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"Jesus Can Remove the Demons"
My Christian Testimony

My testimony of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. This
is an odd story but also eye-opening. 

I'm an 80's kid, so naturally, when I was a child, I watched lots of animation movies. This cartoon movie was where I was fascinated by a particular 3-minute scene. 

It was very interesting; I liked it, but I was too ashamed to show it out, so after I came back from school, I would make sure nobody was in the room, and I would fast-forward the cassette and go to that particular scene and watch those 3 minutes and be amazed.

When my parents would take me out of the station, I would take the cassette with me. 

Life moved on, and I stopped obsessing about the cassette and the animation movie. I was a good student in school, and then in 11th and 12th grade, I moved to a residential school with good marks.

I joined a medical college in Kerala, and the 1st two years were uneventful. The 3rd-year - university exams were fast approaching.

Then suddenly I remembered about that animation movie and that 3minute fascinating scene, I watched it on and on, every day, and the obsession continued in my 4th and 5th year and internship. 

I never failed my university exams, but also, I wasn't the best student there either, because Keralites have better memory power than us generally. 

I became a doctor, then a year later, I joined M.D General medicine, a year after I had an arranged marriage with my beautiful wife, she got pregnant in a few months.

I became a dad, but I continued to watch that 3-minute scene of that animation movie, whenever I could go without the knowledge of my wife; if I didn't watch it, my hands would start a tremor. The scene relaxed me. 

In due course of time, my wife knew I had some attraction to that cartoon, but she just laughed it off because I don't smoke or do drugs, and I'm a typical good Tamilnadu boy. 

My 2nd child got aborted for unknown reasons. I became a good Christian and started preaching from the Holy bible to small groups of children, but the obsession continued SURPRISE SURPRISE.

When I was free at home, I watched the 3 minute scene of that animation movie, and the passion for that scene did not go down at all. 

I felt guilty every day. 7 years of my marriage had been completed, and I prayed several times to JESUS to heal me in the past regarding this issue, but no answer.

Finally, on November 11, 2021, while I was about to play that animation movie scene, I felt a snake moving in the right side of my stomach. I'm sure the pain was worse than a delivery pain; it was excruciating.

My wife was in the kitchen; I tried screaming HELP HELP, but my throat was blocked as if someone was strangling my neck; nobody could hear my scream. Then I yelled, SORRY, JESUS! SORRY JESUS. 

The snake was slowly removed from my stomach the next day. I never felt the need or desire to open that cartoon on my phone ever again. I'm completely clean; this is April 24, 2022, and it has been 162 days since writing this. 

I'm saved; JESUS wants our eyes and body to be clean as a temple of the HOLY GHOST. He abhors uncleanness. May JESUS remove the demon of anyone who's hearing this testimony.

A demon can enter and set up a tent in our lives, and we cannot remove it with our efforts. JESUS is the only living, loving LORD in our lives who can move mountains and defeat death.

I continue to be a successful doctor, and I preach JESUS to the children I meet. GOD bless you

Steffen: India

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Jesus Can Remove the Demons

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