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"I will Tell of His Love"

October 10, 2010, was like any other day in my life, but it would turn out to be a day not like any other. Although retired, I was still working a job at Chick-fil-a on West Walnut here in Dalton, Georgia. I would arrive at work, and that is all I remember.

Three days later I woke up in another city, (Atlanta, Georgia}, and in a hospital. What am I doing here and how did I get here, I thought to myself. What had happened was that I had a bleeding of the brain, an aneurysm, a subarachnoid aneurysm.

First, I had no warning signs of an aneurysm, and God was really with me in this - I didn't wreck my car on the way to work, and then I never passed out or fall, and I didn't fall into the hot grease in the fryer where I worked.

God even had the right person there, as the manager, who had previously driven an ambulance, knew what was happening. 

God even had me sent to a great hospital, a teaching hospital, and through two factors, my being in great physical shape, and through resurrection power dwelling in me; I was only in the hospital one month, dismissed just before Thanksgiving. What a thankful time that was!

God still has plans for me (Jer.29:11), And there isn't anything the devil can do to stop those plans. It would be accurate to say; I am a miracle.

To begin with, I wasn't supposed to be born. My mother had been told, after having difficulty delivering my older sister, that she would be risking her life to have me, but went ahead and gave birth to me, and now the devil is trying to get rid of me.

The devil knew my chances of surviving the aneurysm were not good.

Ten to fifteen percent of those having my kind of an aneurysm die before reaching the hospital

Fifty percent die within one month.

Fifty to sixty percent of those who go home suffer some neurological defect.

But praise God for His resurrection power, for greater is He (His resurrection power) that is within me, than he, the loser satan, that is in the world.

Great is God and greatly to be praised. For the rest of my days, I will tell of His love, mercy, and grace to me.

Shalom to all

David: United States 

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I will Tell of His Love

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