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Colby: United States

I was asleep; it was 5/13/2012. It was 2:32 am, and the reason I know is because of God. How I knew the time when I was sleeping is beyond me. 

As I was sleeping, I heard a "gong" inside my head, and then the common doxology being sung by millions of voices, then it all stopped. I heard a deep, loud rumbling voice say, "I come like a thief in the night, the time has come!" 

I instantly sprang out of bed and looked at my T.V. I saw chaos and fire and people who were pure evil. I am not going to say who all of them were, but I was wide awake by then.

 I felt this dark evil presence coming from the east and wanted to hide. I was naked and afraid and went into my apartment bathroom. My wife was working a night shift, so I was home alone. 

I finally realized I couldn't hide, so I got on my knees and started praying to Jesus. Within a few moments, the evil feeling was gone, and the T.V. was back to normal. 

I saw my cell phone, grabbed it, and called my father, he answered, and the first thing I said was, "Dad, you're still here? what do we do now?" 

He had no clue what I was talking about because I was in full panic mode. When he had finally calmed me down, I explained everything. He told me it was a vision from God and that sometimes God talks to us and yells.

The very next morning, I was driving to work and started praying out loud and asked God if he was mad at me. After I finished telling him, I loved him and said Amen, a Blue Volkswagen bug pulled in front of me with the license plate GSUS<3U., "aka Jesus loves you."

 Talk about a moment!!!!! Other amazing things happened that day, but I promised I wouldn't share it with anyone. If you don't believe in God, trust me, you're making a bad decision. He's more real than ever and loves you so much!!!!!!!

Nancy: Germany

When I was eight years old, my sister (2 years old) drowned in a pool in our neighbors garden. My dad Carried her dead body inside and placed it on the floor. My family and my neighbors started praying for her, although she was already dead. Suddenly she started crying... God brought her back to life. She had to go to the hospital anyway, and the doctors were 100% sure that she would have a mental illness... she is 12 years old right now and is totally healthy. Our God is merciful and loving!

Daniel: United States

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters! Praise the LORD thanks to your prayers and the unbelievable grace of GOD almighty your brother is celebrating being clean and sober for 36 years today which makes me the happiest man alive!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 10/4/18 

Stella: Country

God is true. He is faithful and worthy of our praise always. 

He's been good to my family...even when I haven't been faithful, He still heals, helps, forgives. I was ill for so long, and not knowing what ailment it was even after hospital visits, I deteriorated fast until I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Through it all, I know that God kept me and sustained my family and I. There were times we had no food nor knew where provision would come from yet He always came through for us even if it was at the last minute ( I laugh when I remember such times).

Over the weeks, He's enlightened my mind to the truths in His word. I realize the importance of speaking His word out at all times. The devil will try to take that word out of your mouth, but don't stop. Keep at it, and your desires will surely come to pass. The fruit of the spoken word will manifest. His word is His bond...He will honor it.

Ana: United States

The most beautiful feeling in life for me is when I dream of Jesus, seeing him so beautiful. Lifting my arms in the air and looking at the sky saying, "God, please bring me with you. As I ask each time, I can feel his presence and his love and protection, opening his arms and welcoming me and talking to me. Letting me know that he is always with me. What more can I ask for? Thank you, my Lord, for loving me, accepting me, and forgiving me for my mistakes.

Tracey: United States

It was around Christmas time, and my mom and I were just driving through town as usual, but all of a sudden, we look up, and there is a truck coming straight at us. All I know is my I curled up blocking my face, and my mom did the one arm mom thing where she tries to hold you, and her other arm blocking her face. Next thing we knew, the truck had passed through. We know God had that truck go right through us because we never saw it go by us. And I know deep down, and so does my mom that it was a miracle from the Father! He saved our lives and had that truck go through us, or he most likely guided it with his hand, praise God!!! I know that truly was a blessing and a miracle, and I am so thankful to my father up in heaven. God bless all of you.

Joyce: United States

I am trusting in Jesus He is all that I have in this world. I pray that the Lord keeps me close. I praise His holy name, glory to God for Jesus.

