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“Regina Kirk’s
Christian Testimony”

I Will Love the Lord Forever

 I was born and raised in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, in the United States on 12/31/1965. My father died when I was 13; so my biological sister and I grew up with my lovely mother in a single-parent household. 

I was overwhelmed by much of my childhood and spent lots of time playing the game of basketball to pass the time.  My mother was strict on what we could or could not do and made sure we were active in church. We attended Sunday school and church service, revivals, vacation bible school and more. 

In 1984, I went off to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga on a basketball scholarship. After that, I didn’t attend church at all. I graduated in the summer of 1990 with many honors in basketball; then I played basketball three years overseas before returning to my home in Knoxville, TN. 

That is when the things of the world started to invade my space. I began to associate with the things and people in drug-infested environments. I became involved in relationships, shaking, clubbing, and just living out of order. 

I became curios about how to sale drugs and made money, and accumulate wealth. I witnessed their gains from dealing and swapping drugs for money, and sometimes material things. Being observant and inquiring, I caught on, and began my own business, and had my clientele. 

I hooked up with a guy from Miami that attended Knoxville College, and the drugs became easy to access and cheap. This continued for years, and in 2000, when running from a domestic relationship, I moved back to Chattanooga; but I was still heavy in the game, and my clientele traveled to Chattanooga to pick up the packages. 

One day while training with my trainer, we got on the subject of church, and I told him that I had not been in a long time and needed to go. After that, God began to work on me from the inside out and showing up in the oddest places. 

One weekend as I was returning from making a run to Miami, there were some salvation brochures in the restroom at a gas station. I picked one up and began reading on my way back home up I75 North. 

Yes, I was convicted and asked God to forgive me and come into my life, to save my soul, and make me a new creature.  I confessed and wanted to rededicate my life back to Him. God worked on me, and I didn't resist. 

It was truly from the heart that I wanted to change my life and stop living in sin and to live in His will and purpose for my life. It caused trials and tribulations that only made me stronger and wiser, and to realize Gods calling on my life. 

God has truly blessed me and turned my mess into a message that I love sharing to make a difference, and let the world know "He Will Do It!". 

I love the Lord forever and ever, so thankful for His death on the cross and His shed blood to save a wretch like me. Hallelujah!!!

Regina Kirk: United States

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Regina Kirk's Christian Testimony

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