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"Christian Testimonies Page 7
at Trusting in Jesus"

Daniel: United States

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters! The Bible says that the HOLY SPIRIT will lead us into all truth! The Bible says that Jesus is the way the truth and life, so then we can safely say the HOLY SPIRIT is leading us to JESUS! The Bible lists the fruits of the spirit you know them to love joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, kindness, etc. but if you think about it, all these qualities emanate from our LORD and savior, so I figure that as I get closer to the LORD and imitate him, these attributes will become stronger! 

When I read the Bible, I say, LORD O.K how can knowing this passage or verse bring me closer to you I believe that the goal is to be more like JESUS  

p.s if you have time, please say a prayer for me this long holiday weekend! 


When JESUS! was crucified, it only makes sense that the enemy would inflict the most pain on the areas of the LORDS ministry he hated the most! 

  • The crown of thorns because he hated the LORDS made up mind to serve the father at all costs.

  • The nails in the hands because JESUS touched and healed the people. 

  • The nails in the feet because JESUS walked everywhere, spreading the new good news. 

  • The spear in the side because his heart was as big as heaven!

Now JESUS did not have the armor on and absorbed all this pain so that today the armor we put on cannot be penetrated. Thank you, JESUS! GOD richly bless you,

P.S., please keep me in prayer, Brother Danny 8/25/18

John: United States

These days it is so difficult to get away from the 'noise' of life. I can't even pump gas without music blaring. For years I would have Christian radio on where I worked. Two years ago, I decided to work in silence (I work by myself). I started hearing God speaking to me more. He has a 'still, small voice' that cannot be heard above the music but can only be heard in the quiet places.

Ceci: Zambia

Am so blessed with this site I have read most of the testimonies and am so much encouraged as I know that this God I serve will answer me soon as I believe in him, and I know his time is the best

Daniel: United States

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS! Whoever said a prayer for me this weekend, thank you so much I had the best weekend I just rested in the LORD, which for me is no small miracle, and I feel so much better! Thank you, and needless to say, if you could say one more prayer, it will keep this big smile on my face!GOD 5/22/18

Oluwatoyin: United Kingdom

I want to say thank you, God, for all you have done for me and helping me fight and beat the Demons. I am healed now in the name of Jesus; I was depressed, anxious, and in the dark and felt in a shell and alone. God pulled me from the dark back into the light and made me love life again; I am in the sun, and I am staying in the light. Thank you, God, for your love and kindness, and healing and strength.

Ann: Philippines

Hi, I want to share my testimony.

When I was young, my parents left me with our relatives, so they supported me with everything, studies, and all the stuff I needed in everyday life. In return for that, they treat me as their slave. 

They want me to clean all over the house and to look after their child, and at the time, I was only seven yrs old. As a young girl, I never had a happy childhood I always felt tired, lonely helpless. 

I often asked my self why my parents left me; was I a burden to them? So many questions in my mind. I always prayed and prayed, and I tell everything to God about my suffering that no one knows except God.

I remember one time my relative was mad at me and hit me, and I found myself sleeping inside a box. I remember that time I was talking to God again, telling everything to him with my heavy heart, and I felt the presence of God comforting me at that very moment. He let me sleep in that box that night with peace in my heart. 

I surely know and testify that God, the father, and the Holy Spirit is always with us and listens to our prayer and comforted us every time we need it. 

Thank you, Father God.

Comfort: Nigeria

I asked God to heal me from bedwetting that lasted for over 24 years. It was really embarrassing, and I took the time to pray for healing. 

It's been over two years, and I just realized I have not experienced it, and I forget to say "thank you, Lord."

Prayer is the key. And always be grateful.

No Longer Homeless?

Something wonderful happened awhile back, and I would like to share it!

About a month ago, I was homeless in NYC, and the weather was going to drop into maybe single digits and so to save people's lives, the local Rescue Mission let us stay there day and night! What a blessing. Two services a day and hot, warm soup and oatmeal!

And one afternoon in the chapel, we were all sleeping, and I felt led to go to the altar for time alone with the LORD! In no time at all, I broke through and was just resting in his arms. How beautiful that is, only waves and waves of worry being washed away!

As I got up to leave, I heard the LORD say, "Dan, when you are alone with me here at the altar, you are no longer homeless; this is your home right here with me." I feel so loved that the LORD knew how lonely I was and took that time to comfort me! GOD richly bless you  

Brother Danny, 4/3/18

Hamidy: United States

Hello, I was healed by Jesus from all illnesses. People have been healed from Cancer with no doctors, no therapy.

