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Michelle: United States

Greetings My Fellow brothers and sisters; I pray all is well with you. I'm just going to jump right into the dream now. 

I was 20 when I was locked up in jail. It was July 14 when I had my first dream of Jesus Himself. It was if he appeared to be in my single-man cell, but it altered into an ANCIENT time house. He said these words to me, 'WHEN YOU PRAY, BE SINCERE' we then proceeded to pray. 

AS the prayer was going on, a Blue light came over us, starting to distract me and take me off focus. That is when Jesus Pointed his index finger at his mouth and made a funny face and asked me was I sincere with a sense of humor.

 I remembered waking up just Amazed and stunned that I had got a visit from The Lord himself. I remembered being afraid to pray not because I wasn't sincere from the start but because I was afraid of the Lord God coming to me again, saying I still wasn't sincere. 

So I got that spirit of fear off me and asked the Lord to help me be more sincere and to guide me through my prayers, I am now 21, and I am blessed to have vivid visions and dreams still of the Holy King and Angels. 

Not being boastful before anyone, but I want you all to be Encouraged and to take heed to God's sayings. Pray, meditate off his scriptures, and drink lots of water. But the main thing is to REPENT, WHY FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL MY BELOVED FAMILY IN CHRIST!!!!!

ELEUTERIO: United States

Don't even know how to start; I will make it short. For the last past seven years, my life has changed enormously more than ever physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I have been researching the Bible. In my understanding, God talks to you by numbers, letters, and images: it gets interesting for those who have dreams with numbers.

Just open the Bible or look it up in a spiritual way on the internet, and you will know what God's messages are telling you. 

I can sit here and tell you I have seen God's face, and if you don't have faith or believe you would never understand or believe me. I have seen doing meditation and even looking up in the sky, and from time to time, I see letters and numbers. For example, I saw the letters. A....K......R......X AND, A CROSS, and even numbers 1,2,3,5,7,8.

 I looked it up in the Bible, and was surprised by the meaning he gave; my tears just came out. I love God: He will always be first in my life and then my family.

God loves you; He is with us from the first time we give them life on earth; our bodies are our temples and God's temple. Look for him in your heart, and you will find love, peace, in you.

Daniel: United States

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters; thanks to GODS AMAZING grace and your faithful prayers, your brother is celebrating 37 years clean and sober from drug and alcohol addiction.

 I need to share this because I am not where I would like to be, but I am light years ahead of where I would be if the LORD had not saved me! 

GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny  

P.S. I believe one of the reasons I am still alive at 73 years of age is I share my testimony with the least of the least who are still struggling; they always ask me, why are you always smiling? And then I give them my testimony because they know they need to stop! 

Do they always get saved? no, but I am like Johnny apple seed planting seeds wherever I go

Sandra: United Kingdom

I was awake, meditating, and doing a Bible devotional, when all of a sudden, a bright light began seeping in. I thought that perhaps the door from my bathroom was open too wide and that it's light was shining through; then, it was like, lights on and off, in waves. 

As I listened to the scripture, I was subconsciously thinking, what is happening with the lighting, but I didn't want to look because I was meditating. 

Next, the light became so bright that at first, I couldn't open my eyes, and then, there, Jesus was on a beach with another person. I couldn't see the other person because when my eyes met with Jesus' eyes, the swells of the sea were behind him. 

Waves of the Holy Spirit, God's presence, started sweeping over my body in waves.

It was an experience that will remain with me forever. From that day, my Faith has turned from Having Faith to saying, I've seen, and now I know. My mind is completely blown away in an amazing way!

Terez: Armenia

Hello, I am Terez from Syria.

I am writing this testimony to tell how God did miracles in my life and my family's life. He kept us alive and unscratched in 4 years of deadly war-zone.

After He took us out, I was in severe depression and most probably mental illness. For four years, nothing could heal me, even after I got out of the country and was in much better places I couldn't heal myself.

I was always feeling low, empty, and zero self-esteem. I couldn't speak with people nor look them at their eyes because of my problems.

