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"Julian's Christian Testimony"
God Will Answer Your Prayers

I'm an ordinary Christian with belief in God, I'm not good in education, but by God's grace, I got admitted to Loyola college (zoology),

During my stay in college, I was not interested in studying zoology but was fascinated by computers. However, since I had taken a pure science group in my HSC, I had no option but to study zoology with no math background.  

 During this time, I came close to God (thanks to Loyola college chapel). Whenever I felt let down, I went to the chapel and prayed for his help & mercy (Yes, I made a lot of mistakes), and he always responded and showed me how to do it.

After completing three years, I got an opportunity to learn bioinformatics, which was a new course, and the course involves computer development, which I was dreaming of. Getting the course was God's mercy because I wasn't aware of the course and never made any try. My only effort was in prayer.

I studied bioinformatics hard and started taking classes with fellow students who were MSC and Ph.D. Once I completed the course, I got a small job at Loyola college; during this time, I left God and to worldly pleasures; I started lying and lost many friends & well-wishers.

 After two years, I realized my fault. This time I didn't have a job, so I started praying. God provided me a new job without an interview; it was shipping BPO, but it was the night shift (6 pm to 3 pm); I worked there for three years, every day I prayed to God for his mercy, and he was with me throughout,

During this time, also, I developed a passion for computers. After three years, I joined another startup (BPO); They were 6th largest shipping company, and they are starting operations in India .as we are the first batch, everyone was hoping that there would be a lot of growth. 

After two months, the company board decided to close the BPO, and I was on the verge of losing my job. In the meantime, I was married and had a one-year-old child, and the whole world was falling on me; I couldn't go back to the previous employer and was on the verge of looking for a new JOB. Company management said, we will discuss our business strategy, and till then we will pay salary for it,

During this time, God motivated me to write excel macros (after eight years). After one month the management told us that the new project requires only 20 ppl out of 200. I was selected for the project, and to my surprise, the work is more of excel reporting & Marco's, and I am only one out of 20 who knows macros.

Halleluiah! God has chosen me for the job, and he has taught me how to write macros.

I was working there for three years. During the stay, I automated many 40 projects and won many awards. I had become a techno-functional resource; even though I performed well, I was not getting any promotion, each time they told different reasons not giving a promotion. After three years, our company board decided to merge the company with others, and our jobs are in question.

Once again, God rescued me; God's skill has helped me get a job at another company as a full-time developer. Later, he made me learn RPA, and today I'm working as an RPA Solution Architect managing multiple projects & teams.

I like to say GOD will always reply to your prayers. The only thing he expects is to follow him & listen to his words when you ask for anything, he will teach you how to succeed, and he provides you the Opportunities.

Julian: India

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Julian's Christian Testimony

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