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"Power in Prayer! A
Gift from God"

My lengthy Christian testimony but worth the read.

I have always been a Christian. My whole 21 years of life, but never understood the power in prayer until the year 2018, where I had to face many losses

My Father

First, my father ended up in ICU..his heart rhythm was off, while the Dr. was talking to him telling him he might get a heart attack if they don't do something now, my dad's heart there and then out of nowhere fixed itself. The Dr was shocked and said he hadn't seen anything like it in his life; little did they know I was next to them, praying to God to help. As soon as I said amen, my mom ran to me and told me what happened. I was shaken because just then, I knew. God heard me.

My Aunt

This year I also lost my aunt, who was known for loving God so much that it drew people near to her. She praised Him so boldly people thought she was trying to be extra. She became severely ill, and dialysis was not working. We prayed and prayed, but she did not make it. This was the first blow, but an important one as we all realized through her tremendous faith that church is extremely important, and you cant have a relationship with God without bringing your side. So her death brought us back to church. 

Since then our whole family changed, everyone started trusting in God more, we became more loving, read the bible, spoke openly about God where we were once very quiet on the matter, my father became so passionate about God he started talking to everyone about Him and what he has read, even people at work, a chain reaction. The church did all that.

Yes, we still had questions like why did the praying not work, why weren't our prayers heard. My mom even asked God to give her a sign in church one day...the next day ..a Sunday, when she sat down in church the whole bench broke underneath her..and, yes, an older man told her to go on a diet and laughed. Here is the sign. Although things might not work out well or something unexpected happens, there is still hope; you will laugh again.

My  Cousin

But then, in 2019, another loss happened. On 29-10-2018 I woke up to crying, next moment I'm told, "Your cousin is dead, he hanged himself last night"...suicide. He was 21 years old, the life of the party, always happy and never a dull moment around him, we did not see the signs...or did we.   The previous times he visited, we would see marks on his neck, he said he had fallen. His eyes were bloody once; he said, no just an artery giving problems. He would sleep almost all day, but no, he would say he's tired and on vacation. It turns out all those were signs. He tried to commit suicide three times before the 4th time when he succeeded. 

Where was God?

This is where religion takes a hard hit. Where was God? How could he not save him? Why did he not send help to him? Why couldn't we say goodbye?. His death had a huge effect on the family, my grandmother, especially those who fell into depression and got extremely sick after losing him. 

Not long after, my gran ended up in hospital ICU for weeks at a time, the last time she did not make it. But this is where God showed us his power in prayer yet again. We prayed, Nurses prayed, Friends and strangers prayed, they came out of nowhere straight to her bed and prayed over her, and disappeared..they weren't in the halls or other rooms until today I wonder who those men were. 

The Dr. called us to come to say goodbye to her on Thursday as she would "not make it through the day even."But we knew our God, and its never over until he decides it is. The praying worked. My gran lived a whole week and a half extra. God heard us and gave us time to say goodbye. He gave us time to accept what is going to happen and to get closure.

Power in Prayer

Through all these losses, there is one thing that always seemed to work when looking back now. It was prayer. Yes, God didn't give us what we asked for all the time, but he did give us what we needed while showing his power. He healed us, supported us, proved the Drs wrong so much that they were speechless as to how she's still alive, but they knew they could see it by us. It was God's power at work. 

I write this testimony to tell you that yes, you will have difficult times, losses, and might feel like prayer doesn't work, but have faith, God does hear them, he does provide, he sees the bigger picture and knows what you need and when. 

He doesn't promise you a life without difficulties, but he will be there with every hardship you encounter. Prayer has power. It might not seem like it at first, but in time you will see it. Just trust God's plan for your life. Because of all that has happened I am closer to God than ever before, I go to church every Sunday, I have closure my family is whole again, and yes we miss our loved ones, but we know they are in heaven, where they don't have any more pain. 

When the Drs said, it's done, God said not yet. A week and a half might seem like nothing to you, but after losing two people without getting to say goodbye, you realize what a fantastic gift that was from God. Pray and trust. You will not regret it.

Chanelle: South Africa

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Power in Prayer

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