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"Nagesh's Christian Testimony"

I, Nagesh Shanbhag, was born and brought up in a Hindu brahmin family. Born after 12 years of their marriage. I was given Diksha of becoming a priest, as were my forefathers. 

After completion of my graduation, one day on the way to my relatives' house at 3.30 am-midnight, a man was, again and again, walking nearby.  I was upset about some life problems and disturbances. He asked if I knew about"JESUS"?

I got angry and asked him to go away many times. But still, he remained nearby for an hour. At last, he shared with me Matthew 11:28 and gave me a track.

More About Matthew 11:28

The next day after reaching relatives home, I remembered the track, which gave me a lot of relief. But due to washing, I was not able to read it correctly, but at last, after a few days, I found out the contact number in it. I contacted the person, and he was a Pastor. He use to stay 25 km's away from my relatives' place. 

I went there to know more about Matthew 11:28, which all my spiritual scriptures did not give peace and relief. The pastor attended me. That day he did not share me anything but prayed, and I came back. I started visiting him and again and again, and then he started me sharing from Word of God..............

 I accepted Christ there and came back to my home town. Family apposed me, and after knowing that I am not coming back to their faith and not doing the daily rituals, they sacked me from the house.

New Delhi

One of our church members gave me some money and told me,  better go to New Delhi and learn about the Bible because here, your relatives are troubling the church. They sent me to Delhi Bible Bhawan in 1992 when I was 23 years old. I completed the Bible course there and was requested to give someplace to stay. 

I was in Bible Bhawan for at least 6 more months working as a kitchen helper and worked as a night duty watchman in a kabaddi shop nearby. I use to change the bulletin boards of Bible Bhawan. 

One day I thought of leaving Bible Bhawan. Bible Bhawan employee called me and said: " Nagesh have food and go." Yes, I did not have money to spend on food. 

When I was sitting in the corner of the Bible Bhawan, I heard a voice that told me to go and see the bulletin boards. I did, then came back. Again the same voice I heard. This time again, I went to see all the boards one by one. I saw a small paper which was pinned by me a few weeks ago. It said, Vacancy in FAITH ACADEMY. 

I asked the Bible Bhawan fellow regarding the same. He said its a big Christian School. But today is the last day..... Where to go? Somewhere or to Faith Academy? I prayed and went to get the vacancy form. I applied and went for an interview. 

Faith Academy

Five others, more educated and well dressed, came for the interview, its pure grace of God, which helped me to get the job of LDC on 01-11-1993. Exactly 26 years ago. It was HIS grace that still I am working in FAITH ACADEMY, and now I am Asst. Admin.Officer. 

I was married to a brahmin girl Revathi Kulkarni, and she accepted Christ. I have two sons. Aashish Abraham (New working Engn.) and Samuel Abraham ( class XII). 

I am a Pastor of Grace Church of God. Dwarka, New Delhi, where the gentiles are coming and accepting the Christ.

We have 60-65 Believers, and my wife is leading the ladies' ministry. Both children are in Church Choir.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my testimony with the unreached.

In Christ,

Nagesh: India

Nagesh's Christian Testimony

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Nagesh's Christian Testimony

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