"Christian School Heartbreak"
By Joni Mills

Christian School Heartbreak

Christian School Heartbreak is a must-read for directors, principals, teachers, parents, churches, and anyone involved with Christian Schools.

Joni Mills believes God put her in a situation that brought these injustices to her attention and led her to author "Christian School Heartbreak."

To consider that a Christian school teacher could verbally abuse and bully a child is not only inconceivable, but is also in opposition to the very values they are to stand for.

Joni believes this will shock you and tug at your heartstrings as you walk through the first grade with Todd.

With tears in her eyes Joni trembled as
the teacher continued her verbal attack on Todd.

"As the teacher screamed, 'Todd, you’re going to be out of here!' He immediately went into a trance; didn't move a muscle, other than a slight tremble. It was obvious that he was accustomed to being verbally assaulted and used as the teacher’s scapegoat to keep the group obedient."

Before retiring, Joni Mills was the Engineering Manager in a large manufacturing company. Her experience and tremendous insight into the fragile emotions of small children is rewarding. She enjoys spending time with her fourteen grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

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Christian School Heartbreak