After being two years atheist. One day I decided to give it a shot and pray to God. I came down on my knees and prayed to heal me, and that was the beginning, and each day that was passed, some part of me was being healed.

It started with me being able to look to people in their eyes, then speak, then have confidence, then dream, then love, and believe, and every positive thing that can help someone to get out of the dust, and from the dead world to the living world.

Humbling myself in front of God and building a relationship with Him, was and still is the biggest life-changing step of my life.

Bhanu: India

Hi, this is my testimony about how Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ revealed his love and glory during my sickness and helped me recover.

During my sickness, I came to realize the importance of God in my life; during this time, I surrendered my life to Jesus, and things were much better. He showed his mercy and love through a quick recovery for both myself and my dad and in keeping my mother well.

I encourage everyone, surrender your life to God, and your life won't be the same. I did not have any particular deliverance moment or vision. But I still believe God heard my prayer, and I will continue to grow in faith with my prayers. 

Always remember that everything is possible through Jesus, and you can always trust in him no matter what the situation may be. Glory be to God

Victor: United Kingdom

I used to mock God. I was a young boy and teenager who loved life and had no problems. I thought religion was more for older people like my grandmother and losers.

 I started suffering from depression. I didn't maybe know it at the time, but it grew darker and blacker to where it started becoming unbearable. I thought life was over.

 I started crying out to God with all my might. After some weeks or months, I felt love and happiness, which can not be described with words. I felt like the happiest person in the world. Such happiness can not be expressed in words. 

The depression was gone. I felt like the people on youtube who say they died and went to heaven, and when they came back, they say they never wanted to come back because the joy in heaven is like nothing they ever had in the world.

Edith: India

Dear all,

I'm here to share one of God's many miracles in my life.

Two years back, I was suffering from Alopecia, where hair loss on the scalp is patchy. I took the best treatment but in vain.

Then I stopped all the medication and started praying sincerely to God.

Hallelujah !!! I was healed completely. Thank you, Jesus.

David: Singapore

My name is David; this is my conversion testimony.

I came from a poor family and am the eldest son in my family. As a young kid, I had to work very hard to keep my family going. Both my parents were tailors, and I had to help out in their work. 

A typical workday would be going to the market to get breakfast for my family members. Then I had to take care of my youngest sister until noon when I would get ready for school. I had to help prepare lunch for my family. 

After school, I had to do my homework and help to prepare dinner for my family. After dinner, I had to do the dishes. By then, I had to revise my schoolwork and get ready for the next school day.

This routine started when I was about ten years old and carried on until I was eighteen. I had to add, my parents were strangely distant from me and never showed me any care and concern. Not once did they care about my schoolwork nor asked me whether I was happy or not.

During my teenage years, I had a crush on one of my classmates. This puppy love episode ended abruptly when my classmate rejected me. That was the end of the world to me; it was a traumatic experience.

In my heart, I longed for comfort and love; it was at this point that the Lord God appeared to me in a vision. It was a bright light and a kind face. So lovely!

Ever since I came to know the Lord, I have followed Him until today. Maybe somewhere along the way, I have digressed, but my heart is with the Lord. He has watched over me and kept me in His care. I am near retirement now and doing pretty well for a normal man in the street.

Country: United States

My parents were not Christians by any means. I was born 1'000 gram weight as premature baby.lots of health problems for the first few years. 

By the time I was 15, I was part of an evil group there that was very, very bad, not going into great detail, but all those horrible things you read about that Satanists do, we did. I was Christ's worst enemy, and I willing wanted and accepted all that evil.

Years later, I met a wonderful woman who I love very much, and she became my wife. I learned she spoke of a baby boy she prayed for years ago in the early 1980s that was very sick she described the symptoms and all doctors that worked on the baby boy. 

It was me she had prayed for over two decades ago. Later, who would have known her future husband would have been me. Long story short, I had to willingly confess to Christ all the horrific, evil things I had done. 

Here I am, years later. Completely turning away from satanism and black magic and serving Christ in faith and pure, honest love. 

Take this as a testimony for all who read this; Christ truly redeems and saves our souls. You have to confess and have a genuine, willing desire for him to enter your heart. Amen and amen 

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