a father! 

In the coming weeks, at 13 years old, I asked Jesus to come into my life; then I asked,“If you are real, please reveal yourself to me.”  After understanding what Jesus did for me on the Cross, I became a lot more peaceful, fulfilled and happy.

By 15 I had shared my Christian testimony with various churches, and at 19 I enrolled at Bible School where I would study for two years. I have been on mission trips to Albania and India. I left Foster Care to become a success story, defeating statistics and the odds.  

In 2013 I met my husband Daniel, and by 2014 we were married. I am the founder of "Edens Masterpiece Women’s Ministry." We aim to help people discover their value and purpose in Christ. Sharing the love of Jesus and the Heart of the Father is our motto.

My heart is to help others who haven’t had a good start in life and to give them hope. It’s not about what you’ve come from, but about discovering the plan God has for you and how much He loves you.

God works all things together for our good, and I found my hope and peace through Jesus Christ. Jesus is our hope in a hopeless world.

Tanya: United Kingdom

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