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Radhika's Testimony of God's
Power over Demons”

I can say without doubt that Jesus Christ is God, and that there is no other god besides Him. I came from a Hindu background but I went to Sunday School as a child. God had a mighty calling on my family and has done some miraculous things in our lives in order for us to be saved today.

First of all my father used to drink and behave rather ridiculous. God had to work in his life first in order to change things.

One day our wicked next door neighbor, who was envious of my sister, placed some kind of witchcraft on a drink and gave it to my sister. No one knew what had happened to my sister but afterward she was bedridden for 10 years, and no doctor could find her problem although they ran many tests.

Eventually she had to stop school. My father went to many superstitious people to get her cured, but it was no use.

One of the superstitious persons told my father that he could not help my sister was because she serves the Lord of the Universe, IE Jesus Christ. He said my sister would need to renounce Christ before she could be healed. Right away my sister said no, she would not do that, that she preferred to die rather than serve the devil. I guess God was testing her faith.

There was a particular day when the demon was tormenting her and causing her neck to be twisted, and it could not turn back straight. He was tormenting her body and doing whatever he wanted, and it appeared my sister would die.

Then on this day a another neighbor invited us to his house and asked us to bring my sister; because his house was washed with the blood of Jesus. The instant she stepped onto his doorstep the demon left.

My sister was at last free from the demon. She went back to school and now has a good job. My father's life was also transformed and everyone saw the light of god in his life.

Today my whole family is saved. God is continuing to use us to help others who are going through similar situations.

I hope this testimony will help someone to realize that Jesus is real, and that He can do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think.

Radhika: Trinidad and Tobago

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Radhika's Testimony of God's Power over Demons

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