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"Edna Edwards
Christian Testimony"

Happy Thanksgiving!


This is Edna Edwards Christian Testimony
Praise the lord, I’m Edna Edward. I belong to God and I want to share all that I have experienced with my Lord God of Israel, and Lord Jesus Christ.

I’m a Christian Pentecostal. When I was 1½ years old Poliomyelitis disease came to me and thereafter I couldn’t walk. Our church Servants of God prayed for me, and God performed a miracle, and healed me. Then I gave a testimony in a big convention to thank my loving God.

Thereafter, I got Baptized in Ceylon Pentecostal Mission, then I received Holy Spirit. I went to church regularly on Sundays and participated in all conventions. When I got married I went to a non spiritual church, and was not satisfied with that. Spiritual churches are much stronger in the Holy Spirit, with Healing,Testimonials, visions, and so much of blessings. But after long time I’m back to my spiritual church>

I’m now happy with all the blessings from my loving God. I’m spending more time with reading Bible Scriptures. I received 7 gifts from my loving god while reading.

God forgave all my sins and when I was alone the Holy Spirit encouraged me In those days I often fell down, now I don't,  because one day God spoke to me and said, "I will take care of you with my mighty hands."

Sometimes I see Heaven open and angels coming down, and sometimes have holy visions. I will say, "God’s grace is sufficient for us," (2Cor:12;9).

Now, I’m blessed because of my Lord God of Israel and Lord Jesus Christ. 

My friends, if you would like to receive miracles and great blessings from our loving God, you need to love your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and might.

Go to church every Sunday and read Bible Scriptures every day, specially Revelation, and give God first place in everything you do, and think.  He will take care of you. GOD BLESS YOU ALL


Edna Edward, Sri Lanka

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Edna Edwards Christian Testimony

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