Marie: United States

When I was young, I saw a guy standing in the doorway at a store asking everyone that walked by to help him with some food. They all told him they had no money; then they came out with beer and cigarettes. I walked up to the store, and the guy asked, could you feed me? I went in and bought him a sandwich and a soda, and as I went to leave he asked, can you give me a blanket, I'm cold? I went to my house. I got a blanket for him. I went back to the store the next day, and the blanket was folded up neatly laying by the store. I think it was an angel seeing who would give and who wouldn't, it just seem different to me. That shows when someone asks you to feed them or to give them water, please help them don't walk away.

Pam: South Africa

Greetings in The Faithful and Powerful name of Jesus Christ. I would like to share my testimony because I was not well for many months. I used to feel sick to the point I thought I'm going to die. My legs used to feel very weak. I had issues with my body. I was very depressed but always knew God could heal me. I repented of my sins and humbled myself, and God healed me. I feel brand new. God is real; Jesus is Real, The Holy Spirit is real. The Bible is real. God is Love. Thank You. God has pardoned me and healed me. All Glory to God. Amen.

ARSEE: Philippines

I would like to share this if you really obey God. He will give you everything. I admit it's really hard to obey, but once you try it. You will surprise what will be the result of being an obedient child of God. 

James: Country

When I was eight or nine, I can't remember the exact age; I contracted the virus of encephalitis, which is an inflammation of the brain through a very high fever. I was in a coma for four day's, and in an Iron lung for breathing assistance and had to have a tracheostomy so I could breathe. 

During that illness, my dear mother and father, and my siblings went to a Baptist church and prayed for four days. The most Gracious GOD heard those prayers, and I woke up early on Thanksgiving morning. 

So GOD used this little boy of let,s say 8 or 9 to donate Blood for another little girl who came down with the same illness. I do not know if she came out of it or not, but I knew there was a wonderful LORD even at that young age.

Because of that illness, I was not able to father children, which was heartbreaking. But through the years, GOD has brought a miracle to my wife and me, and we are both. We are involved with school children with special needs.  

I drive a special need's school bus full of Autistic children, and my wife is an Aide on another bus with the same kind of children. So GOD is a healer of broken hearts. We are so Blessed 

Lydia: United States

Praise Jesus! I feel like I have been praising His name since Day 1 I found Him and accepted Him into my heart. Praise Jesus Jesus! It is my 7th-year journey with Jesus has been so precious He has always been with me. I saw myself from day one and grow spiritually. I remember I was too hard, and only who I was from where I am from, blah. And now, I stand firm for Jesus and continue allowing Him to work in my life. I am telling you all who reads this message; it is true and simple! Thank you, Father, for sending Your only beloved Son to save us.

Nozipho: Swaziland

I would like to praise God with this testimony. He is a Mighty God. The Lord delivered me from unforgiveness. I have so much peace now, even when the devil brings up the things that hurt me, they do not hurt anymore, more so I understand that no one does you wrong, but Satan uses people to hurt us. My greatest enemy is Satan, but I fear Him not because he has already been defeated. Because He died so my sins would be washed away, I understand the importance of forgiveness. Thanks are to the living God for love He shows us. Oh, His mercies are great.

Praise Be to God.

Hannes: United Kingdom

When God's Holy Spirit touches country, and people country repent then people are holy and pure like snow that covers Nordic countries

Halima's Christian Testimony (Link)

Halima was born a Muslim but converted to Christianity after a vivid encounter with Jesus.

Pavithra: India

Praise the Lord!

I am so delighted to write this testimony of myself on Jesus Christ! I have been afflicted with the enemy attacks for a month now. I have been water baptized and awaiting the Holy Spirit baptism. My former faith was Hindu, and my pastor said these attacks are because of my previous idol worship. 

One night, there was severe anxiety and left me helpless, and the fear captured me. That night, I thought I was going to die and called upon Jesus to deliver me and save me. Jesus delivered me, hallelujah! Again, there were bouts of attacks on backsliding, giving up, blasphemous thoughts, and went on and on. I was perplexed and didn't know God's plan. Every day, there would be attacks, and my faith levels dipped, and fear increased tremendously. One night, during an attack I just prayed to God and Jesus and asked Him to deliver me and strengthen me. I didn't even know how to pray; our Lord Jesus Christ knows us and our thoughts and our heart! Hallelujah. After this, I gained this new strength given by Jesus Christ. Jesus gave me much comfort and peace at heart that I cannot have it on my own. Every time I had a spiritual warfare, I just believe that Jesus Christ is with me and He strengthens me, and I feel His presence every time. I still have these attacks, but I know my Lord Jesus Christ will always be there for me to rescue me from the enemies and wouldn't let me perish. I just couldn't imagine a life without Jesus, and I need Him more even than before! Hallelujah! We all need a Savior, and that is Jesus Christ! 

Let glory be only to Jesus Christ! Hallelujah

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