Daniel: United States

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters, the bible says it is the little foxes that spoil the vine and let everything be done decently and in order! I got saved when I was 26 I was gloriously saved and the happiest man on earth. I lost my parents when I was very young, and now to know that JESUS loves me and dyed for me, I cry and cry with gratitude! 

I did not learn about computers until 2002. The first thing I learned is that I could write prayer requests to The Billy Grahm association etc. and it helped so since I was homeless, and it was my only connection to the body of Christ. I slowly branched out to Christian radio stations, etc.; it was so much fun and such a blessing. One winter in NYC, a brother online asked me if I needed anything, and I said yes, a pair of warm shoes because I only had sneakers. Just as I was starting to get sick, he sent them to me, and little by little other beautiful people had helped me and sent me gifts and warm clothes, and guess what I noticed when I started going to the library? I said to myself I hope I hear from one of my friends today. I lost focus on being saved, and it was GOD who would meet my needs.

Another thing is if I write to you and there are ten addresses there only about two people who write back. Still, I keep the addresses because I was so lonely another time the LORD said, Dan, I don't mind if you ask for prayer, but only after you have come to me first and prayed, don't become spiritually lazy! So I guess what I am saying is I love you, and nothing is as beautiful and precious as the sweet, sweet knowledge of, I am saved! GOD richly bless you brother Danny 8/25/18  

P.S. Funny but I feel better; I am glad I wrote this

Whitney: Guyana

Christ changed my life when I was Dying. For more than a month I was unaware of what I was doing, I was told it was a fever, and I was just vomiting, and sleeping, and most of the time, I was afraid of the light. I started talking weird things, a language that no one understands. I had red, violent marks on my skin, and even the doctors couldn't tell what was wrong with me... I was not even eating, but the Lord was with me the whole time. Just when I was nearly choked and squeezed to death, I was delivered at a church that didn't even have a roof. Our body is indeed the church. It's hard to believe I even survived. When I woke up right after deliverance, in this incomplete building, they call a church I was in pain with bruises on my face and marks all over my body. I knew this was beyond my understanding. So I just rejoiced and thanked the Lord for his mercy, and was baptized the next day...I love you, Jesus.

Theresa: United States

In Sept 2015, I had a triple by-pass. I am a female, 51 at the time. I did not realize I had a heart problem. When I got home, I was scared every night that I was going to die because I had many pains in my chest throughout the day. A part of me knew it was from the surgery healing, but part of me thought I was having a heart attack. Two things of significance happened that made me praise the Lord.

1. Every morning at 6 am, I heard a very loud knock at my door. The sound came from directly above me as if someone strong was knocking on a door that was horizontally above me. That continued to happen at the same every morning for a few weeks. I thought for sure it was The Lord Jesus or my angels, keeping me free from harm by not rolling over the wrong way when waking up. It was comforting. 

2. One morning I woke up and saw in my bedroom doorway a large cloud that was in the shape of a large outstretched arm, a very muscular strong arm with a huge hand. The outstretched arm started to appear at the entrance of the doorway, which was about three feet away, and I quickly saw it coming towards me. I thought for sure it was Jesus coming to take me. I was frightened at the thought of having to leave so soon from this earth but comforted knowing what I believed to be Jesus's hand. This large arm immediately retracted as it was about one foot in front of me when it approached. It was like watching "I dream of Jeanie" when she goes back into the bottle. Picture an invisible bottle at the threshold of my door. The arm retracted and disappeared. I believe the Lord was going to take me but saw I was afraid and decided not to take me at that time.

Brother Danny 7/17/18

I remember when I first got saved many years ago and was reading the bible for the first time and came to the part of scripture that tells of the fruits of the spirit. I was so happy to read, love, joy, peace, gentleness, meekness, you know them, until I got to longsuffering, and then I would learn that one real fast hoping it was not for me. I continued like that for many years until recently the LORD spoke to me and said, Dan, you are reading that one wrong no one could suffer long unless I pour my spirit into them to ease their pain. Immediately I said, O.K, if necessary, then let it be longsuffering because his precious anointing is worth it! GOD richly bless you. 

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