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"My Journey with God"

It has never really crossed my mind to share my testimony until recently when I was listening to a sermon that spoke of the people of God speaking out as god allows our testimonies so that we can share his realness and goodness!

My journey with god started about 2 and a half years ago now.

I  was a girl who grew up with no real knowledge of God, I believed there must be one as the world was too complex but never had any idea just how real he is!

I was a very worldly person. I regularly went clubbing, had boyfriends and lived quite a wild life as I thought that was normal!

One day I made friends with a girl through Facebook, after speaking regularly we became best friends catching up constantly as we lived 10 minutes from each other. After a year of knowing her I was out clubbing with a different friend of mine and a male there (looking back there were many red flags) was trying to befriend and speak to me. 

He was by himself and just chose to hang around my friend and me that night. I decided I would befriend him and after catching up regularly for a few months, it turned into a relationship. 

Befriended by Satan Worshipers

Fast forward one year it turned out that the woman I met on Facebook and the man I met in the night club were actually Satan worshipers and had set me up! They had taken my hair, my photo, and jewelry and had done something which caused a lot of demonic influence in my life! It turned out they were sacrificing animals and so many other things! 

Before I knew it something was waking me up at 3:00 every morning, I could see spirits flying past my face, the list of demonic experience is endless! I absolutely decided that if there was a devil, there had to be a god! I began searching relentlessly for God because I was petrified that the Bible was actually real, and spirits lived among us!

God Started Sending Me Visions

He showed me that when I was a young girl and was bitten by a snake that Satan actually did that! He showed me a time where I was also a little girl, and for some reason, I closed all the windows in the house and held the toast down until it caught on fire! 

God showed me that the devil was next to me whispering in my ear telling me to do it! He started showing me visions of heaven, I have never seen his face as he has always been such a bright light but you know it’s in the form of a body and he was once sitting in a gold chair with a gold crown with all the saints either side of his throne! 

I could go on forever what I have experienced since having my encounter with God and how he has shown me the devil works, but I wanted to keep it as short as possible.

If you would like to know anything further, please contact me :). God bless you! 

Elly: Australia

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My Journey with God

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